Whites Need Not Apply

“Colored’s” Water Fountain, Image: Public Domain

Coloreds Only” and “Whites Only” signs were prominently displayed throughout the old Democrat run Jim Crow South for decades, long ago.  The Civil Rights era deservedly ushered those signs into the proverbial ash heap of history, that is, until now.  Similar signs are now back in vogue among Democrats, especially around D.C. and particularly, the Oval Office.  The Doddering-Old-Fool-in-Chief himself just placed a “Coloreds Only”, oops, “Black Women Only” sign in front of the Supreme Court of the United States.

As usual, Brandon has great timing.  He hung that sign just as the SCOTUS is to hear a civil rights suit against Harvard and UNC for their affirmative action program discriminating against Asians.  If the court sides with our Constitution, which outlaws racial discrimination, affirmative action in college admissions will be assigned its rightful place of dishonor alongside those signs in that aforementioned ash heap.  But as with the struck down vaccine mandates, the Biden regime is tone deaf.  As the country is trying to follow the lead of the ghost of MLK, this regime and the party it purports to lead is trying desperately to lead us back to racial hegemony.  Never mind that “content of one’s character” crap.  It’s your skin color that matters most and your sex.


The rabid anti-American cohort of leftists that back, politically and financially, the Brandon disaster have been yelling and screaming for months trying to intimidate Justice Stephen Breyer to retire early so he won’t cause them to suffer a similar fate of replacing RBG.  Breyer is as hard left as they are, despite MSNBC’s glowing, laughable reviews of him as a “conservative, moderate pragmatist”, but he’s too old for their liking, 83.  If he were to stay ensconced in his seat until a Republican Senate majority – which is likely to happen, the Jim Crow throwback of a president may not be able to get the radical pick they would like.  Leave now, they’ve demanded!  Breyer dutifully, i.e. was forced, acquiesced.  However, in their eagerness to force him out, these dirty little minions have actually undermined their own cause by leaking the announcement of Breyer’s departure prematurely.  Now, the one or two Republican Senators with gonads have extra time to analyze the extreme radical backgrounds of the list of BLM candidates Brandon will be forced by his handlers to choose from.  That extra opposition research time may prove to be vitally serendipitous.

However, don’t expect much Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas or Brett Kavanaugh type fireworks from the milquetoast Republicans.  Democrats deal from the very bottom of the dirtiest race card deck.  Easy for them, they live at the very bottom of the gutter.  Republicans will be sure to continue to play by the Marquess of Queensbury Rules for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Lindsey Graham has voted for every extremist judicial nominee Biden has dared the Senate to oppose. With Republicans like Lindsey, who needs Democrats?  The confirmation hearings will be purposely boring so as not to attract too much attention to the many unconstitutional positions and record of the nominee.  Only smoke and mirrors will be allowed.

The broadcasts of the hearings will be to showcase one thing only, actually two, that the nominee is black, check, and female, check.  No other qualifications necessary.  The two innate qualities she has no control over will be deemed the most important.  Forget what’s between her ears.  She will be coached by her White House handlers to provide non-answers to important questions.  These well-rehearsed answers will be designed to elicit the most sympathy possible from the audience.  See how calm she is?  See how reasonable she is?  What was all the fuss about anyway?  Those Republicans!  You can’t trust them!  They’re always causing a stink.  As liberal as Breyer is, his replacement will be worse.  She’ll make him look like Antonin Scalia with her very first dissent.

The list of potential nominees is slim.  Adult black women with the minimal legal qualifications to be considered must be a fraction of a percent.  The other 99.99% of the U.S. population isn’t in the running.  Whatever happened to selecting the most qualified, period?  Tucker Carlson gives a good overview of some of the most radical candidates under consideration.  One of those radicals under consideration, Sherrilyn Ifill, apparently doesn’t believe in the 1st Amendment.  She wrote on Twitter the following on August 7, 2021:

“…I’m not sure the FCC doesn’t have an affirmative interest in protecting against the planning of the overturning of democracy…Also Fox News should not be part of basic cable at this point.”

         According to Ifill, she thinks so highly of our country that she believes a small band of unarmed trespassers can overthrow the greatest government in the history of the world by simply waving cell phones and flags.  Therefore, the heavy hand of the government should ban Fox News from the airwaves.  Does that make any sense to you?  In other words, if you don’t agree with her, you are suspect and not protected by our 1st Amendment.  Has she even read our Constitution?  Congress shall make no law…  Unfortunately, that sentiment is shared by so many on the left.  Who knows, should she be seated, my writings may be short lived.  It wouldn’t surprise me.

She has also divulged her own anti-white racist leanings.  On another Twitter rant on July 22, 2018, she wrote:

“…’Truth & reconciliation’ efforts have little chance in many places b/c whites view truth-telling as an act of violence…”

Got that?  All whites think telling the truth is an act of violence.  She categorizes all whites as thinking the same.  Racism 101.  Who thinks this way?  How demented and warped must your thinking be to utter such complete nonsense?  Blatant racism such as this should be an immediate disqualifier for any position in decent society, let alone a seat on the SCOTUS.  Yet, here she is being considered as a serious candidate to make judgements over you and me, many of which could be on issues regarding race.

I would love to be wrong, however I am certain that the other nominees have similar views on race, crime, police, taxes, open borders and all the rest of the gibberish the left is pushing nowadays.  It is supposed to be illegal to use race to deny government employment but that is exactly what is happening with the upcoming vacancy on the SCOTUS.  Why is this happening, white guilt?  Show me one white American that is a slave owner or former slave owner and I will help you guilt them.  Absent that, shut up already about white guilt and white privilege.  What is clear now is that if you have not been considered by Biden for this appointment it is because “you ain’t black,” as someone once said.  Whites need not apply. Neither should men, Asians, Pacific islanders, American Indians… and certainly not conservatives.  They’ve all been cancelled.  Welcome to a “reimagined” America.




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