Dems Hate What Justice Thomas Stands For

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      The word “hate” is a strong word.  It is so powerful, that it is referenced in 172 Bible verses.  Of course, that pales in comparison to the number of Bible verses that mention “love”, 504.  Yet, 172 references are significant because hate is a strong human emotion.  It can be used for good or evil.  Like fire, it can cause deadly burns or provide life sustaining warmth.  The Democrat party’s hatred for Clarence Thomas has diminished not one iota since their scurrilous conduct of his SCOTUS nomination hearing in 1991.  FYI, that nomination hearing is what turned me on to Rush Limbaugh.  His analysis was so compelling, I’m sure it had some effect on the Senate vote.  But, I digress.




1a: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury

b: extreme dislike or disgust: ANTIPATHY, LOATHING

c: a systematic and especially politically exploited expression of hatred


      Over the past three decades, Democrats and their media shills have painted the most negative image of Thomas in a relentless effort to discredit his every decision or dissent from the bench.  They have shown hate and contempt for everything Justice Thomas stands for.  Their hatred derives from Thomas’ quintessential American Dream story.  Clarence Thomas rose to the top of the legal mountain without their help and in spite of their warped efforts.


      The future Justice Thomas was born in 1948 into abject poverty in Pinpoint, Georgia, aptly named since it had less than 100 inhabitants, mostly related to the Thomas family.  He grew up in the segregated Jim Crow south without his father who divorced his mother when Clarence was two.  From his book, “My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir”:

“I was nine years old when I met my father. His name was M. C. Thomas, and my birth certificate describes him as a “laborer.” My mother divorced him in 1950 and he moved north to Philadelphia, leaving his family behind in Pinpoint, the tiny Georgia community where I was born. I saw him only twice when I was young. The first time was when my mother called her parents, with whom my brother Myers and I then lived, and told them that someone at her place wanted to see us. They called a cab and sent us to her housing-project apartment, where my father was waiting. “I am your daddy,” he told us in a firm, shameless voice that carried no hint of remorse for his inexplicable absence from our lives. He said nothing about loving or missing us, and we didn’t say much in return—it was as though we were meeting a total stranger—but he treated us politely enough, and even promised to send us a pair of Elgin watches with flexible bands, which were popular at the time. Though we watched the mail every day, the watches never came, and when a year or so had gone by, my grandparents bought them for us instead. My father had broken the only promise he ever made to us. After that we heard nothing more from him, not even a Christmas or birthday card. For years my brother and I would ask ourselves how a man could show no interest in his own children. I still wonder.”


      The “house” he grew up in until he was 9 years old had only one light bulb and no indoor bathroom.  His mother was a high school dropout and could not care for him and his brother.  She sent them both to live with her parents, with only sixth and third grade level education between them, in nearby Savannah, GA.  Clarence was raised to manhood by his very strict grandfather, whom he called his father.


      Because of the discipline instilled in him by his grandfather, Clarence Thomas earned high enough grades to get into Holy Cross College.  He admits he became radicalized in college during the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s.  He became a devotee of Malcom X.  Despite his conservative Catholic upbringing, the combination of college life, Vietnam war protests, Civil Rights movement, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers all served to move Thomas to the far left.  He lived southern Democrat racism.  His resentment of it spilled out in his college days.


      He went on to Yale Law School, but job offers didn’t come in after graduation.  He logically blamed the stigma of affirmative action for his lack of job offers.  His disdain for affirmative action has only solidified since.  He finally wound up reluctantly working for John Danforth, the Republican Attorney General of Missouri.  As a liberal, he had strong misgivings about working for a Republican but regardless moved to Washington, D.C. to work for John Danforth again when Danforth becomes a U.S. Senator.  There, he began mingling with influential Republicans.  Republicans took notice of him and his hard work.  His experience working with Danforth opened his eyes to the very real differences between Republicans and Democrats.  He went on to work for another famous former Democrat, President Ronald Reagan as Chairman of the EEOC.


      This eye-opening experience is what really irks Democrats.  They not only consider him a traitor to his race, but more so, a traitor to their cause, liberalism.  That is a sin that can never be forgiven.  He escaped their mental plantation and began to think independently from their propaganda.  He realized late in life that it was the so-called good intentions of Democrat “liberal” policies that harmed him the most.  He went from Democrat Jim Crow, or Jim Eagle as Brandon would say, to affirmative action discrimination.  He learned what Malcom X said was true,

“The white liberal differs from the white conservative in one way. The liberal is more deceitful and hypocritical than the conservatives. Both want power. But, the white liberal has perfected the art of posing as the negro’s (sic) friend and benefactor. The American negro is nothing but a political football and the white liberals control this ball. Through tricks, tokenism, and false promises of integration and civil rights…,” – Malcolm X, December 4, 1963


      Democrats have stepped up their attacks on Clarence Thomas, most recently through disparaging his wife, Ginni.  Because of her conservative activism, they demand Justice Thomas recuse himself in any cases involving the fraudulent election of 2020.  Of course, Justice Thomas has refused their futile and hypocritical requests, which angers them even further.


      Since her nomination by Brandon to the Supreme Court, the fake news press has been making ridiculously asinine comparisons between Justice Thomas and Ketanji Jackson.  They claim both have similar backgrounds.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Their backgrounds are like night and day.  Jackson is a privileged liberal from D.C., born in 1970, raised by two upper middle class college graduate parents.  She’s a pampered liberal queen who graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School.  She’s never lacked for anything in life and has grown up in a very liberal bubble with no intellectual diversity.  She’s as different from Thomas as a white Texas, constitutional conservative man is from a black, radical liberal Vermont woman (if there were such a thing).  Their confirmation hearings were likewise just as different.


      Now that Ketanji has been voted onto the Supreme Court, perhaps she and Justice Thomas will become like RBG and Scalia, close friends but ideological opponents.  If she really is smart, she’ll learn a lot from him.  Perhaps she could learn what natural, unalienable rights are, since she apparently doesn’t acknowledge them, as our Founders did.  He should, however, hold off on teaching her the definition of a woman, so as to avoid getting falsely charged with sexual harassment.


      The negative caricature the Dems and their media have painted of Clarence Thomas over the years belongs in the annals of fiction.  He is an independent thinker, anathema to the Democrat slave mentality.  He has overcome their bitter hate and stands unwaveringly atop the legal profession.  He stands for everything they hate – fierce independence, hard work and faith.  I cannot recommend more highly Thomas’ book, “My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir” and his documentary movie, “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words”.  He is a quiet, humble and inspiring man, a man whose life epitomizes the American Dream.




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  1. This is why Thomas was the man we needed for Chief Justice, not POS and alleged pedo Roberts. He knows the Left’s cutesy tricks from inside the belly of the beast.

    • Nominating Thomas was one of the very few good things Bush senior did. You’re right, his idiot son should have elevated him to Chief Justice instead of the Obamacare defending Roberts.

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