After Influencing a US Election, The NY Times Whispers the Hunter Biden Laptop Story Is Real

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“So, let’s get back to the name-calling,” said “journalist” Leslie Stahl in an interview with then-President Donald Trump after dismissing what should have been one of the most consequential October surprises in presidential election history, the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The New York Post’s October 2020 bombshell story which exposed a presidential candidate’s planned business deal with a CCP-affiliated company established precisely to enrich his family, set up so that the candidate himself, referred to as “The Big Guy,” would receive a 10 percent share of future profits, should have derailed Joe Biden’s campaign. The emails revealed in this game-changing report provided a road-map of the Biden family’s long history of influence peddling.

But we quickly learned that a scandal is only a scandal if Big Tech and the legacy media say it is.

Providing further “proof” that the story was nothing but a “smear” from a media outlet that was deeply invested in a Trump victory, over 50 intelligence community officials signed a letter which called into question the authenticity of the report. Essentially, the letter said that, once again, the Russians were trying to influence a U.S. presidential election. This was Russian disinformation, they insisted.

Although the Biden campaign never denied the laptop belonged to Hunter, here’s Biden telling Trump in a final debate that the story was a “Russian plant” and pointing to the letter from “50 former national security folks” for validation.



On Thursday, seventeen months after the story broke, The New York Times quietly admits that the laptop and the emails it contains are real. The admission came 24 paragraphs down in an article whose title, “Hunter Biden Paid Tax Bill, but Broad Federal Investigation Continues,” betrays the monumental truth they are finally acknowledging.

So does its lede: The Justice Department inquiry into the business dealings of the president’s son has remained active, with a grand jury seeking information about payments from around the world.

The 24th paragraph of the article reads:

People familiar with the investigation said prosecutors had examined emails between Mr. Biden, Mr. Archer and others about Burisma and other foreign business activity. Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.

Moreover, the highlighted text links to an October 2020 article, updated in September 2021, in which the Times discredits the laptop story as “a bid to damage Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign.”

The New York Times, whose content informs the opinions of a large swath of Americans, covered up the truth about a corrupt presidential candidate to insure his victory. And now, 17 months later, when the leader they helped elect, has inflicted untold damage upon the country and on the world, they offer a subdued admission and no apology.

Unfortunately, no one from the Times, other media outlets who were in on this fraud, or from Twitter which suspended the New York Post from their platform in the weeks leading up to the election even as CEO Jack Dorsey admitted to lawmakers he had no evidence to prove the story was disinformation, will be held accountable.

Below, conservatives react to this news:


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7 thoughts on “After Influencing a US Election, The NY Times Whispers the Hunter Biden Laptop Story Is Real”

  1. Great article Elizabeth. The Media and other website publications that went after Trump are all quiet when it comes to Joe and his Son. It isn’t just this as an example of what happens when you belong to an elite family. The elite persons in America are treated totally differently than people like us (Normal everyday Americans). A good example is refusing to abide by a subpoena. You or I would be arrested quickly for refusing to abide by it.

    • In my opinion the problem is much deeper than the “media”. Anyone can legally challenge such a subpoena. The problem with that statement is that the “justice” system is so corrupt that the result is the same as the media result. The “media” is the lesser part of the problem, the government is the greater part.

      Look at what happened (or didn’t happen) when the FBI/Justice Department illegally detained the Jan6 guy in Texas. The illegality was ignored and the government got to take a new try at further illegal detention.

    • Thanks Michael! … You’re right about that. … There was a time I thought people would actually be held accountable for the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. I really did. Readers would tell me it would never happen. They’re probably right. The DOJ/FBI need to be completely dismantled and rebuilt or equality under the law is just a pipe dream.

  2. Every single so-called ‘journalist’ who refused to follow up on Miranda Devine’s scoop regarding “The Laptop From Hell” should resign, starting with Leslie Stahl, but not before offering a COMPLETE explanation of exactly WHY they dismissed this most important story in the entire history of American Electoral Politics. And those that insisted in calling this “Russian Propaganda”, relying, EXCLUSIVELY, on the word of KNOWN and PROVEN Professional Liars, such as John Brennan and James Clapper and even retired general Michael Hayden, should, along with all those members of the so-called “intelligence community” should be stripped of their security clearances and denied access to anything but the most public areas of government property.

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