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Yes, Kyle Rittenhouse DID Belong There
Mike Ford 11/23/2021 9:03 AM

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There has been a steady cacophony from the left, excoriating Kyle Rittenhouse for properly defending himself from armed felons, while incidentally ensuring that two of them will never rape little boys or assault elderly women…ever again. Rittenhouse credibly believed they were trying to kill him as he went about his lawful business and civic duty, helping protect his neighbors and their property.  The jury agreed and acquitted him of all 5 charges.

Let’s be clear on this folks; These were violent felons, one of whom had multiple convictions for raping children, yet the left keeps portraying them as victims. Even more incredibly, some leftist “influencers,” keep throwing the race card, one going so far as to say that the not-guilty verdict, will increase danger for Blacks in the future. This, despite the fact that Rittenhouse and his 3 assailants are all White. From the Columbus dispatch:


The leader of the Columbus chapter of the NAACP said she fears the not-guilty verdicts in the Kyle Rittenhouse case could potentially lead to more danger for Black residents.


Read: Columbus NAACP leader fears for safety of Black community following Rittenhouse verdicts


Then there is the easily predicted and now gone viral accusation that, “if Rittenhouse had been Black, he would have been found guilty, or even not made it to trial alive.” To that absurdity, up steps my good friend and colleague Jennifer O’Connell, who forthrightly puts paid to that nonsense. She compares the Rittenhouse case to one from down in my old neck of the woods, Indian River County, FL, where a Black man, Andrew Coffee, was standing trial for shooting at two Indian River Deputies, while they tried to serve a warrant. O’Connell writes:


Fast forward to November of 2021, and the trial of Coffee IV v. Indian River County Sheriff’s Department. On the same day that the Kyle Rittenhouse jury verdict was rendered, a jury of his peers found Andrew Coffee IV Not Guilty on five of the six counts against him.


And further down she concludes:


But the same trial-by-jury system, and the same gun freedoms and gun laws upheld the rights of two young men: one White, the other Black, to defend themselves. The same American court system in different states affirmed those rights for both men. It is absolutely schizophrenic, not to mention disingenuous, to cry that the system worked for one person because of their race, but didn’t work for another in spite of theirs.


O’Connell does a great job of comparison, contrast, and analysis. I strongly urge you to read the whole article here: Kyle Rittenhouse and Andrew Coffee IV: Same Verdict, Same Systemically Racist System?

That said, I can easily dismiss most of these attacks on facts and common sense; after all Democrats are gonna democrat. They are masters at gaslighting. It’s what they do. So, although they can be irritating, getting made at them is like getting mad at a scorpion for stinging you . What is really getting under my skin, are comments from folks on our side, conservatives who should know better. Conservatives are repeating the false assertion that Kyle Rittenhouse “didn’t belong there in the first place,”  some even blaming him for “provoking”  the incident that resulted in 2 fewer felons residing on the green side of the grass. Over at Red State, my friend and colleague Joe Cunningham has a piece out entitled: The Rittenhouse Trial Wasn't the One We Really Needed to Watch


He writes emphasis mine:


Rittenhouse should not have been on the streets of Kenosha, essentially playing vigilante while the streets around him burned. But the evidence in the trial proved that, while maybe he shouldn’t have been there and maybe he didn’t fully grasp how serious that situation was, he acted in self-defense and without any motivations beyond wanting to protect people and their property. After all, as much as I believe Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been there, those he killed should not have been either, along with all the rioters who sought chaos and anarchy.


I respectfully differ with my colleague. Moreover, my personal belief is that such an outlook is a contributing factor in the weakening of the American male in our society…and to our society’s detriment. We’ll get into that in a future article.

Let’s first examine the “vigilante” issue. Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t playing anything, much less a “vigilante.” Like any properly raised, patriotic American male would, he recognized that law enforcement was unable or unwilling to protect his friends, neighbors, and family’s lives and property. So, he stepped up…he stepped up to help his own community. He wasn’t a stranger from out of town, like at least one of his attackers.

The manner in which he handled his firearm, finger off the trigger while moving, demonstrated at least a basic level of seriousness when armed. It goes without saying…but I will say it anyway; Rittenhouse, when faced with a high-pressure situation that could have resulted in him being seriously injured or killed, reacted with skill and maturity well beyond his years. “Playing vigilante?!" Not by any stretch of the imagination.

As for “shouldn’t have been there;” Says who?! 15 to 20-year-olds have long been called upon to defend home and hearth domestically, or to take part in wars abroad and in many cases, with little to no formal training. We had Company Commanders in World War 2 who weren’t even old enough to vote (or buy alcohol) although they led hundreds of men in battle. Although Cunningham admits that the 3 felons had no business there, he wrongfully puts Rittenhouse in the same category as the 3 felons who attacked him, by say neither should he. Rubbish!


I think I can help correct this error in prose.


How about: If the political chain of command had done their due diligence and had adequate forces on hand, Rittenhouse wouldn’t have had to try and make up for their shortfalls.


Or perhaps: If a mob of BLM/ANTIFA hadn’t used the fundamentally false meme of Police hunting down Blacks and killing them, as an excuse to burn, loot assault and assassinate Americans across the nation, then Rittenhouse wouldn’t have had to step up.


Finally, and most importantly: If the body politic, 18 years and older hadn’t devolved into an attitude outsourcing each and every aspect of their lives to the “trained experts,” who when seconds count, are only minutes away…or hours, or don’t come at all, then Rittenhouse wouldn’t needed to step up. And, in the event he did, there would have been more American men alongside him, doing their duty, precluding thugs from attacking Rittenhouse in the first place.

There was a long train of oversights, bad decisions and even some political venality, that resulted in Kyle Rittenhouse being in the right place and the right time, and requiring that he, as a law-abiding citizen, defend himself from a violent assault by three convicted felons. Yes, Kyle Rittenhouse did belong there. It’s a pity more Americans didn’t step up to join him. We’ll discuss why, shortly. Stay tuned.


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Mike Ford
Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes mainly on Military and Foreign Policy, while occasionally dabbling in Political and Economic matters. Ford has widespread experience, ranging from military, local law enforcement and developing technology solutions for special operations applications.

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