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Operation Dark Winter Plus Vials of Smallpox in a Freezer in Pittsburg Equals War Games Gone Live
Ethan Imaap 11/24/2021 1:00 PM


The thing about people with dementia is that they lose their filter and say whatever comes into their head. The same could be said of then-candidate Joe Biden and his use of the term “dark winter” in a debate with then-President Donald Trump. In the summer before 9/11, Operation Dark Winter simulated a bio-terrorist attack of smallpox on American citizens in three areas of the country, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Georgia and Pennsylvania. The idea was to increase government and public awareness of the country’s vulnerabilities in the event a bioweapon was released in our midst. The findings were not pretty, and you don’t need to resort to Wikipedia for details, you can find the Dark Winter Script, Dark Winter exercise details and findings, and which people played the major roles in Dark Winter, right on the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health web site. You don’t have to investigate theories or motives. Our enemies tell us right out their plan of attack. We’re just too nice to take them at their word. I have a friend who always says, “They can try,” when I tell him about each new diabolical plan I hear about. They are trying—very hard.

We now have vials of smallpox—a disease that’s essentially been eradicated and is only allowed to be possessed by a couple of laboratories in the world—showing up in a freezer in…wait for it…Pennsylvania. 

For anyone who has not served in the military, there is a train as you fight approach to all exercises. In other words, twenty years ago people thought a pandemic would be the start of something terrible. Did they do it for “fun”? Unlikely. They did it to plan. Here’s what they found out. 

1. National Security Threat

Massive death counts would also lead to a breakdown in government institutions. People would lose faith in the government—people still have faith in the government?—followed by civil disobedience and—surprise—people in authority ignoring democratic principles as they try to restore order. Think, “essential” vs. “non-essential” and business destroying lockdowns. Anxiety and panic among the people would skyrocket, which, I argue, is on purpose to make us incapable of resisting tyranny. It is most deliberate and was purposefully used by Hitler against the German people. All of this adds up to a homefront focus, which leaves the U.S. less capable of addressing issues abroad. Enter China. 

2. Jurisdictional Infighting

The exercise pointed to the truism of life: fiefdoms; everything’s a turf war. Think Operation Anaconda on steroids. Local jurisdictions wanted autonomy over their areas, as did states, as did the federal government. Constitutional issues arose. Ya don’t say. And while the affected areas demanded vaccines for their citizens, the federal government prioritized the military. States wanted control of their own guard forces to fill in for dead or dying emergency personnel, the government wanted full control of all forces in the hands of the president. 

3. Surge Capacity Lacking in Medical Arena

Hospitals get overwhelmed because the disease spreads widely by secondary exposure. It’s so reassuring to know that since Operation Dark Winter in June of 2001, very little attention has been paid to this finding. We don’t have reserve police, fire, and emergency medical personnel to plug the gaps when frontline workers get sick. We don’t have a means of producing our out medical supplies, medicines, and vaccines. Why do they run these field exercises if nothing is done about it? Or was that the whole point: To not do something about it so they could run it for real 20 years later? Obviously, they must not have listened to the Generals; they would have been screaming “redundancies” at the top of their lungs. 

4. Using (read Manipulating) the Press

Senior level leaders found that keeping the public informed through the press was a challenge. It had to be conveyed to the greatest amount of people that human resources and supplies were being distributed fairly, that government was in control despite the breakdown of civilization, and that cooperation of the majority “for the greater good” would be essential. Ha! Now this is something authorities focused on. We are in the midst of a massive psychological operation. The legacy media continues to spread propaganda to get us to march in lockstep to our deaths. You only get the truth from alternative news. #iwillnotcomply Somewhere along the line, they coopted the media and the right fell in line by pushing back, which exposes us as targets. #drawfire and hope to God in Heaven that some Army somewhere has your back. 

5. Ethical, Political, Cultural, Operational, and Legal Mountains

Should we find ourselves in a biological attack from the elite who want to depopulate the planet by killing all the little people and undesirables, then larger issues will come into play in the decision-making of leaders. Ethically speaking, how does one decide to lock down one area and not another, especially when you can’t easily track secondary exposure unless you’re the Chinese Communist Party, which our current far-left administration seems to admire so? In a hyper-partisan climate, every decision will carry political consequences. Culturally, people will be separated from each other and fighting for resources, both things that lead one group of people to send another group of people to their deaths. Operationally speaking…oh, I don’t know, does that mean lack of truck drivers and containerships backed up off the coast of California? Legally speaking, who even knows what the Constitution means anymore?

Apparently, Operation Dark Winter wasn’t a secret, but really, how many people know that a bunch of senior leaders sat around war-gaming this scenario 20-plus years ago. Who were the people that designed this project and controlled how it developed? Four people: Tara O’Toole and Tom Inglesby of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (CCBS)/Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and Randy Larsen and Mark DeMier of Analytic Services, Inc. (ANSER).

Let’s start with the latter, ANSER is a 60-year-old non-profit whose chief client was the U.S. Air Force and now serves government agencies at the federal, state, and local level. Its mission: “ANSER enhances national and homeland security by strengthening public institutions. We provide thought leadership for complex issues through independent analysis and we deliver practical, useful solutions. ANSER values collaboration, integrity, and initiative, and we are client focused in all that we do. Because we were established for the purpose of public service and not for profit, we measure our success in the impact of our service.” It’s board of directors includes representation from both the public and private sectors, but it’s focus is mainly military. Its initial goal was to develop a group of scientists and engineers who could respond directly to the Air Force. The company’s legacy points to heavy involvement in nuclear research, weapons development, and space exploration, however, it seems to place a heavy emphasis on ethics and a Special Force-esk appreciation of people and cooperation. It could be that ANSER participated to save mankind. Either that, or it’s part of the cabal planning our destruction. My gut, and that’s all I have to go on, is that somewhere along the line someone said, “Hey, why are we training for this?”

On to the Johns Hopkins duo. Keep in mind that Johns Hopkins is without question on the side of the global elites that seek to ethically enslave us through transhumanism rather than chains. We’ll own nothing and be happy because they can zap different areas of our brains from afar, making us sad, or angry, or thinking we need another pair of sneakers. Tara O’Toole was the under secretary for Homeland Security for Science and Technology under former President Barak Obama. Prior to that she was both the CEO and director for the Center of Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center and professor of Medicine and Public Health at UPitt. She was a board member of the Google Foundation’s International Networked System for Total Early Disease Detection, and she was director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies, where we pick her up authoring Operation Dark Winter. You’re judged by the company you keep. I’d rather call a pack of dogs my friends, than have association with Obama, Google or Johns Hopkins. 

Tom Inglesby is the father of the COPEWELL Model of preparedness and resilience after “an event,” which can be natural in the form of storms or solar flares that knock down the grid, or it can be manmade in the form of bioweapons that prompt pandemics or terrorism. What is the COPEWELL Method. It’s all about community. Now, doesn’t that sound familiar? Possible good guy? Doubtful. I think it’s a method of how our enemies will attack us at the local level by first determining how resilient we are at the local level. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong. But if our defense is community-level-based is that because our enemies know this about is and are attacking us at the community level? Ok, so the long march back to freedom starts in the home and spreads to the community, but, by God, never let us forget that America is all 50 states. 

To paraphrase Abe Lincoln, when will they understand that this is all my country. I am an American. I know where I’m from; I know where I live; and I know that if I want to go to Alaska, or Hawaii, or the Grand Canyon, I can—without papers. This is my country! I travel it freely. Agenda 21 is indeed in your local communities. They’re trying to disrupt your family as hard as you are trying to keep it together. They are creating division in your community as much as you are trying to sew accord. They are getting a stranglehold on everything: communication, food, water, education, economy, faith—you name it. Yes, let’s take back our families, our schools, and our communities, with the end game being that we can one day yet again take a road trip, in control of our own vehicle with our hands on the steering wheel, because a car is not “debt cage”—it’s a freedom mobile! It’s the open road and a whole wide country of wonders to see. I digress; these people push and push and push until your only response is an outburst of patriotism. 

The Vietnam War has all life’s current lessons wrapped up in its example. Who are the enemies? The Chinese-backed NVA? Definitely. The Viet Cong guerillas? Yes, definitely. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory advocates. The villager who hides the NVA under penalty of death? Meh. No, but how do you offer a bigger carrot or a bigger stick without alienating them? These are your average Democrats who would be appalled to know that Kennedy was politically conservative by today’s standards. Bigger carrots and sticks? We tried that; it’s called providing fresh water, building schools and medical clinics, and trying to impose a Western ideal of justice in communities that still cut off hands for stealing and stone people as a method of public execution. How do you know for sure who is an enemy, who is a misguided ideolog, and who is simply doing whatever is necessary to survive, to live? The great thing about our culture is that, despite the current state of our judicial system, Rittenhouse notwithstanding, Americans themselves, at least everyday Americans, have a sense of justice and honesty. We may be knocked out cold by the traitors in our midst, but once we identify them and call them out, the restoration of our civilization can commence, barring an EMP or nuclear strike, of course. So many threats, so little time. 

The thing about Satan is that he comes disguised as everything you dream about. The same can be said about his minions. They come up with plans that sound like everything you dream about. You will be happy. You will be free of the burden of ownership and maintenance. If you want something, order it and your rental will arrive by drone. Want to redecorate next week? A drone will pick up your couch… oh, wait. I mean, an automated truck with a robot will come to retrieve your “old” couch and drop off the new rental. You’ll spend your days immersed in learning, or crafts, or virtual orgies, so you’ll be “happy.” You’ll have lost your autonomy, your ability to do what you want when you want, and most importantly to participate in your own government. A Republic, if you can keep it, as Ben Franklin said, takes work. We’ve been dumbed down from the moment they stopped offering civics classes in school. If you have no sense of your country and its history, then you have no country, period. 

Do whatever you can in your immediate circle. Prep, build redundancies, sure up relationships within your family. From that solid platform, move out into your churches, local businesses, schools, and community-level (towns in New England, counties elsewhere) governments. Your enemies and friends all look alike; everyone is wearing black pajamas. Your mission is to distrust everyone until you know they’re a friend, and then you’re going to have to let go of the distrust, take a leap of faith, and start to build freedom cells. I pray all the freedom cells link up and become a country again. I’d hate to be imprisoned by the very thing that saved the country. In other words, freedom cells must be based on freedom. You don’t order, coerce, or manipulate people’s brains without their permission. There’s a place for community acceptance and correction, but there is no place for nodes of tyranny at the local level. If the Home Guard was worse than the Yankees, then its up to you to ensure that you don’t repeat that mistake. 

Happy Thanksgiving. God bless the American people, and the freedom that we enshrined in our Constitution. Protect us from enemies who seek to tear down the freest nation on earth. So easy to tear down; so hard to build. Help us discern the bad guys in our midst. Either they chose to do right, or they answer to public justice, guided by God. Everyone is flawed; personal sins and flaws to not equate to humanity-destroying tyrants. People come to their own better selves on their own, in their own way, in their own time. That’s all of us normal people. The bad guys are the people in power who want to take that right away from us. Here’s to a #brightwinter

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Ethan Imaap
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