Virginia Goes for Red!

For any wise, responsible readers who went to bed and didn’t stay up way too late to watch the Virginia governor results come in, let me tell you about it.

I kept Glenn Youngkin’s election night party streaming while I updated the results and read and listened to the commentary.  At 11 pm, Youngkin’s party was packed full of energetic people – only one mask to be seen – clearly expecting a win.  I hopped over just to check out Terry McAuliffe’s election night party, poor guy, his socially distanced, masked, listless dozen supporters was a sad sight to behold.

At 12:30 am, NBC News called the race for Glenn Youngkin.  And, amazingly, at the same time, the Republican, Jack Ciattarelli, was leading in New Jersey too.  It was a skinny margin, by he was ahead nonetheless.  Further, the Lt. Governor and Attorney General positions looked like they would go to Republicans too.  It was pretty exciting to see all the red on those maps!

Given at 1 am, Glenn Youngkin’s speech was pretty good.  I know that I called Youngkin a RINO in a previous article – and he might very well be one – but after hearing him speak tonight, I am hoping he isn’t.  And, to be honest, I would rather a RINO than Terry McAuliffe as governor of Virginia.      Youngkin’s speech was more specific than I expected and I was encouraged by the speech time being opened in prayer by a pastor.  The pastor didn’t pull any punches about who he was praying to or that we have God to thank for this victory.

Winsome Sears also spoke.  She is now the Lt. Governor elect and will be the first woman to hold that position in Virginia. I appreciated her statement that she hadn’t run to make history but to make a difference in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  When I was driving across Virginia a few weeks ago, I was surprised to see a political ad with a black woman holding one heck of a big gun with the words “Semper Fi” on it – that is Winsome Sears for those not familiar.

I am so thrilled that Virginia elected Republicans in their top two, hopefully three, state positions!  I am hopeful that Virginia may be able to turn around from the depressing course it was heading in for the first time in fifteen years.

As of 1:45 am, Republican Ciatarelli in New Jersey is still ahead by two percentage points and 97% results in.  He might actually pull this off!

What a night for Republicans.  May it truly be a bellwether for the 2022 elections.

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