The State of the Union

Unemployed men standing in line outside a depression soup kitchen in Chicago 1931: Public Domain
Unemployed men standing in line outside a depression soup kitchen in Chicago 1931: Public Domain

Don’t be fooled by hollow words tonight. We are experiencing inflation of geometric proportions- worse than we experienced while Jimmy Carter got bit by a rabbit at THE WHITEHOUSE.

Fuel oil is up 46.5%, Used cars and trucks are up 40.5%, motor fuel us up 40%, piped gas service is us 23.9%, and meats, poultry, fish and eggs are up 12.2%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, if you believe their math skills. According to Biden’s PR Princess, its only 6.8%. Either way, lumber prices have doubled, home prices have surged, and almost all consumer goods have increased dramatically in the last 11 months of Build-Back-Better Bidenomics. The upside for Democrats is that they have technically delivered their promise of $15/ hour minimum wage for unskilled labor.

Speaking of jobs, guess what else has increased? That’s right: UNEMPLOYMENT! Unemployment has gone from steadily low single digits (approximately 4% during the Trump administration) to double digits (averaging approximately 12%) under Biden in just his first half year. That’s three times more people who became unemployed due to Build-Back-Better Bidenomics, if you accept the reported numbers. It’s probably worse, but you can see for yourself if you go out for dinner. You’ll find that all restaurants have long wait times (Think three-day-holiday-weekend) while at least 50% of their tables remain empty- because they don’t have enough cooks or the wait-staff to operate efficiently. For that matter, visit the grocery store and you’ll notice that the once filled shelves are now showing gaps indicative of the supply chain problems brought on from Build-Back-Better Bidenomics. John Green described this very well in his “misery Index” article.

What else will Brandon talk about? We have seen over 2 million illegal immigrants surge into our country since Biden began his occupation of DC. And believe what you will but there are a lot of bad people among them. Drug cartels, violent gangs, jihadis- take your pick. They’re here to help. And, there are reports that we have 800,000 illegals allowed to vote in NYC now. What’s that going to do to YOUR next choice for Federal Office?

Or perhaps the “supply chain disruptions” due to inflation and oppressive “Green-Energy” requirements on transporters and at our ports?

Will he discuss the politicization of the military, DOJ, IRS, FBI, Department of Education, as mechanisms to purge the ranks of conservatives, Christians, Caucasians, and other competent people from their rolls so those organizations can be more easily co-opted to the liberal political agenda and social justice themes. It seems now that hiring for key government and corporate positions of responsibility involves skin color qualification and resumes complete with sexual deviation, perverse behavior and at least a hint of psychosis. Actual work experience, education and leadership is no longer necessary, right Joe?

Will he discuss the complete loss of confidence we face all over the globe because of our unprecedented abandonment of US citizens, allied military and allied civilians serving in Afghanistan? See also : “Russia invades Ukraine” (It’s all Trump’s fault!).

I wonder if he’ll discuss violating the Constitution by mandating experimental drug therapies for healthy people. Drugs that don’t work, and sometimes have horrible side-effects- which some medical professionals believe to cause stillbirths in pregnant women, and an exponential increase in death rates among healthy working age people. It is for the greater good, so maybe he’ll talk about re-writing the Constitution… it is a very old document.

Do you think Brandon will discuss the election fraud investigation reports that got slow balled until they fell off the radar. There appears to be cause for investigation and for some rather lengthy prison sentences, especially when you consider the long-term security implications for us. What about all those people who remain locked up waiting for court dates because they exercised their right to freely assemble and petition the government? You think political prisoners are a third world phenomenon? He should discuss this.

Or, the sudden resurgence in Russian and Chinese influence. How it fits into the world geography? Apparently the only major success of Biden’s Build-Back-Better agenda was to restore Russia and China to their pre-1990 role as global threats. I’ll bet we hear Nixonian terminology like “Détente with China” as a good thing, and how evil Trump upset our world community with his harsh words to NATO.

I can’t wait.


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