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The FBI Has Become the Secret Police
John Surdu 11/27/2021 5:00 AM


 The Department of Justice and the FBI have become corrupt and are taking on the character and tactics of a secret police, enforcing the whims of the politicians and power mongers rather than enforcing laws.  Yet, when provided information that should have enabled them to stop mass shootings, they have failed.  The secret police must be decapitated, gutted, and returned to a world-class, apolitical law enforcement organization.  


In Colorado the FBI showed their incompetence. They sent 12 agents to check out a "noose" at a NASCAR racetrack. They are tracking down everyone caught on TV in the demonstrations at the Capitol and have arrested over 100 people from all over the country. They wiretapped a candidate for President, lied to a FISA court, and foisted three years of lies about Russia collusion that have been debunked and are leading John Durham to indict the perpetrators.  But the FBI couldn't even slow down the guy that recently killed 8 people or the Islamaist who shot up a California neighborhood.  Maybe the FBI (and much of our intelligence apparatus as well) should spend less time conducting loyalty checks and making up charges for all Trump supporters and spend more time doing law enforcement? Nah! They have become the secret police, not the police.



As reported by Howie Carr, while failing to stop major criminal events, the FBI has been on top of: 

  • Lady Gaga’s stolen French bulldogs.
  • Tom Brady’s purloined football jerseys.
  • The “noose” on NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage, which turned out to be a door pull rope. (Fifteen agents were assigned to that “hate crime.”)
  • Taking a knee en masse for George Floyd.
  • Using bogus Hillary Clinton-paid-for documents to create what top FBI agents described as “an insurance policy” to frame the Republican president of the United States for crimes he did not commit.
  • Leaking fake news to the media in an attempt to frame Atlanta security guard Richard Jewell for a crime he did not commit.
  • Railroading four Boston men onto Death Row for a 1965 murder they did not commit, allowing them to rot in prison for 35 years while corrupt FBI agents protected the real murderers from justice.


The Justice Department recently supported a legal case before supreme court that would allow them to enter a person's home and remove firearms without a warrant just because they felt like it under the innocuous-sounding euphemism of "community caretaking."  The Wall Street Journal reported in July 2021 that,


When the FBI raided U.S. Private Vaults in Beverly Hills in March, it did so after the business had been indicted for conspiring to launder money, sell drugs and other crimes. But the FBI also took control of $86 million in cash and valuables it found in the safe deposit boxes of people who haven’t been accused of a crime. 


The FBI assumed these people were guilty until proven innocent.  That is a tactic of a secret police.


The FBI conducted an early morning raid on the Hueper's, guns drawn, in Alaska, merely because Marilyn Hueper has the same coat as a person who entered the capitol on 6 January.  The FBI has arrested hundreds of people for minor charges related to 6 January, but have not made one arrest against Antifa and BLM thugs who raped, murdered, looted, committed arson, and otherwise "peacefully protested," including weeks of armed assaults on a federal courthouse.   This hypocrisy is a clear message that conservatives may not actually assemble peacefully (except for a handful of bad actors and trespassers) but rampant lawlessness by Leftists is okay.  That is a political message, not a law enforcement message.


After January 6th, when National Guard troops were deployed to "Fort Pelosi," the FBI conducted "loyalty checks" on soldiers.  This sent a political message that only those loyal to Biden would be tolerated.  This of course ignores that fact that soldiers swear an oath to defend the Constitution, not a person.  To date, we do not live in a monarchy or banana republic, but that seems to be changing quickly.  As the corrupt FBI acts more and more like the secret police, it appears the Left wants us to kiss the ring of the anointed Leftist in office instead of being a nation of laws that emanate from the Constitution.


Most recently at the request of the National School Board Association to treat protesting parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorists under the Patriot Act, Secretary Garland published a memo about how federal "law enforcement" agencies would be used to squash parental dissent.  The NSBA later (disingenuously) apologized for the request, and Secretary Garland lied to Congress about his plans to use his department to attack the First Amendment.  


Lied?  Yes.  whistleblower recently revealed that the Department of "Justice" has in fact mobilized federal resources to intervene in local law enforcement activities for political purposes.  See more here.  In fact, as reported by the Daily Wire

FBI counterterrorism officials are compiling and tracking investigations into “threats” directed at school board members and other school officials, whistleblower documents show.  House Judiciary Committee Republicans, led by the committee’s ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), released a whistleblower email on Tuesday showing that the FBI is using counterterrorism tools to track threats against school officials.

Note that it is the FBI's counterterrorism apparatus that is getting involved in local law enforcement and treating parents who disagree with mask mandates and racist Critical Race Theory at school board meetings.  Treating parents as terrorists is exactly what the NSBA asked, and Garland falsely claimed they weren't doing:  declaring parents who oppose the racist, fascist, woke, Leftist, anti-American ideology to be domestic terrorists by the Justice Department.  That should alarm any real American.  This can only be interpreted as an attempt by the Leftist junta in DC as an attempt to squash the First Amendment and threaten parents into toeing the Leftist party line.


By the way, is anyone else tired of the occupier of the White House announcing how he will mobilize the whole of the federal government for the attack on the Constitution of the day?  One day it is vaccine mandates.  Then it's people who don't believe in mandates (many of whom, like me, have been vaccinated, but don't believe the government has the authority to mandate them).  Then it's war on working Americans who don't want to get the vaccine while not requiring illegal immigrants and welfare recipients to get vaccines.  The next day it is parents who disagree with school boards.  The following day it is oil companies.  The next day it is fighting states' election integrity laws or anti-abortion laws.  Who else is not subject to a whole of (fascist) government effort by the White House these days?  I cannot remember a white house more at war with sovereign states than the Biden regime.

Creating the special designation of "hate crimes" and "hate speech" was a HUGE mistake.  What constitutes "hate" is subjective.  In a world of snowflakes and where anything that you don't like is offensive, everything is "hate."  The Left believes that words they don't like are "micro aggressions" and violence.  "Hate" is defined as anything the ruling junta, Leftists, the woke, anti-Americans, Antifa, BLM, university elitists, Leftist media establishment, and others bent on destruction of America don't like.  Ditto for misinformation.  Biden famously said, he doesn't care about facts; he cares about "the truth."  So, anything that the tech tyrants or the woke don't want to be true -- whether it is supported by facts -- is "misinformation."  The bad news is that the "Justice Department" and FBI have shown their willingness and ability to be sycophant lackies working against the American people, our laws, and our Constitution at the behest of the Leftist ruling class.  Only a purge of the upper echelons of the FBI can turn them back into the world's premier law enforcement agency instead of the dreaded, politically intentioned secret police.


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John Surdu
Dr. John R. "Buck" Surdu retired from the US Army as a Colonel after almost 29 years of service. He served in a number of leadership positions as an infantry officer before being transferred to the Acquisition Corps. He was a successful project manager within the Army as well as a project manager at DARPA for the Deep Green program, among other projects. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science with background and refereed publications in artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation, and software engineering. He is currently working in the defense industry, creating advanced technologies. He takes seriously his oath to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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