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Science as God
Jeff Ulicny 11/24/2021 6:01 AM

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Greetings my fellow Americans!

Before I proceed with the declared topic of this article, I’d like to be clear that I am NOT anti-science, at least not as it has been defined in the classical sense.  Man has been able to craft plausible and practical narratives for how a great many things on this Earth and in the universe work, and what types of behavior to generally anticipate from these—through discovery, experimentation and analysis, i.e., the time-honored scientific method.  Two key ingredients of the aforementioned classical method are wonder and skepticism, both of which enable the students and practitioners of the sciences to remain grounded in uncertainty about what they are observing, and to refrain from declaring absolute finality to the results of their experiments. 

In other words, the classical scientist realizes, and accepts, that he is building and honing his skills of third-party explanation, but has neither created, nor will he ever create, any of the phenomena he has observed, or will ever observe; he may discover ways to combine them into by-products which rarely occur naturally, but he innovates nothing.  With that realization and acceptance, he remains open-minded to the possibility that his narratives, and those shared and accepted by colleagues, while robust and carefully crafted, may still prove to be wrong someday due to the scientifically unexplainable, unobservable, and unproveable aspects of our, and our universe’s, existence.

Sadly, and perilously, far too many of today’s so-called scientific “experts” appear to be ignorant or rejective of this notion of their intrinsic fallibility as humans, and that their knowledge and understanding of how everything truly works, i.e., to the level of the creator of it all, will never be absolute. They confuse knowing much with knowing everything, and selectively ignore or reject anything on the proverbial fringes which they cannot explain through scientific method.  In fact, such things become downright unworthy of being accounted for at all if unexplainable via scientific means:  these no longer matter to the scientific purist.

Like any human endeavor, science, detached from these transcendental moorings, has drifted into an arrogant interpretation of reality which is based solely on the provable and explainable, with those at the top of the hierarchy of the fixed and knowable elevating themselves, and/or being elevated by others, to virtual omniscience and infallibility.  They are gods in their fully knowable universe.  And as these gods amass their sycophantic followers who likewise believe in nothing which they cannot see, hear, smell or taste, humanity is enveloped in the relative darkness of it own limits of understanding.

Medical science is a prime example of this apotheosis at the hands of narrow-minded humanism.  As I alluded to at the outset of this article, many wonderful advances in human society are attributable to the maturation of scientific discourse, especially over the past century.  Cardiology and organ transplants are but two of the ways in which practitioners of medical science have performed modern miracles, and bestowed continuation of life on those who otherwise would have met their end at the hands of natural dysfunction of the human body.

Meanwhile, there have been other less life-preserving medical advances, particularly in the area of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.  People offering to eradicate or improve upon perceived natural deficiencies in looks, physical attributes and, now, even gender assignment, prey upon those who are psychologically dissatisfied with their physical appearance, and seek salvation in their talents.  As this craft has evolved, and become more and more financially lucrative for its practitioners, fallible science has commensurately drifted into the realm of classifying these dysphoric thoughts as genetic imperfections, capable of being perfected via medical means.

Government bureaucrats and politicians, global corporatists and lawyers, many being the opportunists they are when it comes to declaring problems to solve, making the problems worse or creating new ones with their solutions, and then devising new solutions to those additional problems, appear to have largely co-opted the objectivity of science in favor of politically and financially lucrative initiatives such as health pandemics, climate change and The Great Reset.


The Christian Bible, especially the Old Testament, is rife with similar episodes of human arrogance leading to widespread suffering and death at the hands of false gods.  We are cautioned way back in the time of Moses against fallaciously elevating idols to God-like status, especially other humans.  How easily we seem to forget, no matter how many times throughout history we repeat these mistakes, that we are all equally fallen, that seeking salvation from fellow humans almost always leads to disappointment and suffering, and that the road to Hell is truly paved with good intentions.

The Bible is also replete with stories of repentance, forgiveness and renewal at the hands of a God who loves us and will see to our needs when we accept Him and His creation, and do as He wills. 

Science becomes God only in the absence of faith and belief in the one true God.  The beauty, magic and enlightenment of science returns with the underpinning of wonder and skepticism which accompanies faith in the unseen, unknowable and unprovable.  We would all do well to turn back to Him as quickly as possible, and resume our rightful place as the created paying heed and reverence to the Creator.

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Jeff Ulicny
Jeff Ulicny Jeff is a natural-born American and small business owner. He currently resides near the front lines of our current culture war in the People’s Republic of Michigan, and has traveled much of these United States in his former life as an Information Technology consultant. Jeff understands the inherent frailty of human nature, and maintains a firm belief in ultimate salvation through Jesus Christ. He has long sought to deeply and fully understand the foundational principles of America, and what has made these so unique and powerful in the spectrum of human history. He has also witnessed firsthand the inner workings, and consequences, of uninhibited public sector bureaucracy and socialistic practices. He seeks now to combine his lifelong knowledge of both into observations and recommendations for preserving and restoring the lessons of the American experiment which have helped Man achieve a pinnacle of civilization unmatched by any other in history.

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