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A Simple Question, by Citizen Writer: Diamondback
American Citizen 11/25/2021 11:30 AM


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With Thanksgiving upon us, I thought I'd maintain a little tradition I've picked up and kept on every year that I've participated in various internet communities from wargaming to aviation to scale modeling to politics to firearms, and bring it to AFNN--and with all the news about treacherous politicians, duplicitous media and unscrupulous businesses I thought we could use a little something positive to brighten spirits for the holidays.

Just one simple question I'd like to invite you all to ponder whether you post an answer here or not, and I'll go first: What are YOU thankful for this Thanksgiving?

For me, in no particular order since all of these have been of great importance to the life I've lived and making me the man (or something passing for one) I am today:

  • Having been lucky enough to live a life where I've never known real need and little want--never had to learn what it's like to worry about keeping the heat on or a roof over my head or where my next meal's coming from.
  • Living in a country where I have the freedom to pursue whatever path my heart and mind lead me to that my body and means will let me, rather than someplace that forcibly pounds "square pegs" into whatever round hole needs filling.
  • My family, what few I have still living, and friends, what few of them I've had and managed to stay in touch with.
  • A supportive Significant Other who's put up with my crazy ass through all these years across the many miles of a long-distance long-term relationship, who's been there to support me through some of my darkest times of loss over those years and despite being an internalizing, go-it-alone sort sometimes letting me in to help her with hers, and not only tolerates my gun-nuttery but encourages it and even wants to Join The Fun herself. (When your GF thinks the RKBA should be not just USA but worldwide, and include anything that can be kept and borne by a single operator, anytime, anywhere, by anyone not a danger to self or others, you know you have a keeper--I just wish we could get the cross-border issues and a few other things squared away so I could put a ring on her finger.)
  • Stronger and better men than I who've taken the watch through the night in faraway lands and on our streets defending the homeland so all I have to watch over is my humble little homestead, such as it is, and those dwelling therein.
  • The many, many men and women who've generously shared their wisdom and experiences with me over the decades, most asking nothing in return, the others asking only that I share with others as they shared with me, or that when the time comes for their stories to be told that I make sure they're told right.
  • A just, merciful and wise Creator who takes special care of fools, children and the USA, and for some reason utterly incomprehensible to any except Him, particularly takes better care of me than I deserve.
  • Far better people than I who tolerate my presence within their ranks, and help keep me generally tacking along the right path toward becoming something better than what it is my nature to be.

Well, that's enough from me... I yield the floor to you guys, and thanks for putting up with me.

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