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As The Left Plays With Semantics, Anarchy Threatens America
Elizabeth Vaughn 11/24/2021 4:31 PM


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Last week, a transgender professor at Old Dominion University suggested we start referring to pedophiles as "minor-attracted persons" because it's “less stigmatizing than other terms like pedophile.”

Where I come from, adults who prey on children deserve to be stigmatized. This is not behavior we should excuse, right? It certainly shouldn't be legitimized.

After career criminal Darrell Brooks plowed through the Waukesha Christmas parade in his SUV on Sunday, killing six and injuring dozens more, law enforcement officials were quick to say this wasn't terrorism. Yet parents who challenge school board members over what their children are being taught in U.S. public schools are considered domestic terrorists. Just ask Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Following a three-day wave of major "smash and grabs" over the weekend, law enforcement officers, journalists and ordinary Americans have been using the term "looting" to describe these crimes. Now we're told we should stay away from the word "looting" because it implies the race of the individual involved.

On Monday, ABC's Race and Social Justice Reporter Julian Glover - yes, they have one - lamented that "Bay area police departments have called what happened at various retail stores this weekend "looting."

He cites various "experts" such as college professors and journalists who tell us that "words matter."

"Looting is a term that we typically use when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something. We tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing," said Lorenzo Boyd, PhD, Professor of Criminal Justice & Community Policing at the University of New Haven.

Glover and his merry band of experts are all missing the point. Concern over semantics in each of these instances is not only counter-productive but dangerous. Coddling criminals is a risky business.

We have members of Congress campaigning to release all of those who are currently incarcerated in U.S. prisons. Questioned by Axios' Jonathan Swan, who is hardly a conservative, about the wisdom of such a move, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) asks if he's aware of how many people in prison are actually mentally ill.

The left's concern for criminal justice is selective. It stops when it comes to prosecutions of their political enemies. They are A-OK with the FBI's pre-dawn raids on conservatives or the investigations of parents who disagree with school board members. But we'd better watch our step when it comes to the mentally ill locked behind bars.

Submission to wokeism has weakened America. Our once great country is undeniably in decline for this very reason.

If we continue to care more about offending those who break the law than their victims, the end game will be anarchy. I would argue that we are far closer to anarchy today than we were on the day of Joe Biden's inauguration.

How would Tlaib feel if her child had been assaulted by a "pedophile", her family member had been maimed or killed by a "domestic terrorist" like Darrell Brooks, or her store put out of business by "looters", and progressives served up this nonsense?

Would she worry about semantics then?

Foreigners watch incredulously as America recklessly discards all that made our country exceptional and self-destructs.

During remarks at the opening of the World Health Organization Academy in Lyon in September, French President Emmanuel Macron blamed America's "woke" culture for the "racialization" that's currently spreading in his country, according to Fox News.

He has raised this issue before. However, since Biden's disastrous handling of the U.S. exit from Afghanistan and Macron's perceived slight over the Biden Administration's secretly negotiated deal to provide nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, it seems to be happening more frequently and with less civility.

According to a February editorial in the The New York Times, Macron, along with many French “politicians and prominent intellectuals” believe that America’s new woke culture has gone too far and now poses an existential threat to the French republic and identity.

The op-ed cites an October 2020 speech in which Macron warned that the threat to French culture lies in “certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States.” He sees what’s happening in America and wants to make sure that it stays out of France. Who can blame him?

On some level, Macron may take pleasure in our current troubles. On the other hand, he knows the world has suddenly become a far more dangerous place.


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Elizabeth Vaughn
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