Stuck On Stupid

      There is one phrase that sticks out in my mind concerning Hurricane Katrina, the category 5 hurricane that struck New Orleans, LA head on in 2005, ‘Don’t get stuck on stupid.’  LTG Russel Honoré was in charge of 22,000 troops deployed to assist with the recovery effort in LA.  A nagging reporter kept bugging him about poor preparations for Hurricane Katrina (which the General had nothing to do with), while Hurricane Rita was forecast to hit shortly.  During a press conference the General said, “Let’s not get stuck on the last storm (Katrina)…You’re asking questions about the last storm…Don’t get stuck on stupid, reporters.  We’re moving forward.” 

      That phrase, Stuck on Stupid, encapsulates the actions and reactions of the so-called progressives on Capitol Hill and their media.  Their poor preparation for the last storm, Tuesday’s Republican earth-shattering upset victories, has them unable to focus on the upcoming storm, next year’s midterm elections.  They are showing that they did not get the message the voters sent on Tuesday.  They have political tin ears.  Is there a political audiologist in the House?

      Were it not for a couple of adult Democrats, Sen’s. Manchin and Sinema, the Democrat shellacking Tuesday might have been worse, much worse.  The voters sent a clear message that they are not in favor of all the woke nonsense the Democrats chocked full in the Biden human infrastructure bill and the “Build Back Brandon Better” social spending reconciliation bill that they want those voting taxpayers to pay for.  With price tags of $3.5 trillion and $1.2 trillion of money we don’t have, on top of the already passed $1.9 trillion so-called American Rescue Plan from earlier this year, voters Tuesday said “enough is enough”!  Not only do American voters not want what’s in these two bills, but they also don’t want all the rest of the leftwing nonsense the Democrat party has been pushing since before Saint George Floyd’s death last year.  The socialist wax in Democrats ears isn’t allowing them to hear that message.

      On Wednesday, after the drubbing Terry McAuliffe took at the hands of a political newbie, Glenn Youngkin, the only thing commentators on CNN and MSNBC could talk about was all the racism in Virginia.  Of course, they failed to remind their dozen or so viewers that Virginia is a solid blue state that hasn’t elected a Republican to statewide office since 2009 and hasn’t voted to elect a Republican president since 2004.  Now, all of a sudden, the state was filled with white nationalist supremacist Klansmen (not to be confused with Gov. Ralph Northam) exercising their franchise against people of color.  Well, except both McAuliffe and Youngkin are white.  Oops!  And the state also just elected its first black female Lt. Gov. and Hispanic Attorney General.  Oops and Oops! Three strikes but they aren’t out.  The left never is.

      Youngkin made the election about parental rights over the education of their children.  Correction: Actually, Dems made the election about that by insisting parents had no such right.  McAuliffe, in the middle of a debate with Youngkin, said parents shouldn’t have a say in what teachers are teaching their kids, foot firmly planted in mouth.  That debate occurred September 28, eleven days after early voting had already started.  Exhibit A against early voting.  In fact, in Loudon County, the school board said parents don’t even have the right to know that a serial rapist is in their child’s school much less that they know what the NEA is teaching their kids.  They lied to parents about sexual assaults occurring in the schools.  That didn’t sit too well with parents.  Guess what Democrats?  Parents do love their children and care about what they are learning in government schools.  Parents knowing about what is going on in the classroom is a serendipity of the pandemic.  Parents got to see in their own homes via remote Zoom classes, the propaganda that the teacher’s unions have been shoving down kid’s throats all these years.

      Despite McAuliffe’s lies to the contrary, parents saw for themselves that CRT (Critical, of whites, Race Theory) was indeed being taught in Virginia public schools.  In fact, evidence was produced that it started officially being taught the last time McAuliffe was governor.  Parents don’t want their kids being taught to be racist.  They don’t want their kids judging others based on the color of their skin and they don’t want their kids being judged by others based on the color of their skin.  Didn’t MLK say something similar to that?  Regardless of the mounting evidence, politicians like McAuliffe and “news” networks like MSNBC stuck to their stupidity and continued to deny that CRT is being taught in VA schools or any K-12 schools in the U.S.

      In the bluer than blue state of New Jersey, a Republican truck driver defeated the states most powerful Democrat legislator, ten-year Senate Majority Leader Steve Sweeney.  Sweeney has been a strongman in NJ politics for twenty years.  Not to worry though, today Sweeney claims there are 12,000 ballots that were “found” in one of the counties.  Surprise.  Surprise.  If 11,999 are for Sweeney, don’t worry, it’s all legit.

      The New Jersey Governor’s race has been called (prematurely?) but it was too close for comfort for the Democrat governor, Phil Murphy.  This was a sleeper election until the last week.  No one expected anything but an easy street reelection for Murphy.  Murphy’s opponent, Jack Ciattarelli, is a relatively unknown former NJ Assemblyman who has not conceded the election.  There is a fraction of a percent difference in votes for the two candidates out of more than 2.4 million votes cast.  Mail-in ballots arriving by November 8 are still eligible to be counted, thus Ciattarelli’s non-concession.  No wonder the AP already called the race.

      The epicenter of the George Floyd riots was Minneapolis, MN.  Radical leftists demanded that police not only be defunded, but in Minneapolis they voted on replacing the entire Police Department with a community oriented public safety agency, whatever the hell that is.  That measure was shot down by the mostly minority residents by a double-digit margin 56% to 43%.  After over $2 billion in riot damage and dozens murdered across the country, what could go wrong with eliminating police departments?  The idiots that proposed this idiocy are not giving up.  They will try again.  Nothing like doubling down on stupid.

      After the shellacking, the fumbling, bumbling and mumbling embarrassment of a president said he wasn’t sure passage of his socialist legislation would have made a difference in the election.  That’s it.  That’s his reflection, his analysis.  This, after predicting a victory in Virginia while he was still sleeping at the climate change hoax summit in Glasgow, Scotland last week.  Regardless of the voters’ expressed sentiment, Nancy Pelosi is moving full speed ahead trying to get the biggest socialist bills in the history of mankind passed in the House.  She has learned nothing from the election, probably because she doesn’t care.  She will most likely not run for reelection next.  Can’t blame her, she is pushing 115.  To America’s credit and to the discredit of Democrats, it looks like the sleeping giant that is the American people has been awakened by the woke outrage all around us.  The Democrats and their media sycophants may be stuck on stupid, but the American people are not.



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