Are We Seeing the Disney Effect?

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Apparently at least 5 Supreme Court Justices have actually read the Constitution, and discovered that the founders didn’t really include a fundamental right to abortion. They appear to be considering overturning Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey. That was an unacceptable outcome to somebody working at the court who obviously knows better what’s best for Americans than Supreme Court justices, federal and state legislatures, or Americans themselves. That somebody, leaked the draft opinion to the press.

And then all hell broke loose. Chuck Schumer threatened the justices with court packing. Elizabeth Warren incited insurrection – that is what we call it these days when someone encourages a mob to interfere with government proceedings, isn’t it? Activists protested at churches during Mother’s Day celebrations – shame on those women for violating the pro-choice pact by choosing life. Pro-abortion terrorists fire-bombed a pro-life charity in Wisconsin. The libs are doxing the 5 justices that we now know can read. Red handmaiden costumes are in style again this spring. Every pierced nose, pink haired, harpy, who will never have a chance to get pregnant is demanding the right to terminate his/her/xir pregnancy up to the point where the child can say “mama.” Antifa is mobilizing for violence, because they’re a bunch of man-bun wearing incels that can’t get a date with AOC – and don’t want a date with one of the harpy babes.

Notice what’s missing? There hasn’t been a stampede of Fortune 500 CEOs running to the microphones to fortify their woke bona fides. Even the Disney Corporation has resisted the urge to come out in support of killing its future customers. I guess it just wants them gender confused, not dead. We should call this silence the Disney effect.

There’s always one kid in the neighborhood, who has to suffer 3rd degree burns, for the other kids to learn that it’s unwise to launch bottle rockets from their butt cracks. It turns out that Disney is butt-crack kid. Since taking a stand in favor of juvenile sexual grooming, Disney stock has become the worst performing stock on the DOW. The company has lost $63 billion in market capitalization (company value) – that burns. Then Florida cancelled Disney’s special governing status – adding a little salt to the burn. A recent poll by Convention of States Action and Trafalgar found that 69 percent of voters will support family friendly alternatives to Disney for their entertainment. That’s the parents pointing at the kid with the bandaged butt and telling their kids to not be like that fool.

Is it possible that we needed a multi-billion-dollar company to sacrifice itself on the altar of wokeness for other companies to learn that politics in business, is a good way to go out of business? It seems that Disney has done for corporate board rooms what Loudoun County Virginia did for school boards – convinced Americans to stand up and say, “enough, just stop.” Thank you, Disney, for making that sacrifice.

Zeno, a subsidiary of Daniel J. Edelman Holdings, is a huge public relations firm with clients such as Coca-Cola, Netflix, Starbucks, Salesforce, and numerous others. It recently advised its clients to skip the abortion news cycle with the statement:

“Do not take a stance you cannot reverse, especially when the decision is not final. This topic is a textbook “50/50” issue. Subjects that divide the country can sometimes be no-win situations for companies because regardless of what they do they will alienate at least 15 to 30 percent of their stakeholders… Do not assume that all of your employees, customers or investors share your view.”

Translation: We know all you knuckleheads are dying to get involved, but keep your traps shut, because if you don’t you’ll lose half of your customers.

That’s sound advice – that Zeno didn’t take. It was last seen in the corner playing with matches and fireworks after it issued a pro-choice statement:

“We believe in equal access to healthcare for all, and a woman’s right to make decisions about her healthcare. At the same time, we live in a world with different opinions and different views, and we respect those differences.”

That’s PR doublespeak for, “We are enlightened, but we still respect you even if you’re a wrongheaded misogynist.” It seems that “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy applies to Democrats and PR firms.

Personally, I don’t care what leftist idiocy company directors believe these days. But when they use their company platform, to promote leftist ideologies, they are using my consumer dollars to promote evil – and I’ll not have it. There’s always some other company that will sell me what I want without the lecture. My advice to corporate America is: make a good product, keep your mouth shut, and we’re good.

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  1. Zeno, whoever they are, must be real clowns walking around in a cowpie infested field. That’s some real “living by the words you preach” stuff, right there. Ah, if not for idiots like that, there might be no need for someone to clean their shoes for them.

    If only more companies would follow your advice.

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