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      If your next-door neighbor petitioned your town zoning board to allow them to have an entire herd of African elephants in their backyard, you would be very upset.  If the board negotiated with your neighbor to allow only 5 bull elephants in their backyard, instead of an entire herd, you would rightfully still be upset.  Your local newspaper would tout this as a compromise, but you know that you just got totally screwed.  Especially, when you find out your town zoning board and your neighbor are on the same team, as well as your local paper.  That is what is happening now with the social spending bill negotiations ongoing between the Democrats and the Democrats.  Don’t be fooled.

      We were told the “progressive” Democrats were asking for $3.5 trillion in new social spending (an entire herd of elephants).  They knew the town zoning board, “moderate” Sen’s. Manchin and Sinema, wouldn’t sign off on that entire package, so they’ve pared it down to just $1.75 trillion.  Isn’t that great?  Only $1,750,000,000,000 in new social programs.   We will be spending money we don’t have but can print and/or borrow from China.  What could possibly go wrong?  Inflation anyone?  We’re being told by the Dems and their parrots in the formerly mainstream media (FMSM) that this is a big compromise.  They couldn’t get the entire herd, so they settled for only 5 bulls.  Well, that’s just Bull.  We all know Manchin and Sinema are not moderates and are certainly not conservative, but they play ones well on TV. They vote 95%-100% with Schumer and Biden.  That ain’t moderate!

      Have you read about all the socialist monstrosities in this “final” version of the Marx Christmas wish list?  It would make Engels blush with envy.  Remember, this is on top of the $1.2 trillion “bipartisan” so-called infrastructure plan that hasn’t yet been passed by the House.  Yes, that’s $1,750,000,000,000 + $1,200,000,000,000 = $2,950,000,000,000!  Regardless of what redhead Baghdad Bob (Psaki) says, that does not equal 0.  Even Common Core math graduates can figure that out.

      Whenever you hear a politician declare free this or free that, replace “free” with “taxpayer paid”.  This “pared down” bill would extend “free” healthcare premium to at least another 4 million people because they fall in the “coverage gap” of Obamacare.  If you haven’t yet spent that $2,500 savings you received from Obamacare, now might be a good time to get ready to.

      Also included in the slimmed down version of the herd of elephants bill is a provision for $150 billion in “affordable housing”.  Affordable to who, the taxpayer?  Government housing isn’t affordable to our country, to our taxpayers and in the long run, not to the recipients of this taxpayer largesse.  It distorts the housing market and tells Dem constituents they can get something for free.  It is human nature not to fully appreciate that which you have not earned.  Government housing proves that.

      What other gems are still in this bill?  Ah yes, earned income tax credit and child tax credit through 2022. Up to and including probably more than 17 million workers will get tax refunds, even though most didn’t pay income taxes.  Pell Grants are increased by $550, as if college administrators needed more reasons not to lower skyrocketing tuitions.  Why should they when taxpayers are guaranteed to cover college costs?

      According to Fox News,

“The president’s updated proposal asks for $400 billion on free childcare and preschool, $150 billion on elder care, $200 billion on the child tax credit and earned income tax credit, and $555 billion on climate change priorities and clean energy subsidies. Biden would also spend $130 billion on expanding Obamacare and $35 billion to add hearing coverage to Medicare.”

      With a “bare bones” bill like this, who could possibly complain? Of course, the Bolshevik wing of the Dem party is complaining.  Seems that wing is getting awfully large.

      So, what was left on the cutting room floor (to borrow a little Hollywood/Alec Baldwin lingo)?  Expanding Medicare (which is going broke) to include dental and vision.  The so-called billionaire’s tax, which would have redefined the meaning of the word “income”.  Nothing dramatic there, right?  Twelve weeks of paid family leave.  Never mind that government employees get eight weeks of paid taxpayer funded family leave, just ask Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.  Yes, the feds believe they know better than your employer what workers need and what employers can afford.  The Clean Electricity Performance Program was also eliminated.  Another clean energy boondoggle.  Don’t you just love the sound of these utopian spending plans?  Free Community College was also dropped.  There’s that word “free” again.  Free Community College never meant that professors and administrators would be donating their services to students, but “free” sure makes it sound that way.

      If these two unprecedented bills pass, we’ll find out what else is in them.  I dread finding out.  As for the items that were left out, they have not been forgotten about. Liberal Democrats never take no for an answer.  These provisions will rear their ugly heads again in future legislation until they get passed.  Dems are satisfied to take one bite of the apple at a time.  They will bide their time until the right moment to strike again.  It’s never over with them and their big spending schemes.  If they get smacked down in upcoming gubernatorial and national elections, they still won’t learn.  They will keep pushing their socialist agenda, facts be damned.  Don’t be fooled when their media tell you that the progressives have lost.  They haven’t.



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