Buttigieg Says We Can’t Be ‘Galloping After Permanent Solutions’ to ‘Short Term Problems’ As Oil Flirts With $120 a Barrel

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In a Wednesday appearance on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was asked why President Joe Biden remained opposed to opening up the Keystone XL Pipeline. He replied that we “need to make sure that we are not galloping after permanent solutions to immediate short term problems.”

“I want to stay on gas for another moment. You’re absolutely right, the president does not set the price of gas, but he can influence it. And while releasing some strategic reserves matters, given how much has been released, it is really just a drop in the bucket,” MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle said.

She asked, “Are there things, and I realize this is controversial, it has huge environmental impacts, could the president possibly consider authorizing the Keystone Pipeline? Or working something out with Iran?”

Buttigieg answered, “Look, the president has said that all options are on the table. But we also need to make sure that we are not galloping after permanent solutions to immediate short term problems, where more strategic and tactical actions in the short term that can make a difference, like what you have with the strategic reserve, which exists partly in order to respond to situations like this.”

“The president has laid out policies that are going help cushion the impacts of any volatility in energy markets in the future by building up more of a diversified and homegrown energy base for this country,” he said.

Consider the hubris of Buttigieg’s words.

He was essentially saying ‘we wouldn’t want to do anything rash like putting Keystone back on the table just because of a short term war.’ The Biden Administration doesn’t want the Russian invasion of Ukraine to derail their green energy dreams.

In fact, the higher the price of oil, the better, as far as they’re concerned, because that will motivate consumers to seek alternative sources of energy – green energy.

In the clip below, Lauren Siminetti, co-host of Fox Business News program Varney and Co., pointed out that the U.S., on average, imports 670,000 barrels a day from Russia. “Keystone,” she said, “would have produced 830,000 barrels per day. And this week, oil prices rose by $22.”

Historian and conservative commentator Victor Davis Hansen appeared on the Thursday night edition of Jesse Watters Primetime. Watters asked him to weigh in on Buttigieg’s remarks.

“He calls thousands of lives that are being lost in Ukraine to be a short term problem. And the security of Europe itself and our NATO allies a short term problem. And it’s not going to get in the way of this ideology of green energy that’s going to replace carbon fossil fuels as quickly as possible.”

He was impressed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz who stood up to the Green Party and even raised his country’s defense spending last week.

VDH said, “We have to appreciate how amoral these people really are. They have these ideologies and they’re never subject to the consequences themselves.”

They’re completely out of touch with ordinary people who have to fill up their tanks with gas, he explained. They’re crazy, and they’re getting crazier.

Biden, he said, should rally oil and gas producers, and say, “Come on. This is a World War II war production challenge. We can do it. And that way we can flood the world with oil, lower the price and stop Putin’s income and cut him off, and help us in the process. And I don’t know why they’re not doing that other than they’re slaves to an ideology that’s abjectly amoral.”

VDH said, “What we see as a crisis, they say, oh well, you’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

It’s long past time for this administration to act.

On Thursday, a JPMorgan Chase & Co. analyst floated the possibility of $185 a barrel oil by the end of the year if buyers continue to forgo Russian oil, according to a Bloomberg report.

Although the price of Brent crude oil futures fell back to close at $112 and change on Thursday, it reached nearly $120 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Bloomberg reported:

In the short term, the scale of the supply shock is so large that oil prices need to reach and stay at $120 a barrel for months to incentivize demand destruction, the analysts said, assuming there would be no immediate return of Iranian crude barrels.

“As sanctions have widened and the shift to energy security takes on an urgent priority, there will likely be ramifications for Russian oil sales into Europe and the US, potentially impacting up to 4.3 million barrels per day,” the analysts wrote.

Energy security is a major component of national security. Unfortunately, the current administration doesn’t seem to understand that. And, as Victor Davis Hanson pointed out, the Ukrainian crisis may turn out to be longer term than Team Biden thinks it will.

This administration needs to take their focus off of green energy until alternative energy becomes a viable, affordable replacement for oil and gas. We are nowhere near that point. Their attempt to wean us off of fossil fuels prematurely has put America – and our NATO allies – in danger.

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2 thoughts on “Buttigieg Says We Can’t Be ‘Galloping After Permanent Solutions’ to ‘Short Term Problems’ As Oil Flirts With $120 a Barrel”

  1. Buttigieg is just showing that he is a part of the team who only wishes for Americans to be put down those notches that Obama, the Biden Whisperer, and suffer. That suffering causes Americans to suffer every time costs increase. It actually causes more Americans to die.

    I wonder if the only reason for this is that they want us to finally understand that this is what the Democrats have stood for, throughout their history? It’s all they have ever done. It’s also amazing that that keeps getting them elected.

    • I’d like to think that at least some portion of Democratic voters are starting to open up their eyes to reality.

      Although Democrats have always played a little dirtier than Republicans, I don’t think they’ve always been as ruthless as they are now. They’ve gone over to the dark side as a party, IMO.

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