Consent Of The Governed

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  The Declaration of Independence


Let’s agree upfront that no one in their right mind believes Joe Biden garnered over 81 million votes campaigning from his basement.   If we can’t agree on that, then you needn’t read on, although you would benefit the most by doing so. 

Image: Public DomainThis is far more votes than any other presidential candidate in history.  The three-time presidential loser with so many votes and supposed overwhelming mandate would have swept in higher Democrat majorities in the House (222-213) and Senate (50-50), if he really got that many votes.  Nancy Pelosi has only a 4 vote margin of error.  Kamala Harris is required to break ties in the Senate.  It just can’t get much closer in Congress.  Yet despite those tallies, the Bumbler-in-Chief in the Oval Office has been governing by decree (or rather his handlers have).  Those handlers weren’t on the ballot, so they don’t give a damn about the consent of We The People.


      Consent of the governed is also referred to as “popular sovereignty”.  With Brandon’s poll numbers dropping to near his record setting inflation numbers, he doesn’t have any popularity.  Ticks and fleas are more popular than Amtrak Joe.  Never has a president’s popularity dropped so dramatically and so suddenly just a year into a new president’s term.  Chock up another record set by the aged wonder in the Oval Office.  How many ways can he and his handlers govern against the will of the people, against their consent?  Let’s count some of them, shall we?


      We give our consent to representatives, through elections, to do what is necessary to maintain a viable state.  That includes maintaining peace through enforcement of our laws.  Without peace, we can’t have a viable society.  Joe and Kamala both have committed impeachable offenses in failing to enforce laws they are sworn to uphold.  An actual invasion of our country is ongoing and increasing in intensity on our southern border.  The unpopular president and his Border Czar are not only ignoring our immigration laws, but they are also breaking them.  They are aiding and abetting the lawless invading aliens with plane tickets, midnight plane rides, bus tickets, cell phones, etc.


      Old Joe just announced another $800 million for border protection.  Good news, right?  Well, the border Joe is protecting with that money is Ukraine’s, not Texas’.  Where is he getting all that money?  Did the American people vote to defend Ukraine from invasion and promote our own invasion here?


      You’ll recall in the year 2020, when Brandon was supposedly elected, the country’s cities were burning down with race riots.  Crime was out of control. Crime is not only continuing out of control now, it is on the increase.  Thanks to Joe, his party, liberal judges and no jail DA’s, criminals are having a heyday, at our expense.  Those that can are abandoning urban areas to the suburbs.  A reverse migration is taking place due to rising crime rates.  No one consented to a criminal orgy free-for-all. 


      It’s been understood for eons that pedophilia is not only illegal but more so morally repugnant.  The stigma of child molestation is even understood by hardened criminals.  Convicted child predators are usually kept away from the general prison population for fear of murder.  I wonder if Ketanji Jackson is aware of that?  Enter the Brandon regime and the Democrat party to fundamentally transform what it means to be a pedophile.  “Gay” used to be a synonym for fun until the left got a hold of it.  They assume normalizing sexual perversion through the repeated use of cute words like “gay” and initials like the confusing LGBTQ+-?@!$%🤡 string of forgettable consonants and symbols will cause Americans to dismiss their innate understanding of traditional normalcy.  Sorry elites, we plebes and Neanderthal types know what you’re up to.


      As Disney is discovering in Florida, they should have checked with parents first.  Parents could have told them that just because they have children in their classrooms for a few hours a day doesn’t mean they own those kids.  It doesn’t mean that they can say whatever they want to those kids.  It doesn’t mean that they can talk about their own sexual behavior and misbehavior to those kids.  The teachers and their administrators don’t own those kids.  You teachers don’t have the right to tell our kids anything you want to.  Parents have consented to allowing their kids into school to be taught reading, writing and arithmetic, not the latest sexual predilections of the teacher’s.  Public schools are doing a horrible job of the basics.  When did they begin to think they could venture into bizarre sexual explorations with children?  We used to call that pedo-grooming.  We’re starting to again, regardless of all the crying and lying of groomer sympathizers like Jen Psaki. 

      Is the Brandon regime so brain-dead it thinks promoting genital mutilation surgery and chemical castration for minors is a good thing, just before a Congressional election?  Maybe he’s secretly a conservative Republican.  Dems are slow learners.  The shellacking they took last November, especially in Virginia, should have taught them that they are on the wrong side of parental rights.  The parental shake up of teachers unions instructing kids to be racists through CRT wasn’t enough.  I suspect it will take another shellacking or two for that lesson to sink in.


      Whose consent did Biden get to destroy America’s energy independence?  Americans aren’t falling for his gaslighting “Putin’s price hike” nonsense, no matter how much his media propagandists push it.  With the prospect of $8, $9 and even $10 gas on the horizon, Brandon is starting to rethink his green, America-punishing agenda before November.  Votes of the governed are important too.


      The CDC doesn’t answer to the governed, but the Oval Office apparently answers to the CDC.  After a federal judge overruled the CDC federal transportation mask mandate, it appeared Joe threw in the towel saying, “It’s up to them”, regarding airline passengers’ need to wear masks.  He didn’t have the consent of his handlers to say that.  The CDC then promptly told Biden to contest that judicial ruling, which he then did as told.  That’s how consent works in the Brandon regime.  Joe knows who’s in charge.  Those “81 million votes” were obviously for CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.


      Who needs consent of the governed when you have the consent of the handlers?  The power of these mighty handlers is more limited than they think.  Their cries of misinformation and disinformation fall on deaf ears when the governed begin to decide for themselves what to believe and disbelieve.  Thanks to the foresight of our Founders, the ability for one man or one party or handlers to destroy the country is limited by the time between elections and the Separation of Powers.  The governed will soon get another chance to voice their consent or discontent.  November can’t come soon enough.




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4 thoughts on “Consent Of The Governed”

  1. I find myself in the odd place of agreeing with your general theme and disagreeing a bit with some of your details.

    “Brandon is starting to rethink his green, ”

    This is merely an election year “head feint”. I watched Sen Harkin do it for years in Iowa. 6 months of pretend “conservatism” every 6 years was sufficient to regularly reelect one of the most liberal Senators ever.

    “Thanks to the foresight of our Founders, the ability for one man or one party or handlers to destroy the country is limited by the time between elections and the Separation of Powers.”

    With the Courts legislating and the Congress passing their law-making responsibilities to the regulation-proliferating Deep State which is responsible to none of the legitimate branches of the US, it is pretty hard for me to perceive any of these supposed limitations.

    • All Democrats talk conservative at election time. How to keep the country from being destroyed is several articles just in itself. It will take many elections of small gov’t conservatives to even begin to turn this ship around. Our Founders did build the fix into our system. Regardless, not sure the Deep State will ever be tamed. This behemoth is a 4th branch of gov’t. We can hope.

      • Agreed! As implied by by Sen Harkin comments, I lay most of the blame on the American voters. We show a low collective level of intelligence (does not seem to be improving) with an abysmal lack of any memories/perspective beyond the last 3 months.

        • The great Ronald Reagan was right when he said we are just one generation away from losing our freedom. Education is key and our kids aren’t getting it. That’s dangerous to our future.

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