The Fight Before Us

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Even while living in our mess of a nation at this time, I try to be encouraging when I can be.  And I have some good news!  We’ve been talking about the media, particularly Hollywood this week; and to me, any discussion about our issues with the media need to include a discussion on entertainment as well.

The entertainment industry holds so much sway over all of us.  It is most obvious in young people but, if we are honest, we are all influenced by what we watch.  We are constantly de-sensitized to the values (or lack thereof) of Hollywood.  I can watch violence, hear curse words, and ignore promiscuity with ease and it only gets easier the more I watch.  In fact, most of us regularly watch television and movies that actually denigrate our beliefs, values and way of life.  And, over time, that takes a toll on us and persuades others to believe these negative opinions of us too.

The entertainment industry isn’t just indifferent to us.  It isn’t that they don’t support our values.  The truth is that the entertainment industry is aggressively opposed to us and actively wants to suppress us.  That isn’t something we should just ignore and support with resignation.  We need to actively work against it. But how?  This is where the good news comes in!

In June, I wrote an article about the Hallmark Channel.  In early 2020, Hallmark began to introduce openly homosexual characters to Hallmark movies.  Obviously, this alienated the main people who like Hallmark movies and made many fans feel that there were no more “safe” movies left to watch.  Sometimes you just want to be entertained and not inundated with Hollywood messaging, you know?

But there was a possible light in the darkness.  Bill Abbot, the Hallmark Channel CEO who had stepped down amid all the changes at the channel, had been hired to launch two new family-friendly channels.

GAC Media has now launched the two promised channels: GAC Family and GAC Living.  The website’s stated mission is “to celebrate great American traditions and invest in timeless, family-friendly entertainment that honors Americana.”  I sampled one original film from the network for you (because I am a selfless and thorough researcher – and because I love these types of movies!!) and it was good.  The quality is as good as Hallmark movies.  The story kept the same time-tested formula and didn’t have any problematic content!  A win!

This is one of those moments where conservative Americans need to show overwhelming support for these channels, this CEO and the investors who launched this endeavor.  They aren’t asking for our money, they just need our eyeballs (thankfully, not literally!).  We just need to watch these uplifting, wholesome, fun films en masse.  In fact, tomorrow night is the beginning of GAC Family’s Christmas movie extravaganza – the perfect chance to sit down and support this family-friendly channel at its beginning.

We, legitimately, complain that our country is being stolen out from under us.  We bemoan the influence that academia, media and entertainment have on our society and on our families.  Often, we think we are impotent to affect change.

This is a way that we can.

We need to support these Conservative channels.  We need to watch the shows.  We need to support the businesses that advertise on these channels.  We need to tell our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, whoever we know that likes/liked Hallmark movies that there is a new option and help them figure out how to watch it.

If we do not, these channels will flounder and die.  If that happens, these channels with be held up as the example that Conservative entertainment isn’t a good business decision and any hope of increasing the number of family-friendly channels will disappear.  Further, we need to be ready to support these channels and the businesses who advertise on these channels because they will come under attack from the Left and we need to be a solid foundation beneath them so they can weather any boycotts or mud-slinging.

This is the fight before us.


GAC Family and GAC Living are available on the major cable networks.  They also are available on Fubo, Hulu, Philo, Sling and Frndlytv if you don’t have cable

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