It’s Insane!

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Insane! That is what it is. Even a school boy with a little common sense can understand that America is headed for disaster.

In years past Democrats and Republicans differed in the area of minimum wage laws, price supports, right to work, unionism, farm subsidies and other such issues.

Today it is climate change, mandatory lockdowns, mandatory masking, mandatory vaccinations, LBGTQ issues, secure borders and inflation.

In fact, inflation is an increase in the money supply and the government is the only one who can increase the money supply. Inflating the money supply causes the prices to go up. Rising prices are the result of inflation, not the cause.

When was the last time you heard the government take any of the blame for rising prices? They blame it all on greedy oil companies, greedy meat growers, greedy shop and store owners, and rental owners.

Rather than dealing with historical issues today Democrats seem determined to destroy America. We left Afghanistan without even consulting our partners in the conflict. We left in such a hurry that we left many friends behind and in great danger for their lives. We also left behind billions of dollars worth of essential military equipment, now in the hands of our enemies.

Our borders are wide open with no end in sight. Just a little of the wall was left to be completed, but the present administration stopped all the work and left the way wide open. Now they are removing other restrictions that limited the numbers coming across our borders. It even appears that the present administration has invited certain foreigners to cross our borders. It is probable that this was done because it was believed that these new “Americans” would all vote for the Democrats.

Our gasoline is now costing more than twice what it cost under President Donald Trump. It is almost like they were determined to destroy our wonderful country by their energy policies. During their first week they stopped work on the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, they stopped drilling on federal lands and in the oceans, and stopped exploration for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska. The price of gasoline increased because of the tremendous cash give away programs in recent years, but their other energy policies also contributed to the price increase. When Trump left office we were shipping oil abroad. Now, as we cut off oil from Russia, we are begging for oil from the Mideast, from Venezuela and from Iran, our enemies. These policies could be reversed in a moment of time, but the Administration has refused. It appears that, rather than supporting policies which support America, they are determined to destroy our economy. This is terrible.

We now have a president who seems to have serious cognitive issues, and a vice president who could be even worse. Careful analysis has made it very clear that the past presidential election and the senatorial elections in Georgia were probably stolen. How could a man win who spent most of the campaign in his basement while his opponent was holding campaign rallies all over the country with many thousands in attendance?

The Democrats realize that these things will make it harder for them to win the next election, but they do not seem to care as long as they can reach their goal of destroying the American economy.

It is time for every American who loves their country, every Democrat and every Republican, to take a serious stand against this evil. One historian commentator has called Biden a very dangerous president, and I think that he is right. We must take a stand on local as well as national issues. We must support those who are seeking truth and who stand for righteousness. We have no choice.

Jim Hollingsworth receives mail at: He has written four books: Climate Change: A Convenient Truth; Cortez: A Biography; The Ancient Culture of the Aztec Empire; Abortion Compassion. Climate Change has just been revised and updated. All are available wherever books are sold.


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1 thought on “It’s Insane!”

  1. Taking a stand means taking a real stand, by killing off all the nonsense we have let the left get away with, in the form of illegitimate rules and laws that are unconstitutional, and getting back to the basics that the Constitution allows. I don’t see how that changes without a serious conflict in the future, because most people don’t seem to want to deal with the problem.

    I’ll wager that at least two thirds of what our government does is unconstitutional and unnecessary, and the other part is questionable, wouldn’t you?


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