National Will

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Jean Jacques Rousseau gave the French Revolution and every iteration of Human Secularist Totalitarians since then the idea that the State – the government – expresses the “Will of the People” or the National Will. Americans, since our Revolution, say the State should obey the Will of the People, not dictate it. We, The People, clearly state the National Will – when the time comes.

Most of American history is about factions fighting for political power and deep divides in the body politic. The “Era of Good Feeling” earned its name as a rare, short exception. Americans were most united during World War II and for fleeting days after 9-11.

You can see that kind of Will at work in Ukraine today. Regardless of the political outcome of Putin’s War, it’s a watershed event for the Ukrainian people. It’s a defining moment for the rest of their history as a nation.

Ukraine, what Will!

National Will is built on national confidence. It’s a confidence shared by an overwhelming majority of Americans on what is right and wrong. Often, that unity comes from adversity. Adversity’s suffering, which can be awful for some, can spur the will to overcome it. That’s what many survivors of the 1930’s Great Depression remembered. Likewise, look how the Civil Rights Movement won a true victory for all Americans fifty years ago. It took years for the morally ascendant idea of integration and colorblindness to build the momentum to win.

That confidence in a cause and shared purpose is remarkably absent since the end of the Cold War in 1991 – despite the brief blip after 9-11 – as well as during and after the Great Recession (2008-2016). The absence actually reflects a crisis of confidence. Because one side, the Left, in the Great U.S. Culture War has been de-constructing America, brick by brick, since the 1960s. Currently, they propose to build the U.S. back ‘better’ as a socialist state ruled by super rich elite.

America, what Will?

Destroying America as most Americans have known and loved it is the reason the Left conquered 5 of the 7 institutions, or “mountains”, which define American Civilization. The Left and their political patrons, pals, and pawns called “Democrats” are at the top of government – including the military, business – especially large “woke” corporations, education, the media, entertainment and the arts, much of religion, and too many families.

Their ideas are as insidious as they are cancerous. Critical Race Theory is only one of many Human Secularist Totalitarian theological stalking horses for their trinity of race, class (privilege), and gender(s). The Green New Deal, open borders, Covid-based diktats, guaranteed income, inflationary Federal spending to fund the Left and economy crippling government-ordered energy dependence, de-funding the police and not enforcing the laws, diminishing ‘toxic’ masculinity , diversity-inclusion-equity, indoctrinating public schools, promoting sexual perversions and mental illness as “protected classes of persons”, and silencing, de-platforming, canceling, limiting allowable speech are all among the herd of horrors.

The Left, these Human Secularist Totalitarians, would define the National Will, if they weren’t the minority.

Whither America’s Will, will be decided by the emerging new American majority. The time to express this winning Will is now. The only barrier to this majority is overcoming the election collusion and cheating the Left will try in 2022 and 2024.

The transformational majority is the huge middle class of wage-earners and small business owners – including farmers and degreed professionals who express a National Will of less government at home, strength abroad, families first, sovereign borders, energy abundance and independence, basic common sense, fair play, free speech, individual liberty and opportunity for peace and prosperity as a pragmatic Conservatism. Aligned with the cultural Conservatives, this majority is as transformational as FDR’s coalition of 1932 which governed until 1994 – 62 years.

The rich, privileged elites and true believer Left are a minority – even adding the slaves on the government plantation. They are fanatical in their feelings. However, feelings fueled by grievances and hate are different from the passion of love of family, freedom, and faith that empowers Conservatives.

The Left, American Human Secularist Totalitarians, like the Communists and National Socialists before them, can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas. They’re about to experience the new Will of We, The People.

When the new American majority sweeps the ‘stupid’ political party, the Republicans, into power they can solve problems or fail again. In 2017 the Republican Establishment betrayed the People’s trust. Let’s hope they’ve learned the right lessons.

The elected leadership – at every level of government – can act decisively to show where there is a Will, there is a way. A tidal wave sweeps away all before it.


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  1. The Republican Party could learn something, if only they might take the time to sit back and think about their past mistakes, and quit sending me all those campaign begging texts.
    Right now, I’m not sure they learned anything. They appear to have McCarthy as the titular head of the Republican Caucus in the House. That’s one big mistake in the making. No offense to California, but if we get a Cali Speaker, take another vote, and pick someone who has a better finger to lead with.

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