Wanted: John Adams II and Patrick Henry II

John Adams, Patrick Henry: Public Domain

Politics is a business. Like every other business it has a career path, rules and exceptions to the rules. Politics is all about power and money, money and power. While ideas serve the competing interests in politics, they matter greatly when they are put into practice. Like, how the U.S. went from energy independence to energy poor, begging, and feeding inflation in one year.

Which is why politics matters to folks who just want to live life and be left alone and free. While most people want to avoid politics more than the Wuhan Virus, politics, like a malignant virus, won’t leave any American alone. Furthermore, once politicians is elected they join the Establishment where the business of politics corrupts – just as certainly as a virus spreads.

So, the two wings of the Establishment, Republican and Democrat, vary only by degree. The Establishment, with few exceptions, is the domestic enemy of The People. The Establishment enriches pols, their families, and associates as it grows government.

Consider what the amusingly-called “leadership” of the Republican Party didn’t do in both houses of Congress when President Trump took office in 2017. They failed to repeal the blatantly un-Constitutional government grab of one-sixth of the economy in Obamacare. They failed to have a good governance plan for healthcare – like Constitutionally return the issue, with all the power and money, to 50 states. They failed to control the Deep State bureaucrats. The Republican Establishment is weak and worthless.

On the contrary, when the Democrats won the General Assembly in Virginia and put Biden in power with Democrat majorities at the Federal level, they actually implemented their policies wholesale. Then, we citizens reaped the failure of their bad policies. The Democrat Establishment is socialist and dangerous.

Neither Establishment served good governance.

Worse, Putin’s War on Ukraine threatens the prospect of nuclear war – if the current Liberal, Progressive, Green, Democrat, Human Secularist Totalitarian a.k.a. Commie Establishment and it’s cognitively challenged mouthpiece – Biden – make the wrong mistakes.

It’s time to replace the Commies in the Leftist Establishment and the feckless, gutless, cowardly Republican Establishment (despite some shining exceptions) with a new, governing commonsense majority coalition. This coalition, created by President Trump, is as big and significant as FDR’s political coalition which ruled for 50 years.

The winning coalition is the huge middle class of people who work for wages, small business owners – including professional offices, and cultural Conservatives, and apolitical people gifted with common sense. It unites Americans in such a powerful way to obfuscate the identity, tribal politics of the Commies. The majority is joined by ideas more motivating that any Leftist group label can divide.

It’s the power of the ideas of the American Revolution in the context of our times. Consequently, we need new patriots like John Adams II and Patrick Henry II. Just as two very different men from distinctly different regional sub-cultures, religious thought, and traditions were united as patriots for independence, so we need new men and women to serve selflessly.

We, The People, must recruit candidates for office who don’t need the power and money. Once elected, as politicians, they must be immune to the systemic, corrupting incentive structure of the Establishment. It won’t be easy to recruit such patriots. It’ll take a revolutionary season of 12 years or so, like the time between the Boston Tea party and shot heard round the world at Concord.

It must be done to win an essential institution of our American Civilization, government and the military, in the Great U.S. Culture War.

And, Americans have another rendezvous with destiny in this century. We can go from undisputed power to absolute ruin. Or, we can keep the Pax Americana for decades to come.

In the past two thousand years, Rome and Spain destroyed themselves. In the 2oth century, countries stifled or destroyed, like Argentina and Zimbabwe, their own economies. Furthermore, every country that tried the Human Secularist Totalitarianism ideas evolved from the French Revolution, failed miserably, destroyed the economy, and murdered their own citizens – from France, to Russia, to Spain, to Italy, to Germany, to China, to North Korea, to Cuba, to Vietnam, to Cambodia, to Venezuela.

America must move away from Socialism, restore the Federalism and limits on power in our Constitution, and protect individual freedoms and economic opportunity.

Nothing is inevitable in the affairs of humans except death. Nothing is pre-determined other than the Biblical end times. Consequently, the power to save our Republic rests in our hands.

Let’s do it.


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4 thoughts on “Wanted: John Adams II and Patrick Henry II”

  1. The left relies on human nature being the lack of awareness that self interest is temporary and is usually forgotten a split second after it is considered. Good people need to educate everyone that self interest has more priority over leftist lies, in a free society.
    Currently, too many people forgot what this country was made from, and are only functioning on a lower order that appears to be immediate need. When immediate need is to the point that the individual is making life and death decisions on his or her own life, they might then decide to make more serious decisions about who they put in power.

    Decades of learning to be dependent on government to take care of you, and decades of our children being taught by that same government, that you don’t need to learn history, math and reason, leaves you with people who rely on others, instead of themselves.

    Many of us understand the way the Roman Empire, Spain and more recently several South American countries were ruined by secular totalitarianism. We need to educate the rest. We definitely need to shut down the marxist ideas. They have been proven wrong, for far too long to allow to remain in existence.

    We should just do it, and get it over with. Complacency is our true enemy.

  2. Sadly, as much as I like President Adams — he is a distant relative — he also pushed, and signed into law, the Alien and Sedition Acts.

    Patrick Henry bitterly opposed the adoption of the Constitution, saying that it gave too much power to the federal government, at the expense of the states. It took a couple hundred years, but it’s evident now that Mr Henry was right.

    • Thanks. Neither man and no human is perfect. They served well when it came to making the Revolution.

      Patrick Henry would be even more bitter about what the Feds would do after 1861 – in their abuse of power and shredding the Constitution.


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