Secession is Occurring

(I have been republishing this old article, because when AFNN changed hosts, these articles have become difficult to reach.  I have done only limited updating and editing.)

Part 6: Concluding Thoughts

In Part 1 of this multi-part article, I asserted that we are becoming two distinctly different Dis-United States. One is an America based on our Constitution, institutions, law and order, freedoms, common view of civics, commonly interpreted history, and common culture. The other is an America transformed into a Leftist, woke, Marxist repressive regime in which all our institutions must be destroyed to rehabilitate an inherently evil nation. In Part 1, I discussed redrawing boundaries, Blue-state refugees, and efforts by the Biden administration to increase disunity and drive a wedge between Blue and Red America. In Part 2, I discussed manifest clashes of ideology and how the Leftists in power exploit crises to oppress the people. In Part 3, I discussed the breakdown of law and order in the Disunited States and the weaponizing of once-trusted institutions to oppress We the Sheeple. Part 4, I discussed Censorship and Political Indoctrination of our youth. In Part 5, I discussed the divisive lies of white supremacy and institutional racism. I also described the conflict between the vision of the US as a Republic and the vision of the US as a Communist country. I also touched briefly on very different views of Election Integrity in the two Americas, Blue and Red. In this final installment, I will wrap up my assertion that secession is occurring, that we are becoming two disparate nations without common view of civics, language, culture, or outlook.

Blue Hates Red

I have provided examples of how the Biden administration and his woke, Leftist junta have described Red governors as Neanderthals, Jim Crow, racists, white supremacists, etc. We live in a country run by an increasingly overreaching and tyrannical Blue federal bureaucracy at war with anything and everything Red. Biden’s Secretary of Indoctrination (a.k.a. Education) compared those who do not want to wear masks or get vaccines to the recent suicide bombers in Afghanistan. That is what Biden means by “unity,” I guess: vilifying whole swaths of the population who dare to have a different opinion. As COVID predictably becomes more contagious and less virulent, Blue governors are using this as an excuse to reimpose mask mandates, vaccine passports, restrict access to employment, and restrict travel.

Empty Lives and Empty Heads

I have become increasingly convinced that those on the Left who seek to manipulate the rest of us and impose their will on others have empty lives and empty heads. Their only joy is in destroying the joy of others. If a conservative doesn’t like a television show, he doesn’t watch it. A Leftist wants the show banned. If a conservative doesn’t like a particular “news outlet,” he turns the channel. A Leftist wants Gateway Pundit demonetized, Rumble de-platformed, and Fox News banned from the airwaves. If a conservative doesn’t like guns, he won’t get one. If a Leftist doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t want you to have them either — except for the Leftist’s security detail. Often Leftists want to restrict your rights (such as forcing you to give up Thanksgiving with your family) while they enjoy them. It seems a Leftist finds so little meaning in his or her own life that meaning can only be obtained by some form of activism; their focus is on making you better in their image of better, rather than focusing on making themselves better people. In this vein, “activism” means forcing you to accept something you don’t like, behave in a way you don’t want, restrict your rights, or force you to buy (or not buy) something.

Dennis Prager wrote a very interesting article in this regard. He claims that in the 50s and 60s, being a good person meant:

  • No. 1: Developing one’s moral character.
  • No. 2: Getting married and making a good family.
  • No. 3. Taking care of one’s family, especially one’s parents.
  • No. 4. Going to church (or synagogue).
  • No. 5. Taking care of the poor in one’s community, usually by joining a service organization such as a church charity, a Kiwanis, Lions or Rotary Club.

But today, to Leftists, being a good person means some sort of activism to change others’ behavior.

Since the early 1960s and ’70s, a moral life has been defined as engaging in activism. One improves America — indeed, one becomes a good person — by fighting for a cause. That cause may be feminism, environmentalism, socialism, material equality, racial equality, LGBTQ+ liberation or the welfare state — free health care, free college tuition, free preschool, free day care, free school breakfasts and lunches, even free income.

Leftists only seem to find meaning in their own lives — having banished God from all public spaces — by forcing you to accept their world views and dictates, their religion of wokeism.

Prager concludes: “That, in a nutshell, is the genesis of our present existential crisis. People don’t understand that the best thing they can do for this society is to lead an individually good life and raise honorable children, not join a protest movement.”

The least tolerant among us are those who preach tolerance. Tolerance, you see, means that you must accept Leftist hogwash, but they don’t have to tolerate your right to have a different opinion. Just the News reported that “Twitter permanently banned Alex Berenson, who has built a large social media following challenging public health establishment orthodoxy on COVID issues ranging from lockdown to vaccine mandates,” Google demonetized “The Gateway Pundit, a conservative online news and opinion site that is ranked in the top 200 of U.S. websites according to Alexa and in the top 50 of English language news websites, according to a study prepared for media industry news site PressGazette,” and Chase bank cancelled GEN Flynn’s credit cards because he was associated with the bad orange man. Since when does someone carrying a credit card imply that the bank endorses that person’s world view? So Flynn being exonerated from baseless charges against him is bad to Chase after JPMorgan’s agreement to pay $920 million to resolve federal wire fraud charges against the company for its role in separate criminal schemes to defraud the precious metals and U.S. Treasuries markets” is okay? Flynn having a Chase card will hurt their reputation, but criminal fraud won’t? Apparently if you aren’t woke, you can’t express your opinion, advertise on your site, or even have a credit card.

Hakeem Jefferson, a Stanford University professor, recently claimed opposition to masks at school board and council meetings was connected to “whiteness.” Apparently, it is some sort of micro (or macro) aggression to voice one’s opinion in a school board meeting if it doesn’t comply with the accepted, woke narrative. Such dissent cannot be tolerated, so instead of arguing the merits of the issue, Blue America resorts to blanket generalizations that Red Americans are some sort of __ist.

Blue America believes rights and privileges should be taken away from some (or all) to create equity. Red America believes that God-given rights should be extended to all, ensuring equal protections and opportunities under the law. That is a significant, perhaps irreconcilable, difference in outlook, once again demonstrating that we are becoming two, disparate nations.

Two Justice Systems

In Red America, people are innocent until proven guilty. In Blue America those accused of the unforgivable, mortal sins of not being woke enough are guilty whether or not they are proven innocent. In Blue America the most woke get a pass for legal and ethical missteps. The tolerance priests of the woke religion counsel repentance and forgiveness. A Democrat governor can be seen in black face at a costume party, and that is okay, but the similar crimes committed by conservatives cannot be tolerated, no matter how long ago, innocent, or repentant. Whether that is partying in public without masking while ordering the minions to mask and avoid Thanksgiving; cramming COVID patients into nursing homes, killing thousands of the most vulnerable; sexual misconducts; or violence, the high priests of the woke religion are not held to the same standards as most Americans. In Blue America when accused of the mortal sins of any sort of ___ism, Red Americans are guilty whether they are proven innocent. Evidence: Trump Russia collusion, General Flynn, Roger Stone, etc. The facts surrounding Hunter Biden have been conveniently and purposefully buried by the Leftist propaganda machine despite real evidence and on-camera admission by “big guy” Biden that he coerced the Ukraine to stop investigating his son while he was the sitting (as he can barely stand) vice President. Merely being accused of sexual misconduct makes a Red American guilty in the eyes of the woke, the Left, and their media propaganda arm. The crime of defending yourself against charges of __ism proves one is an __ist. But it took a lot of evidence before the media would even acknowledge Governor Cuomo’s sexual harassment.

The hundred or so charges filed against the trespassers in the Capitol on 6 January must be pursued with zeal and vigor, but few if any of the members of the provably racist (by their actions), Marxist (by their own admission), anti-American (by their own admission), woke, Leftist hate groups like BLM and Antifa have been prosecuted after months of violence, murder, arson, rape, attacks on federal courthouses, tearing down of statues, lawlessness, and destruction. Those crimes are justified in Blue America and on Communist News Network (“who says protest must be peaceful?”). In Red America, all crimes are prosecuted to the same extent. In post-united America, we have a Blue judicial system and a Red judicial system, providing more evidence that secession is occurring.

Way Forward

In the 5-11 May 2021 issue of the Epoch Times print newspaper, Trevor Loudon wrote an opinion article that is well worth the read. I will be quoting from it again in the future. He describes nine steps to save America from socialism. Step one is to face reality. He says,

To make sure they can never be voted out of office, the Democrats plan to enfranchise [give the right to vote] 22 million illegal immigrants, abolish the Electoral College, gain at least four more far-left senators through Puerto Rico and D.C. Statehood, and flood the country with tens of millions more refugees and illegal immigrants. They also plan to nationally introduce voting “reforms,” i.e., mass mail in balloting, abolition of ID requirements, etc., that will guarantee eternal Democrat Party control.

They are working to create a single-party fascist state. Only two Democrat senators stand in the way of this evil, America-last plan. Step 5 in his article is to “Organize a Compact of Free States.” While Loudon insists this Compact would not be the same as secession, it has many of the earmarks of secession.

What’s needed is a reaffirmation of the 10th Amendment rights as already outlined in the US Constitution. The already out-of-control federal government is about to go on a rampage against every form of independence left in the country. Every Red state with the courage to do so must immediately being working toward a formal compact to collectively oppose [and roll back, I would add] all forms of federal overreach.

I agree that the last line of defense against an increasingly overreaching, tyrannical, and Unconstitutional federal establishment lies in the hands of governors of sovereign, Red states. For too long states have succumbed to federal extortion. “You can have some of your tax dollars back if you agree to change your drinking age, reduce the number of gallons in your toilets, reduce your speed limit, etc.” It is time for governors to stop handing money to the federal government and to stop letting the government force them to do things to get part of that money back. While Loudon’s Compact may be seen by some as a step toward formal secession, it merely represents a recognition of the secession that is already occurring. Perhaps, however, that step will help us walk back from the brink of a totalitarian state and back toward our Jeffersonian Liberal values. Maybe standing up to the Leftist bullies will send them scampering back into the ratholes. Maybe.


As people from Blue states flee the Socialist paradises with floundering economies and skyrocketing crime and corruption that they created to move to Red states with flourishing economies, Red areas seem to be getting redder. It is unclear whether Blue America is getting bluer. A look at county voting maps shows that generally the cities are very Blue and everywhere else is Red or Purple. As someone who lives in Florida and will retire in Tennessee, I hope those Blue refugees leave their woke, socialist notions and voting habits behind. Despite the color of my skin, I am not a racist. I was not worried about the interracial couple that moved in across the street, but I am worried about the couple from New York.

As the people demand redrawing state lines and are moving from Blue areas to Red areas, we are seeing de facto secession in many ways. Blue areas have very different views (and laws) about the role of government, the economy, taxation, the Bill of Rights, education, and free thought. I don’t feel like I have much in common with people who live in Blue states, and I don’t even like to visit or pass through those states any more. We certainly don’t have a common view of civics and the role of the government. Enough of my money is forcibly extracted by the federal government to fund programs I find distasteful, Unconstitutional, repugnant, or all of the above. I have no desire to support failing Blue state economies with my money. They made their beds. I don’t like that I feel this way, but this is how I feel. (And to Leftists, we know that feelings are more important than facts or logic.). That type of thinking is creating two disparate Americas. Essentially, by passing laws to guarantee our freedoms, Red states are creating a very different America than the Leftist, woke, fascists America that is emanating from Premier Biden, the Quislings in DC, his despicable cabinet, the propaganda machine masquerading as news media, and the rest of the Leftist junta. Secession is occurring before our eyes.

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