America’s Basic Freedom: Life

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The basic building block of the freedoms of America is LIFE. God gives us LIFE. Without LIFE, there is no freedom in this world, because there would be no LIFE. LIFE is fragile when compared to the world, LIFE pales when compared to the challenges the world endures.

As a society, do we believe LIFE is special, important, unique, and blessed? If yes, we would show it in our every action, and yet, in so many places, LIFE has no meaning, it is not special, it is not unique. We must simply muddle through our existence. Why is this happening?

Over the past years, we see more and more “Black lives matter” signs. We never see Yellow, White, Brown or Red lives matter, we simply see Black lives matter. Why does not every LIFE matter? We are founded on LIFE!! Every LIFE should matter. No one should be shamed for saying All LIVES Matter! How bizarre.

If indeed, black lives truly mattered, should not we be addressing the violence in the inner cities, as well as the police shootings, as well as the fatherless families? Should we not be getting to the bottom of why there is so much black on black violence? What is the answer?

The Communist takeover of China in the late 1940’s was orchestrated by Mao Zedung, an animal. He and his butchers killed an estimated 40 plus million Chinese as they wrestled power from a corrupt nationalist government. That China death count was a staggering 12% of the 2020 United States population! Mao Zedung killed one out of every 10 people you see in a day, all to achieve complete and total power!! Mao did not respect the freedom of LIFE for his people.

LIFE…. The basic freedom of America, we hold it dear to our hearts. And yet we abuse the freedom of LIFE.

There is a U.S. foundation that has taken more lives than Mao. The abortion industry, with Planned Parenthood, have killed more unborn babies than the people Mao slaughtered. Planned Parenthood has killed over 20 million black babies since the mid 1970’s. Had those babies not been killed, the black population in this Nation would be well over 20%. When I hear about systematic racism, Planned Parenthood comes to mind.

The violence on the southside of Chicago and other large Democrat controlled cities is highlighted virtually every day. It is constant chaos, yet the shooting death statistics are peanuts when compared to a black child in the womb of a black mother in New York City!! What are we thinking? Our Nation is founded on LIFE!!

We dismiss the fact that the founder of Planned Parenthood was a person who believed in eugenics, so was Hitler! Eugenics is the belief that one can improve humans by removing bad genetic material from the human gene pool. Planned Parenthood decided that blacks have inferior genes. The nazis believed it was the Jews.

LIFE – the basic American freedom, bestowed by the Almighty. This Nation created a government around the principle of LIFE.

During reruns of old black and white Westerns, there is a commercial that frequently airs. For only 19¢ a day, you can support the ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They show starving dogs, beaten dogs, helpless dogs. Unfortunately, it is legit, there is cruelty around every corner.

Another commercial attempts to raise money for children born with a cleft lip or palette. For a few cents a day, these children can live a normal life, so please help!

Why are there not commercials calling for a renewed respect for LIFE at all stages of LIFE – the beginning, the birth, the childhood, adulthood and old age?

I have no absolute proof when LIFE begins, but as with most things, I believe it starts at the beginning. My father noticed a cow was having a very difficult time delivering a calf. He concluded that the calf was breached. If nothing was done, they both would die. As a 7-year old cattle rancher, I put my arms up and into the cow and attached a rope to the feet of a calf, handing the bitter end to my father. A younger brother “calmed” the cow. I reached into the cow to direct the delivery, while my Dad slowly drove the car away. BINGO!! A young bull calf…

When did the calf’s LIFE begin? When he was “born” or when I touched him? Did LIFE begin at conception? First heartbeat? Was it three months, six months or nine months? Whatever a person answers, I back them up –“Could it have happened 1-day earlier?” Then I back them up again and again and again. I believe LIFE begins at the beginning, so one cannot backup.

Maybe we each reach a different decision, fine. And we cannot answer for someone else. But what is wrong with running a television ad that offers hope to a panicking young lady? What is wrong with comforting woman struggling with the knowledge that there is LIFE within, when she has so little hope? What about a commercial that shows the bond between a mother and child? What about a commercial that offers an alternative to the horror of ending a pregnancy? What about a commercial that shows a family’s smile after they adopt a baby? What is wrong with promoting LIFE?

Are we afraid of praising LIFE? God’s gift is LIFE! This Nation is blessed with a freedom of LIFE.

It seems that the value of LIFE has greatly decreased since a systematic approach was codified years ago to end LIFE. What if that were reversed? What if we placed a premium on unborn LIFE today? Would that produce a society that placed a premium on LIFE tomorrow?

And while we are thinking, is it wrong to abort the elderly?

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5 thoughts on “America’s Basic Freedom: Life”

  1. Here is the part where so many conservatives fail: if we believe that life is the most important freedom, then we need to respect life from conception — which most conservatives do — until natural death, where most conservatives fail with their support of capital punishment.

    If we have a man confined and helpless enough that we can execute him against his will, then we have him secured sufficiently that he is no longer a threat to society. At that point we do not need to execute him, but only want to execute him.

    Our prolife arguments become stronger when we do not, ourselves, find a reason to kill someone else.

  2. Life has to begin at conception. When you look under a microscope and see a cell mitose, what happened? If the original cell is alive, what does that make of the mitosed second and third cell? That is probably the same argument that a reasonable and fact oriented biologist would make, since that begins the journey of life for every living organism on our planet. I also think this destroys the left’s irrational argument about life. I struggled through biology class, but I got that much.

    So, for those with the “Clump of cells” argument, take your pick. Are those cells alive, or just a dead clump of cells. If they are dead, they are not cells, but rot. For those who make the “Clump of cells” argument, are they not projecting upon themselves as much as the baby, as being that clump of cells? I think they are just frustrated ideologues, without a life.
    I know that may not make some weak knees feel good about the way they argue because science isn’t a Picasso. They try to make it that, though. Then they go out and brag about how smart they were saying stupid stuff to other fellow ideologues, who couldn’t do more than try to talk over their ability.

    • Life clearly begins at conception, because the being exhibits all of the qualities of life. What the left are trying to claim is that the unborn child is not yet a legal person, whose rights must be upheld.

      But how many times have we seen the left wax wroth over the provision in the Constitution that black slaves were to be counted as just 3/5 of a person for the purposes of the census, to determine representation in Congress? Yet somehow, some way, they’ve no qualms at all with calling an unborn child, pretty much regardless of his stage of development, as 0/5 of a person. Like the Queen in Alice said, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

      The left believe many impossible things!


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