Public Demands Clinton Be Held Accountable After Courtroom Revelation That She Personally Greenlit the Trump-Russia Hoax

Hillary Clinton speaking at U.N.: Public Domain

It’s not a great time to be Robby Mook.

The 2016 Clinton campaign manager’s pivotal testimony in the trial of former Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann on Friday definitively tied Hillary Clinton to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax for the first time.

Mook admitted that Clinton gave the go-ahead to alert the media to the spurious claim that then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had covert ties to a Russian bank.

Given the liberal composition of the jury and the presiding judge’s obvious left-leaning bias, special counsel John Durham’s team faces an uphill battle trying to prove that Sussmann lied when he told FBI General Counsel James Baker in a September 2016 meeting that he wasn’t working on behalf of a client, despite the fact that he’d billed the Clinton campaign for his efforts.

Sussmann’s goal was to provide the FBI with data which he claimed showed nefarious communications between the Trump organization and the Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank. The hope was that the FBI would open an investigation which the Clinton campaign could then leak to the press in the weeks leading up to the election, creating the ultimate “October Surprise.”

The plan to paint Trump as an agent of Russia was also intended to divert voters’ attention from the swirling controversy around Clinton’s use of a personal server during her tenure as secretary of state.

(Note: It’s important to recognize that the Alfa Bank link was just one part of a larger campaign to connect Trump to Russia, but those other efforts go way beyond the scope of the Sussmann case.)

The enormity of what the Clinton campaign unleashed cannot be glossed over. The sum of their efforts cast a shadow of illegitimacy over Trump’s presidency that even the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in March 2019 was unable to erase. In addition to damaging the Trump Administration, it caused great harm to the country. Yet, so far, no one has been held accountable.

Mook’s unfortunate (for him) admission that Clinton greenlit the corruption has many Americans demanding she be held accountable.

Opposition research is standard. Fabricating elaborate stories of wrongdoing to damage one’s opponent, however, takes this practice to a whole new level.

Worse, Clinton was aided and abetted by top-ranking officials inside the Obama Administration every step of the way, including then-President Barack Obama himself, who had been briefed of her plans in July 2016 by then-CIA Director John Brennan.

Mook’s casual utterance in a Washington, D.C., courtroom on Friday will have seismic repercussions. I’m not saying we’ll see Clinton perp walked in prison garb into a D.C. courthouse anytime soon.

But Mook’s revelation opened up the case. First, it draws Clinton in as a direct participant. Second, much of the evidence (communications such as emails and texts) the Durham team had hoped to introduce to the Sussman jury, which the judge had previously denied, deeming it either irrelevant or too late, suddenly became very relevant. Isn’t it amazing that the Mueller investigation missed all of this?

The genie is out of the bottle and Hillary Clinton’s tail has to be swishing wildly.

Let the games begin.



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4 thoughts on “Public Demands Clinton Be Held Accountable After Courtroom Revelation That She Personally Greenlit the Trump-Russia Hoax”

  1. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mook’s impending but completely-unexpected Arkancide… people have found themselves Dirtnapped for Killary finding them far less “inconvenient to have breathing.”

    • Robby Mook was just covering his lilly white. Arkancide was the preferred tactic by the Clintonistas to prevent this from happening. Nothing will happen to him. I’d be more concerned about Durham’s life than anyone trying to stay out of prison. Durham is the one who can get to Hillary, if anyone can. Just not in a DC Courtroom.

  2. With all this playing out in a DC Courtroom, don’t expect any conviction, plus two or three jurors are Clinton campaign supporters. Expect only truth to get out, and make it stick and grow with others, to defeat these criminals. This battle will take a lot of effort on our own side, to defeat all the RINOs who are actually working against us, like Erick Erickson, Mitt Romney, Roy Blunt’s son, working against the Michigan voter ID law.

    Consider this a fuel to add to the fire.

  3. My cat’s tail swishes when she is under a lot of stress, too (or when she sees a bird that is within pouncing range). Even while sharing that trait, I imagine that my cat’s tail swishing if much more adorbs than Ms. PantSuits chardonnay-laced nervous tics….


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