The Lady In The Trenches

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Republicans have a once in a century opportunity this coming November and in 2024. The conditions are ripe for the party to run the table this year and two years from now, gain not only the Presidency, but also both Houses of Congress, with perhaps even a veto-proof majority. To do that, the Republicans will need to develop and promote a conservative message, with specific goals, objectives, and tasks. That conversation, however, is for another day.

Today, our focus will be on the tactical end of the spectrum–the folks in the trenches who do all the drudge work of national, state and local campaigns.  These folks not only work to elect Presidents, but also solid school board members and county commissioners. 

As we discovered in the 2020 election, having poll watchers backed up by lawyers is just as important as strategic messaging and voter analytics… whatever those are. We need folks who do all the unpaid, drudge jobs that no one ever notices. One of those dedicated folks is my friend Lyn. Lyn lives in Georgia, the state next door to mine. Lyn got seriously involved in politics for the first time during the 2016 presidential election.

From the time Mr. Trump rode his escalator down and announced his candidacy, Lyn was on the Trump train.  I however, was a slow learner, initially hitching my wagon to first, Rick Perry and after he departed, Ted Cruz, before finally succumbing to the inevitable. Lyn and I exchanged regular and friendly barbs back and forth during the primaries. But, while I limited my participation in the process to voting in my primary & the general election and penning the occasional political article, Lyn dove in headfirst into her local party organization, readily volunteering for the hard work involved.

In addition to working her full time job, Lyn, like all the other unpaid volunteers (you know that allegedly absent “ground game?”) willingly gave up her personal time to man phones, walk neighborhoods, put up signs, address envelopes, lick stamps and all the other thankless tasks that go into a successful campaign. The pundits spent a lot of ink, both real and digital, on high level political topics like, “analytics” and “ground game” and “micro targeting,” and “turnout models,” but ultimately, it was folks like Lyn who saw something in a candidate that excited a passion, a passion to do more than just (if not too inconvenient) walk into a voting booth and flip a lever on Election Day. It will be folks like Lyn who stay up until the wee hours of the morning to make sure there is no skullduggery when the votes are collected, transported and counted.

In closing, I would encourage every one of you who are today angry at how the 2020 Presidential election, along with two Senate seats were stolen in broad to take the time to recruit some friends to local, state or national campaigns.  We need more folks like Miss Lyn to avoid a repeat of 2020.

Oh and by the way…Miss Lyn…Thank You.

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