Election 2020 – The Mother Of All Pyrrhic Victories

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According to Meriam Webster, a pyrrhic victory is a victory that comes at a great cost, perhaps making the ordeal to win not worth it. It’s the kind of victory that requires you to destroy everything you value, making it no victory at all. In other words, it’s the 2020 election for the Dems. They got their guy inaugurated, but they had to give up every national tactical advantage they had to achieve it. We’re one year into the most disastrous presidency in modern history, and we can see that election 2020 was the most pyrrhic of pyrrhic victories.

From the moment the Donald came down the escalator and announced his candidacy, the Dems set out to destroy him. In accomplishing their mission, they demonstrated to America that they would do anything, to accomplish their goals. Ethics, honesty, and legality were not even considerations.

They weaponized the Peoples Department of Justice (PDoJ) as the enforcers of the Democrat party. Its mission was to hide Democrat party corruption – like the Biden influence for money business and the myriad of Clinton scandals. The FBI under the PDoJ also worked tirelessly to undermine all things Republican. It actually setup a tip line as part of it’s vetting of Brett Kavanagh, apparently inviting more perjurers like Christine Blasey Ford to come forward. As we’re learning from the Durham court filings, Crossfire Hurricane, the insurance policy against a Trump presidency, was a gigantic hoax perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and the FBI to undermine Donald Trump. It kept Trump on the defensive, but now America is learning that it was all a gigantic lie.

The MSM volunteered to be the propaganda tool of the left, and the Dems gladly accepted their service. The propagandists fed the public a constant drumbeat of negative Trump information, while denying the public any news of positive accomplishments. They labeled him a liar and a racist with no evidence whatsoever – and used repetition to make Americans believe it. It was successful at depressing Trump’s approval rating throughout his presidency. It was a massive con job.

The Democrats used the pandemic as a means to alter election rules – illegally in many cases. The Democrats have always had an electoral fraud machine. But with relaxed voter ID, mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, corrupted election logs, and non-existent chain of custody they were able to massively expand the steal. The Dems used the new rules to drag a corrupt, racist, idiot across the finish line. It was a massive effort – in fact too massive to go unnoticed by Americans.

So, what reward did the Democrats receive for their 2020 victory? They got a mentally challenged fool installed in the White House, promising a return to normalcy and competency. Except normalcy now includes sexualized comments about little girls, and competency means evacuating soldiers before civilians when surrendering to Islamic fundamentalists.

The Dems held the Senate, but it’s now evenly split – with Cackles Harris required to provide the tie breaking vote. The Dems can’t afford to lose even one moderate vote to accomplish any of their legislative goals. Unfortunately (for them), they’ve got two stubborn moderates – whom the squad keeps antagonizing.

The Dems maintained control of the House, but lost seats in the 2020 election. They now have a razor thin 11 seat majority. They can’t lose more than 5 moderate votes to pass any legislation. Yet they have many self-proclaimed moderates that need to face conservative constituents every time they go home.

In spite of barely having control of either chamber of Congress, the Dems have ceded the party narrative to a bartender from Brooklyn and her squad of radicals. The squad is of the generation that didn’t have a civics class in high school. They don’t understand that they need commanding majorities to pass radical legislation. But rather than focus on winning elections, the squad is hell bent on fighting with their own party moderates and pushing socialism on Americans that don’t want it.

So, what did the Dems give up to achieve their 2020 victory. First, they exposed their electoral fraud machine. The 2020 steal was so massive it couldn’t be hidden. 56 percent of Americans now think election fraud affected the last election. States are tightening their election laws, courts have ruled that election rule changes were illegal, and the Democrat’s initiative to nationalize elections is dead. When November 2022 gets here, everyone will be watching much more closely.

They exposed the MSM as the propaganda ministry of the Democrat party. The lies about Trump were too obvious, as was the cover-up of all Biden corruption. Propaganda only works while the propagandists remain credible. They no longer are – just look at CNN’s ratings.

The PDoJ has now been exposed as the new secret police. With the targeting of Trump supporters, protesting parents, and those questioning the government narrative as threat actors, they’re not even hiding it anymore. The PDoJ has proven that government can’t be trusted, at the very time Democrats are trying to expand government.

A side benefit of the COVID pandemic was that it exposed the public-school systems as the indoctrination camps they have become. Remote learning gave parents a firsthand look at the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory. Parents learned that schools were not preparing students for adult life, but for servitude in a socialist paradise. But that’s all over now. Leftist school board members are being ousted in local elections all over the country. Remote learning may go down in history as the spark that started a counter revolution.

Yup, the Dems won an election, and now they’re totally screwed. An angry majority of Americans are awakening to the reality that they have been deceived by the left for years. The population is fuming. The Dems are down 13 points in the Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot.

The President’s approval rating has collapsed to the upper 30s – and that’s with the propaganda ministry doing everything they can to prop him up in the public’s eyes. The Dems had a backup plan going into the last election. If Biden self-destructed (which he does with alarming regularity), they’d just 25th Amendment him and replace him with their hand-picked VP. But now Cackles is polling worse than Joe, and their backup plan is a smoldering pile of ashes on the floor.

72 percent of Americans now think that the country is on the wrong track. That wrong-track number has only been that bad 3 times in the past. In each of those cases it resulted in an electoral beating for the incumbent party. Americans know that to change tracks, you have to change trains.

30 Congressional Democrats (and counting) have announced their retirement. They’ve decided it’s better to throw in the towel than waste their effort on a campaign they can’t win this November.

Even Justice Stephen Breyer is running for the exit and hoping to get through the door while the Dems can still confirm his replacement. But of course, to do that, the Dems can’t lose a single vote, including those of Manchin and Sinema – whom Biden and the squad have been alienating at every opportunity.

Even James Carville and Bill Freaking Maher are screaming that the party has taken too much of a radical turn. But that hasn’t stopped AOC and the squad from pushing primary challengers against any Democrat they consider less than a fully committed socialist.

The Democrats set out to destroy Donald Trump, but they didn’t. Instead, they validated his policies. In so doing, they insured a return of Trumpism. Trump may or may not choose to run again. But the movement he created is stronger than ever. Was 2020 actually a victory for the Democrats? Or was it merely a necessary wakeup call for all Americans?

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He currently writes at the American Free News Network and The Blue State Conservative. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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