The Hildebeast Exposed: Et Tu Barry?

Hillary Clinton speaking at U.N.: Public Domain

In part 1 I laid down the premise that Durham’s recent filing not only exposed HRC but also removed any question about how high this Russia, Russia, Russia collusion and Pee Pee Hoax fraud went in our government: that answer is right into the White House.

I went a bit long with Part 1, but left off with a “teaser” question: who was that somebody who authorized John Brennan (Legal Insurrection) to:

On 07 September 2016, U.S. intelligence officials forwarded an investigative referral to FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok regarding “U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s approval of a plan concerning U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail server.”

This seems like something that would have resounded mightily and landed like a big ole fish splashing into a swamp notorious for sharing secrets with enemies and frenemies-the LSMBTG-alike in that little 60-mile square area of DC: might have awakened the natives.

Recall that Brennan went so far as to brief Obama late July 2016 on HRC’s plan to undertake a Russian smear campaign against DJT based on an idea put forth by one of her national security advisors-who may be in the Biden administration as we speak (talking about you, Jake)-HRC approved the plan 26 July 2016. Brennan’s notes are somewhat garbled but the Obama briefing is public knowledge.

Notwithstanding the above summary, Comey does not recall having seen this referral at the time and does not remember it being a “thing,” memorable. Huh!

Questions from the back: Would Brennan have done this (the 7 Sep 2016 memo) without Presidential direction-less than two months before the culmination of one of the most vitriolic, divisive campaigns in American history? No-impossible. Would this have been some type of a big Joe Biden flipping deal among the Obama National Security Team? Absolutely. Would CIA Dir Brennan, Pres Obama, VP Biden, WH Chief of Staff McDonough, Nat Sec Adv Rice, DNI Clapper, FBI Dir Comey, AG/DOJ Lynch or Stephanie O’Sullivan (Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence)-one or more of them, some of them, all of them at some point-have discussed this revelation-maybe what to do about this (among themselves-key team members?) Of course.

How could Comey not remember this? And where did the investigative referral fit in the bigger scheme of things? I mean Comey or somebody had some “bidness” to do once this shot came over the proverbial FBI bow, didn’t he? But not if he never saw it. Probably just me, but it seems like standard operating procedure in such a case for the FBI lead in these matters-Peter Strzok-he was the recipient of the referral-the Crossfire Hurricane guy to follow-up to view the source data that served as the basis for it-maybe inform his boss….

Course when Comey testified there were a lot of things he didn’t remember. This performance was memorable for reviving interest in Hogan’s Hero’s reruns, as his performance invoked references to that other famous know-nothing, SGT Schultz: you could arguably learn more about the investigations from these re-runs, as SGT Comey invoked the SGT Schultz mantra over 240 times. The difference being one is an actor pretending to be stupid, and the other is a character in an old popular television show, but the latter was not never elevated to a position of trust where such answers are like breathing, walking, talking and having a pulse.

When congress while executing their constitutionally mandated oversight requirements to inform we the people on government actions and activities, is given the SGT Comey treatment, there should be ramifications and repercussions: consequences. If I was presenting information to my boss during a program review and I said I did not know about some aspect of a program or an expenditure or a technical detail, I would expect to be fired: it can’t be allowed to happen-and then life continues as if it didn’t. One job!

This was stonewalling of the highest order and as we look at the clock today-it has been close to six years since some of this stuff happened, five years since this action went from a plot against a candidate to a coup or insurrection against a duly elected president. Congress should take action to ensure this never happens again.

Whether Comey is telling the truth or not is irrelevant to the point that this is evidence of problems with the running of the “railroad” at the FBI during a critical period. Else, how could this memo enter the FBI and not be dispositioned in a way that would have been memorable to Comey? But it was apparently so “ho hum” and routine given the nature of his business, he just doesn’t remember it: kind of convenient and hard to believe. Or was this the way they did business (picking and choosing what they worked and told “management”?) Maybe he was busy with bigger stuff! What could be bigger, unless something got there first that distracted him-that in Comey’s mind was a higher and different priority?

Or maybe there was sufficient time between the HRC Campaign decision, the brief to Obama and the generation of the investigative referral some nearly 5 weeks later for some swampy monkey business to take place that somehow undercut the information by putting a little counter-information operation in play to flip the script on the narrative like some Superman Bizarro World condition.

Well somebody could probably refresh Comey’s memory in that regard, cause oddly enough one of the next things Brennan did in August 2016-allowing nearly a month to go by after briefing Obama on the HRC plans to smear DJT with a Russia collusion hoax-was to do what any ordinary, ethical IC leader would have done in his position: he stated that he briefed Senate Majority leader Reid and the congress “Gang of Eight (five better than the Stooges) on concerns with Russia colluding to help Trump in the election to hurt HRC, although it’s been reported he did a one-on-one with Reid.

You almost have to reread that and make a comment below that this makes no sense, unless….

But you read that correctly-that is what good old ethical American Patriot John Brennan-doing things by the book-as part of the Obama administration, did. Note that this was a month after Brennan had briefed Obama about the HRC sleazy Russia smear hoax plans against the Trump campaign, and about two weeks before the investigative referral on the smear was sent to the FBI. Now even in a case where that information was graded suspect or unevaluated, what he told Reid was the opposite and the only other “stuff” circulating out there was the Steele Dossier trash-that Brennan insists he was not yet aware of for several more months (winky, winky.)

Now this is the same Brennan that later took to social media to vent his spleen on invective, hateful DJT screeds on any and all topics imaginable: keeping the Hyper in Hyperbolic. His response to Trump’s comments celebrating the firing of Andrew McCabe from the FBI were classic, albeit this was a bit of a tawdry or unsavory back and forth in response to piling on from DJT. But DJT-love him, hate him (he reminds a bit of Newt Gingrich, about whom it is said that he never had a thought that did not come out of his mouth,) nobody ever accused him of not getting involved and he never hits back with flowers, and these were-to a man-serpents: dishonorable men. McCabe was fired for leaking information and lying about it to investigators. He also had a little matter of a conflict of interest being involved in anything related to HRC-like the email investigation-given that his wife was running for office and had received some $700K in campaign contributions from a close associate of HRC. Brennan’s comments read like he is venting at himself in the mirror:

When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America…America will triumph over you.

Brennan in his own words is a wealth of evasive answers and blather. The elite class thinks we are stooges-they work themselves into such a lather and tortuous rage over Trump for some reason that they just spout the most asinine stuff imaginable. DJT didn’t fill out any reports calling out McCabe for leaking information to the LSMBTG, lying about it to investigators and lying about other matters. McCabe was at the top of the FBI food chain leadership, and he was called out by the inspector general for being a liar. What would McCabe have been a scapegoat for, pray tell?

During my first command we had a soldier who was just a lying sack a’ toa: you have to love soldiers-and some soldiers take a lot of luv’n. First Sergeant and I were talking about him-often a good opportunity to refresh the commonsense stores both ways. You always want some level of moderation between commanders and senior enlisted, cause nothing good comes from two leaders whose attitudes are “Let’s get em-Yea, I’ll get the rope!” I made what I thought was a rhetorical comment-“Why would somebody lie about something like that, so trivial?” Top said, “Well Sir, he’s a liar!” Hahahaha-you dumb schtick!

McCabe is not a scapegoat-he is an unethical man whose oath seemingly meant little to nothing to him, a liar, and he ran a loose operation at the FBI. DJT had a talent for not only exposing incompetent and unethical bureaucrats, but he managed to make them only too happy and proud to out themselves! Now should he have lost his pension over it? Beyond my scope here-but, you know, if we look at all the other people that weren’t (and haven’t) been held accountable, where would this logic lead us? Comey was fired, Strok was fired, Clinesmith received a wittle slap on the wrist, Page moved on, etc….

My first thought with the Reid brief was-OMG, Brennan is dyslexic, or something-he got it backwards! If not that, he is a Machiavellian toad, (prissy-to me) crap weasel who decided to protect-and pad-his inside track on being the DNI for HRC when Clapper retired by doing her a solid and getting his sycophant points on the board ahead of the pack. First by planting the Russia Hoax narrative with Reid to create a “sense of urgency to act”-the clock was ticking on some pacing items-the election was the big red circle date, but more immediately the investigative referral that was being slow rolled and needed to be timed release-wise for best effect. Ideally after a period where sufficient noise had been injected into the wires that it would arrive in an environment of unsettled perceptions weighted toward believing the Reid narrative planted by Brennan that the Russians were smearing HRC to help Trump.

My other thought was a flashback to the Cuban Missile Crisis, when JFK received somewhat dueling input from the Russians, one via cable or electronic means, and the other through verbal channels: the messages did not match. The conflicting input and indecision among JFK’s Excom were paralyzing, forcing him to neck down to his inner circle of advisors -who reached the correct decision to go with the input they wanted to get that supported the response viewed as best, while ignoring the input that would not lead to the desired outcome. This strikes me as a similar act.

Put yourself in either one of their positions and you quickly get a sense of the moral outrage through which this event should be viewed. What was Brennan’s motive and what did he expect Reid to do? Do you wonder if he mentioned the pending investigative referral (really?) Pretty slick flipping of the script to paint the coming Russian notice as further proof that they were all in for Trump to reinforce the desired narrative and give Comey another data point in support of the righteous story “they” were laying down: Putin would do anything to help Trump, including planting a counter-intelligence information operations tidbit story with the IC to make them believe that it was actually HRC that was going to smear Trump and blame it on the Russians: genius! The release of a still heavily redacted investigative referral tells you nothing about the sources that prompted it.

Reid-who was not called “Dirty” Harry out of admiration for his ethical and moral reputation-did what would have been reasonable for any Senate Majority leader in the run up to the campaign who has just been spoon fed the last-minute dirty trick playbook nirvana headline against the republican opposition candidate: RUSSIA’s PRESIDENT PUTIN IS INTERFERING IN OUR AMERICAN ELECTION TO HELP BAD ORANGE MAN: lions and tiger and bears-oh my! Reid wrote a memo to Comey 27 Aug 2016 asking him to investigate this information.

Now I don’t know, Vern, but if it makes sense that somebody gave direction for Brennan to do an investigative referral to the FBI as an action that came out of the Obama briefing on the topic in late July-and it just about has to be Obama who gave that directive-then the only person who could have authorized Brennan to pre-empt the agreed upon referral by briefing Reid on the opposite story-or to slow roll the one while expediting the other-was Obama: it had to be Obama. And that is quite a Machiavellian plan and dirty scheme.

Picture Obama, Biden, Rice or McDonough for that matter-hearing through the swampy grapevine that Brennan just briefed Reid, who has been on the phones pulsing people about DJT dirty dealing HRC with the Russians. And here comes Comey with the Reid letter looking for guidance. Now you know the first thing out of their mouths-right? McDonough-would have been-what do you think we should do about HRC’s Russian smear campaign (right? C’mon man hahahaha)

Are you tracking what I’m laying down here? How inept, ignorant, what lame, simpleton pushovers do we have to be to believe the Obama administration that these things happened without inner circle knowledge: and direction?

This really does speak to what the Obama administration meant with the phrase “by the book.” Number one there was a lot of bureaucratic foot dragging and a lack of sense of urgency in getting out an investigative referral that one would think demanded priority four months in front of an election date: the delay created an opportunity window for a little Michael Savage “misssschief” and in hindsight it looks deliberate and masterful.

Number two is the timing of the briefing to Reid and his quick hit request to the FBI to act, coming over the top of the investigative referral CYA memo which was still apparently in staffing (one month after the briefing to Obama…)

Number three is the just plain audacious and ballsy “save the Russian hoax narrative gambit” that Brennan-and-while I would like to say Comey-I think the odds are greater that this was an element of the insurance policy coming together-as referenced by Peter Strzok. That’s not to say the FBI was on the offensive side or even witting of this maestro-stroke, as it was not the sort of thing that does well with “help,” so that onus appears squarely on slimy CIA Director Brennon. Strzok as much as said that on multiple emails (they said they are in charge.) Who was tightest with Obama’s inner circle?

For anybody who has worked with the FBI-they are an evidentiary based and focused law enforcement agency. I could say it a lot of different ways, but some nearly ~18 years after Mo Baginski (she-SP) from NSA reported in to up their SIGINT game, and the DNI later started pumping a lot more money into their intel programs, they are still at best a 3d rate intel shop: just a fact.


Max Dribbler
24 February 2021

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