Hillary Exposed: Et Tu Barry? (Part 6)

Hillary Clinton speaking at U.N.: Public Domain

Parts 1-5 detailed the specifics on how our government colluded with the HRC Campaign with a focus on the critical period from July 2016 on into November 2016 where HRC was cleared twice by the FBI for her illegal email server, while efforts to smear candidate Trump went mainstream. I also provided some background detail on government accountability processes with a focus on the Office of the Inspector General (OIG.)

I’ve gone long in some of these articles, and I realize those dear readers familiar with how our government works likely did not find much new or of interest. Part of the reason I covered things like the OIG in some detail is for those who lack familiarity or have assumed that when you stack this type of information in a row, its an all things being equal situation.

I know this is how many former friends view the world-I call it the Freddy Flintstone defense (but, but, but, yabba, dabba, doo) like “Rachel Madcow said tonight that IG Horowitz took this action to take heat off Trump”-as if the facts reported out of an IG conducted investigation are equivalent to a sensationalist fact free opinion crap piece from the LSMBTG*. Particularly from those like Madcow who have defended themselves in defamation lawsuits-after accusing rival news programs of being paid by the Russians-and then arguing in court as a defense that she is an “opinion generator whose audience knows she does not deal in facts:” oh, my-the Freddie Flintstone (or I’m so full of Schiff but please read my recent lies) defense.

So it is not a news show, but rather one intended to gain viewership and create a novel and unique story (novel as in new or unique-and made up.) Amazing the things Rhodes Scholars are learning these days. Let your cuckoo for cocoa puffs friends who follow her know she is a step down from Saturday Night Live who is funny sometimes-but just as informative-but they don’t hide the fact that its “pretend” news (shades of Garret Morris-news for the hard of hearing. Back from when Saturday Night Live was funny: King Tut.) From the above Madcow piece:

The judge’s observations about the specific segment at issue — in which Maddow accused a competitor of being “literally paid Russian propaganda” — was even more damning. Maddow’s own viewers, ruled the court, not only expect but desire that she will not provide the news in factual form but will exaggerate and even distort reality in order to shape her opinion-driven analysis (emphasis added.)

I already made a point (earlier article) about disparate application of justice in the treatment of HRC in comparison to LTG Michael Flynn and Carter Page, the kind that is politically motivated and of a type that puts a big old dirty, post-constitutional rationalizing thumb on the scale of lady liberty. If you pulse any of your increasingly left of center leaning friends, to a person they spout the narrative about Flynn pleading guilty, cavorting with Russians, yabba, dabba, do. The Flynn story got complicated when it became clear the law team defending him had the same issue that Durham pointed out in the filing that generated all this heat and light about Sussman: not looking out for the best interests of their client, amidst government prosecutor and FBI malfeasance of the highest order, while Flynn’s own lawyers failed to advise him of an immunity offer from congress. Page and Strzok went through and edited the FBI agent on the scene’s notes-and the FBI somehow lost most of that information represented by the official interview report: the FBI lost it-not your local condo board.

Many of us haven’t been paying attention over the years. When you are working 60-100 hours a week, barely keeping up-and I’d like to think it wasn’t due to lack of capability-but sheer schtuff like deadlines, milestones, the information run-up to program decision gates which might have several dozen to as many as forty requirements documents that must be compiled, reviewed and approved by the government lead-a lot of these nuances-that are the furthest thing from it in hindsight-just pass you by. The swamp and deep state are nothing if not opaque.

It’s so much blather it doesn’t reach the level of consciousness for those not involved-or as a friend said recently “I can’t keep up with this stuff. I’m busy with life, health, COVID fears and surviving. Keep sending me the info, but it’s just so much blather like Charlie Brown’s mom.

Others still subscribe to the DOJ and particularly the FBI choir boy reputation that one wonders when it was ever applicable. It certainly wasn’t the Hoover years. It wasn’t when the FBI led Waco effort against the Branch Davidians went down, killing 76 people, including 26 children. Nor was it the whole Whitey Bolger escapade where the Boston based FBI office helped take down his Italian gang and mafia rivals, creating a leadership void that he filled, becoming an even greater danger to the public. It wasn’t when the FBI and DOJ went after Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, costing him reelection as they pursued the same dirty dealings as in the Flynn and Page cases-doing anything required to achieve the outcome: Stevens ouster had consequences that led to the passage of the ACA. Neither was it when Mueller and the FBI Boston office failed to heed terrorist warnings from Russia about two Chechnyan brothers who under the guise of a homeland vacation, had attended radicalized training that included improvised explosive device training.

To be fair-the FBI did investigate and interview the Tsarnaev brothers, but this coincided with a period where our Obama led government had shifted to a straw man narrative argument that “all Muslims aren’t bad”-which the majority of Americans never believed, ever-and the message of ISLAM as a “religion of peace,” notwithstanding the increasingly frequent videos of their heinous actions: they were the ones touting ISLAM and the goal of reviving an ISLAMIC Caliphate. He also made continuous veiled and snide remarks about Christians, including outright condemnations of Catholicism and other religions as having “had their problems in history,” somehow in his own little mind comparing and equating the landscape of the 21st century activity to the 13-15th century.

We can’t forget Comey the choir boy’s ingratiating ascent up the political ladder, best thought about in terms of the amazing story of how he conspired with democrat leader Senator Chuck Schumer to achieve a desired political outcome where he directly-as Deputy Attorney General-undermined his DOJ boss and the President of the United States. This case was very similar to how he schemed to undermine and usurp his DOJ boss in dealing with the HRC email scandal. When he later smugly observes that he “sent them over” to do the Flynn interview, something he would not have done in a more organized WH or in the previous administration, it reveals the Machiavellian bent of his character and how little he cares about his oath to his office and the constitution. An extract from the above piece summarizes it well: In this account, Comey’s actions showcase a duplicitous, secretive schemer whose true loyalties were not to the officials to whom he reported, but to partisan Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). And yet we still read claptrap today about how Comey is a lifelong republican…

Granted-Flynn’s treatment is worthy of an entire set of articles because of the dirty dealings and the way our government-the Obama administration-went after him-somewhat of that “whole of government thing” of the bad variety,” but the example of the treatment of Carter Page is even more egregious. It’s instructive to pose his case as a “what about’ to these “friends” I referenced earlier, since it was the senior leadership of the FBI-not field agents or special agents-who colluded to railroad him. But you are likely to trigger a righteous indignation laden, vitriolic DJT rant-as if Carter Page deserved the dirty deeds done dirt cheap treatment like some mafia Don or a criminal merely because of affiliation with DJT. Page is a Naval Academy graduate: Russian speaker who was working with the CIA for a decade or more: the FBI knew it and ruined his life anyway, cause, Orange Man Bad. Page even went to the trouble of sending the FBI a memorandum reminding them of those facts.

Page was a little person in the scheme of things, a 25-meter target of no consequence to the leadership of the FBI, notwithstanding his years of service to this country. They saw him as a vehicle to take down a big target without regard to the facts, the law or their constitutional duty. They made up what they had to in order to do what they wanted to do.

When I talk to somebody who even insinuates the Page effort was justified in anyway-I literally do an Army rant on their arses: you can’t be neutral when the government lies, cheats and steals and harms innocent Americans, rendering us no better than the dictators we defend against.

But decide for yourself if two scumbag FBI senior officials-who were sleeping together-celebrating leaks to the LSMBTG over made up FISA court evidence, aren’t looking up at whale poop in this affair, then I don’t know what to do with this extract from the above piece:

“Two days later,” the brief continued, Strzok “sent Defendant Lisa Page a text message to alert her that two media articles were coming out about her ‘namesake’ [Dr. Page] and that one was worse than the other.” Then, later the same week, “the Washington Post and the New York Times published articles about Dr. Page and the government’s investigation of him, including that FISA warrants were used,” with Strzok that weekend texting Lisa Page: “article is out!” and “Well done, Page.”

The American system of government-a constitutional republic, not a democracy-a land of laws and not of men-where the mob doesn’t rule and the laws aren’t supposed to be optional-the leader who surrounds themselves with acolytes and sycophants who think like them and more importantly work to ingratiate themselves by doing “business and biddings” that reinforce their loyalty, contribute “harrumphs” and help ensure their yearly bonus and awards-is ill-equipped to deal with such a situation if the President is a serpent or no-account-or somebody who enjoys the view in the mirror.

For anyone who loves this country and is patriotic-and it is telling that it is a caveat that many would not take issue with applying-while many others would regard it as irrelevant-these stories hurt the heart and the head. We have scores of examples of the problems such serpents inspire that often linger long after they have moved on because of how insidious and deleterious to the rule of order and law and decorum and discipline a feckless leader can be: kind of the epitome of the “one bad apple theory.”

My next example is one of the worst from the military side of the politics in government standpoint.

Max Dribbler

1 March 2022


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  1. Hi Max. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. They’re all rotten to the core. … I’d forgotten some of that stuff. … It reminded me of a very significant exchange between Strzok and Page that took place in Dec. 2015 that I heard about for the first and last time in a Gatestone Institute article. It shows the two were laying the foundation for their planned takedown of Trump who they believed would ultimately be the Republican nominee. I’ve always found it odd that this stunning exchange isn’t right up there with, “Trump’s not ever going to become president, right?”


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