Book Review: United States of Fear by Dr. Mark McDonald

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Almost anyone with a little common sense recognizes that many things were not done right, or did not work over the past two years. We did not eliminate a disease, and even worse, we willingly gave up a lot of our constitutional rights. It quickly became apparent that neither masks, forced vaccinations nor lockdowns worked. These programs were dismal failures.

In this short little book Dr. McDonald lays out the case against fear. As a psychiatrist he has demonstrated that if you can get someone to fear enough you can get them to do almost anything, no matter how illogical it may appear.

He points out that women are more susceptible to fear than are men. For the most part many men have given up their traditional role of protector. Without that protection women tend to be fearful, and this also affects the children.

Here are just a few quotations from the book.

Women who cannot find any group therapy and have no emotionally grounded female friends will need to look to men to help guide them out of their fear. This places an important responsibility on men to reclaim their masculine authority. Men who have abdicated their leadership role in marriage by failing to set boundaries or challenge their wives when needed must reclaim their position as husband. They must find the courage to confront the women in their lives and remind them that they’re safe. They must find a way to say, “We’re all going to be OK. I’m here. You need to calm down and let me protect you.”

Men have internalized the feminist lie that women don’t need them, that women can always take care of themselves, and that offering women security is an insult to their capacity for self-sufficiency. This is hugely destructive for both men and women, and it weakens the social fabric. Men need to provide a counterbalance to the female instinct to minimize risk regardless of the cost. Men need to display, in their words and actions, how it is necessary to venture out of the home, despite the storm, because full engagement with the greater environment is critical to leading a full life. (McDonald P. 86)

Doctor McDonald builds on this theme demonstrating how important men have been in the development of our culture.

American men must no longer tolerate or accept being placed in a feminized role. History shows that it is men and their sacrifices that build our society. They take the most dangerous jobs and assume the most physical risks. They risk their lives mining fuel to hear our homes and going to war to defend our country. They protect women, children, and the elderly through their sacrifice. In the United States, as of 2017, industrial fatality rates for men were ten times higher than those for women. Could it be that successful societies—those that survive over time—are more likely to thrive when men keep women safe? (McDonald P. 87)

Dr. McDonald has much more to say on the subject. You will just have to get the book and read it.

Here are his concluding remarks on the subject.

Men need to start pursuing being men again, stop apologizing, and push back against the fear-driven women—in reality a vocal minority of mostly white liberal affluent women—who are wrecking our world.

The most effective tool I have found to help these children over the past couple of years has been challenging fathers to assert themselves. Once they begin to rationally and firmly address the fears of their wives, the entire atmosphere in the household changes. The children feel safe once again, as they no longer need to take care of the anxiety of their parents. They begin to feel free to take risks, to explore, to play. When I see these children return to my office, there is a noticeable difference. They may still be unhappy and frustrated with the outside world, but they are no longer living lives of fear in their own homes. (McDonald P. 88)

Now I know that many are going to say that this doctor is certainly not talking about his family. Maybe not! It is also very probable that those families that are based on sound Biblical doctrine will recognize a lot of Biblical teaching in what Dr. McDonald shares. A home that is surrendered to Christ and based on the Bible has a much greater opportunity for success.

This book is only 125 pages, and every family needs to get a copy and read it.

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