Is World War 3 Closer Than We Think?

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Russia has requested military and food aid from China as Moscow continues its invasion of Ukraine. At the same time it has denied reports that it needed Chinese military equipment to use in the conflict.  Over the weekend, U.S. officials said they had information that Russia had requested military support from China, including drones, as its aggression in Ukraine progressed more slowly than the Kremlin expected.

A US official said Russia had requested military equipment from China for use in its invasion of Ukraine. The request heightened tensions over the ongoing war ahead of a meeting in Rome between the top US and Chinese government aides on Monday. Rome among top aides to the US and Chinese governments Rome.

China on Tuesday said its stance on the Ukraine conflict is “completely objective, impartial and constructive,” and repeated accusations the U.S. is spreading misinformation over reports Beijing has responded positively to a Russian request for military supplies.

Beijing has refused to criticize Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, or even to refer to the conflict as a “war”.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s comments came after U.S. adviser Jake Sullivan and senior Chinese foreign policy adviser Yang Jiechi met in Rome on Monday, with the Biden administration increasingly concerned that China is using the Ukraine war to advance Beijing’s long-term interest in its competition with the United States.   ‘Reported by News4 Jax’

The United States claims that Russia has asked China for military assistance in its war in Ukraine and that China has responded in the affirmative. The White House said US President Joe Biden will meet with European leaders on Monday to discuss ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, including a Russian military buildup near Ukraine. Russia has amassed thousands of soldiers along the border with Ukraine, and people are talking about a possible war.

The U.S. says Russia has asked China to provide military assistance for its war in Ukraine, and that China has responded affirmatively. Both Moscow and Beijing have denied the allegation, with a Chinese spokesperson dismissing it as “disinformation.” Still, the claims have generated conjecture over how far Beijing would be willing to go in backing its “most important strategic partner,” as China’s foreign minister recently described Russia.

Following initial reports that Russia had asked China for military aid, unnamed U.S. officials said that Washington had determined that China had sent a signal to Russia: Beijing would be willing to provide both military support for the campaign in Ukraine and financial backing to help stave off the impact of severe sanctions imposed by the West. At a meeting in Rome on Monday, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan warned senior Chinese foreign policy adviser Yang Jiechi against providing such support, even as the Kremlin denied requesting military equipment.

The U.S. is wary of China’s intentions because the government of President Xi Jinping has refused to criticize the Russian invasion, even as it seeks to distance itself from the Kremlin’s war by calling for dialogue and reiterating its position that a nation’s territory must be respected.  ‘Reported on’

How much longer will Vladimir Putin’s threat of a nuclear war deters America from helping Ukraine with a no-fly zone, if and when China decides to send supplies or even men to help with the Ukraine invasion. Every time I see President Zelenskyy on TV asking (begging) for help it’s heartbreaking. It’s time we Americans start pounding the streets demanding the Biden Administration grow a pair and help Ukraine stay free as we are.

If Putin gets the help he wants from China, all of Europe is in danger. The world learned a lesson with Adolf Hitler, (I make no claim that Putin is Hitler) he became obsessed with conquering the world. Then China will have a world power for their help in taking Taiwan back. If Joe Biden doesn’t have what it takes to take on Putin, then step aside and let’s see if Kamala has a set.

God Bless and protect Ukraine

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans.

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3 thoughts on “Is World War 3 Closer Than We Think?”

  1. A safe course when listening to a US official who is talking about another country is first, to take into consideration what that US official was told to say, and second, who told him to say it. Perhaps, if Jake Sullivan was not a partisan with his partisan past, we might be able to digest what he says, without having to resort to TUMs, or your favorite antacid. We sure can’t take, or even comprehend what Biden has to say.

    I’ll wager that China does not have the capability to aiding much of Russia’s warmongering, and that China can’t even take Taiwan, like many believe they can, without causing more harm to China, and China doesn’t need to keep harming it’s own people. China can’t keep the lights on, or the heat on.

    To begin with, China will invade Russia, when Russia uses up all its military machine on the invasion of Ukraine. Russia doesn’t have the resources to defend against an invasion by China, on the “Northern Resource Area”, which is eastern Russia, and they would laugh at Putin saying he would use nukes to defend itself, so there are a few nonstarters in the geopolitics of Asia. China can only project real power on the Asian continent, and even that is questionable.

    Another safe course, when listening to despots, tyrants and dictators is to understand that they may say anything, but their history of aggression being success or failure determines their potential for future success or failure. China is similar to Russia, when it comes to lying about everything. Heck, our track record isn’t all that rosy. It’s called Realpolitik for a reason. Both sides are playing bluffs. The one who wins is the one who can back up their bluffs. Russia and China both has shaky economies and questionable military, when you look at what is reported and what their track records of using their military are.

    I don’t like what I see as coming up, right around the corner, but I still see it coming. Now is not the time to be cowering over the probability of nuclear exchange, especially from the bully who will say anything, like Putin. We are already in up to our necks in this war. I don’t want to see World War Three, but I think with our current lack of leadership, it is inevitable. WWIII has very likely already started. It’s up to Putin to take it down a lot of notches to avoid that, and I don’t see that happening, do you?
    I’m praying a lot. I’m also accepting that I am not in control of anything, other than what is immediately around me, and that has a lot of uncertainty.

  2. Here’s an alternate theory. Call me paranoid, but if you will all indulge me in a little thought experiment let’s take a stroll down the rabbit hole…

    Stipulated: We’ve well established that the Biden Crime Family and much of the Democratic Party are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Chinese Communist Party, right? (Along with the Chamber of Cronyism and a disturbing portion of the GOP.) Therefore, is it not reasonable to conclude that Biden would prioritize the interests of his masters in Beijing over ours and our country’s?

    Day One Criminology 101 question: Cui Bono? Who would benefit from the US and Russia being too busy trying to wipe each other out to do anything about an attempt to build a new “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”?

    Anybody else having flashbacks to the movie You Only Live Twice out there in TV Land?

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