Flying the OODA Loop into the Next Election – Part 3 (Orient)


OODA Loop: Orient
OODA Loop: Orient

This is part three of a five-part series (part 1, part 2) exploring the tactical planning the Republican party should be doing going into the next two elections.

The next step in the OODA loop is to orient ourselves. As applied to a political context, we need to observe what our opponents are doing, and what our relative strengths and weaknesses are. Given their actions, where have our opponents made themselves vulnerable, and what positions of strength do we have to exploit those vulnerabilities. Let’s start by looking at weaknesses the Democrats have.

The Evil Party’s Weaknesses (AKA the Democrats)

The approval ratings of the Democrats are sinking faster than the Titanic. Their president is now the lamest of lame ducks, and he’s not even half way through his first term yet. But they have no viable fallback position. Vice President Cackle’s approval rating is even worse than President Gremlin’s. If she runs in 2024, she will be the most unlikable candidate in history – and that’s saying something considering who they ran in 2016. Their bench isn’t just weak, they’re the Washington Generals. They were counting on Cuomo and Newsome to be their up-and-coming draft choices, but both of them played with the self-destruct button once too often. Now all they have left is grumpy old socialists and lunatic young radicals (Bernie and the squad).

The media and the deep state have both decided to play on the Democrat team. In fact, the IRS and the DoJ are not just politicized, they are militarized – against anything jeopardizing Democrat hegemony. But in the process of taking sides, they sacrificed the two things needed for effectiveness – stealth and credibility. They can play their games, but Americans see what they are up to.

COVID exposed the schools for the leftist indoctrination centers that they’ve become. The schools have pushed it too far, too fast, and they’ve lost. The counter protests are now underway. The election results in Virginia signal the beginning of the end for them.

The Democrats have always had an electoral fraud machine that could influence elections at the margins. But carrying Joe over the finish line was much too heavy of a lift. They had to pull out all of the stops and they exposed themselves. Corrupt election officials are now cockroaches in the sunlight. They’re too busy scurrying for safety to pull off another heist of the magnitude they did in 2020. Have you noticed that many of them are lawyering up now? They’re not fighting right now, they’re in “flight” mode. Judges have ruled that unilateral process changes made by election officials were illegal and numerous states have tightened their election processes. A repeat of 2020 is not likely – certainly not on the same scale.

Their initial plan has failed. The Dems took control in January with a plan to institutionalize election fraud, pack the courts, and eliminate the filibuster. Due to ineptitude and a lack of electoral legitimacy, Biden and the Dems have failed to accomplish any of these.

The Stupid Party’s Strengths (that would be the Republicans)

The Republicans have a number of tactical advantages, and one serious structural weakness – which we will get to.

Republican influence in the states has grown continuously since the Obama administration. Thank you, Barry. In the state legislatures, Republicans now control 33 upper chambers and 30 lower chambers. Not only are the states key to pushing back in the courts against governmental overreach by the Democrats, but reapportionment is happening now. Democrats are learning what it’s like to be on the victim side of gerrymandering. Red states are gaining congressional seats this year, and Republicans are in the driver’s seat to determine how the district boundaries are drawn. While some Republicans were determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, governors like DeSantis have stepped in to assure that the electoral advantage is not lost.

The republican bench is young and dynamic. People like DeSantis, Noem, Crenshaw, and Jordan are becoming the leaders of the party. I suspect that we haven’t heard the last from Trump yet, but even if he faulters, the Republicans have plenty of alternatives to fall back on.

Thanks to Donald Trump, Mitch McConnel, and Harry Reid (hahaha), the courts are much more balanced now. Even the 9th Circuit Court is no longer a guaranteed sanctuary of the left. The Supreme Court continues to be a disappointment on occasions, but it’s not a given that the courts are the playground of the left anymore. The 5th Circuit stay on President Gremlin’s vaccine mandate is proof of that.

Radio Free America is growing. While the MSM continues to shrivel and die by its own hand, conservative news and opinion outlets are growing. There are now 1500 conservative radio broadcasts providing 2600 hours of programming daily! And those radio stations are augmented by a countless number of conservative websites. The conservative word is getting out.

And finally, the Republicans still have General Patton – AKA Donald Trump – on their side. I’m not saying he will be the best Republican candidate. I’m not even saying he should be the Republican candidate. He’ll need to earn that in the primary if he decides to run. But whether he runs or not – he’ll be there wreaking havoc on the enemy lines. He still lives in their heads, and he still knows where their crazy button is. Nobody can make the Democrats act stupid like the Donald can.

The Republicans do have one serious weakness which they need to deal with. They still have Vichy RINOs in their midst who are willing to side with the Democrats to undermine the will of the people. Americans spoke loud and clear that they wanted Obamacare gone. Yet one Republican vote kept it alive – thank you Senator Maverick. More recently, 34 Republicans helped the Democrats push through a massive spending bill supporting leftist causes – even after Americans made it clear they’ve had enough of that nonsense.

The Evil Party’s Actions

As part of the “orient” step of the OODA loop, we need to see what the Democrats are doing. Their plan seems to boil down to:

  • Build a coalition of special interest groups
  • Use the power of the state to impose tyranny
  • Ally themselves with thugs who will provide intimidation on their behalf

The Democrats have assembled a diverse coalition of special interest groups such as feminists, LGBTQ, environmentalists, minority groups, unions, and etc. This coalition has won them a few elections, but it has a structural flaw which is becoming apparent now. Special interest groups by their very nature must compete for consideration (resources, decisions, priority, attention, and etc.). However, these special interests will eventually end up competing with each other. When that happens, there will be winners and losers and the coalition will crumble. We are beginning to see the early signs of that now.

Both feminism and the LGBTQ movement began wanting fair treatment for their respective members. That seemed simple enough. But fair treatment morphed into a demand for equitable results. Now we have men competing in women’s sports. Winner – LGBTQ.

Minority groups wanted the best possible education for their children. Only through a better education could their kids hope to lead a better life. However, the teacher unions wanted to crush educational alternatives to create a monopoly for the public-school systems. The Democrats have sided with public schools and against things like school vouchers. In so doing, they have perpetuated failing public schools. Winner – teacher’s unions.

The same foundational cracks are forming between labor unions and environmentalists. Even their army of thugs is in conflict. BLM is fundamentally socialist. Antifa is anarchist. How long can they work together? And on, and on, and on. A coalition of disparate special interests is inherently a house of sand. It looks impressive, but crumbles with the first waves. Republicans can make them pay for this tactic.

The Democrats have also shown a disturbing willingness to use the power of the state to impose tyranny. Using COVID as a justification, targeted businesses have been shuttered, while favored businesses have been left open. People have been arrested for attending church services. The Harris/Biden administration has even colluded with Social Media oligarchs to stifle the free speech of Americans. The current administration has even gone so far as to declare people “threat actors” for questioning the administration’s COVID protocols. This is all supposedly done to prevent the spread of misinformation. Of course, they are deciding what is misinformation and what is not.

We even have the specter of the Department of Justice, targeting parents as domestic terrorists for protesting at school boards. Last year the FBI raided the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. Oddly, within days of the raid, The New York Times ran confidential legal documents between Project Veritas and its lawyers. Just a coincidence? Or is it further proof that the DoJ has become the enforcer for the Democrat party?

Republicans should not assume that the Democrats have no other cards to play. They still control the deep state and a sizable portion of the judiciary. They’re currently trying to use the courts to prevent Marjorie Taylor Greene from running again. We should expect more of these extra-constitutional maneuvers as well as bogus criminal investigations in an attempt to tilt the scales in their favor.

They are also attempting to create conflict between Republicans. The recent leak of a Kevin McCarthy tape is one such attempt. We should expect more such leaks, and outright fabrications from the Dems.

Fortunately, resorting to the power of the state to suppress civil liberties is a sign of weakness not strength. It is an open acknowledgement that they have lost the debate. It is a most unattractive look. Government bureaucrats are few and Americans are many. The “Let’s go Brandon” chants are a sign. The many have had enough. Americans will make them regret this tactic – if they get a chance. Republicans should pile on.

As we’ve seen in the past year, the Dems have also allied themselves with militant thugs to help in pushing their agenda. BLM and Antifa operatives have used intimidation to silence citizens, journalists, and even politicians. Who can forget thugs harassing restaurant patrons last year, or assaulting Rand Paul and his wife on the street? And it was all done with the tacit blessing of the Democrats. “Heals Up” Harris even helped a group dedicated to bailing out these thugs when arrested. Democrat prosecutors are declining to press charges against the thugs. They are openly displaying their willingness to use lawlessness and intimidation to cement their position as our rulers. But this tactic has exposed a major vulnerability of the Democrats. As was discussed in the “observe” stage of the loop, Americans are quite unhappy about the surge in crime which is occurring. The Democrats cannot claim to be for law and order while at the same time supporting the thugs that are a major source of the crime.

Part 4 of this series will take a deep dive into the “decide” stage of the loop.

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He currently writes at the American Free News Network and The Blue State Conservative.  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

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  1. The OODA five part series has become an on-line ‘must read’ during these very confusing and disturbing times of frequently biased, false, often unreported life altering information. At long last a necessary and hopeful survival plan of action is being presented in John Green’s five point OODA series. The first three articles in the series have focused on applying a recognized ‘flying’ tactical plan to re-direct the course of the current political storms with the successful outcomes of upcoming elections..In today’s article (#3 in the series) each political party’s strengths and weaknesses are reviewed. Rational and reasonable tactical planning strategies (the OODA) are suggested for Republicans (and any citizen) who longs for the return of individual freedoms and the rule of law with the successful outcome of elections. Looking forward to the fourth of the series!

  2. “The Democrats cannot claim to be for law and order while at the same time supporting the thugs that are a major source of the crime.”

    That implies a rational electorate–something not yet clearly in evidence.

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