The Incredible Shrinking President Part II

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      I first wrote about Biden’s shrinking clout way back in January after his disastrous second news conference.  You can read it here –  I wrote then:

“Rest assured that as his poll numbers continue to sink, President Brandon’s self-esteem will continue to rise in direct proportion, as he further distances himself from reality.  The Senile in Chief will remain in a deluded state of mind thinking his first year in the Oval Office was a success, that he “outperformed” expectations, and his handlers will continue to pat him on the head reassuring him of such.  As he grows in stature in his own mind, Americans and the world will be historical witnesses to the first ever Incredible Shrinking President.”

      Boy was I prescient.  But enough about me.  Onto Brandon.


      Before the oatmeal on his chin dried after that incoherent blab fest, the Sniffer in Chief and his minions promptly set about working on making his second year in office even worse than his first, if that’s possible.  Apparently, it is. 


      Even the hordes of Democrat hack “journolists” have been unable to prop Joe up.  His poll numbers continue to sink faster than CNN+.  His approval numbers are hovering in the mid 30 percentiles.   That’s scary.  30%+?  Just who are those 30 percenters and what country are they living in, or planet, for that matter?  They must be Weekend at Bernie’s fans.


      There have been numerous reports of infighting between the Biden and Harris factions for the past year.  That infighting has only increased with the numerous departures of Kamala staff members fed up with her incompetence.  Kamala must be taking out her frustrations on her boss as they each compete for the lowest approval ratings.  Kamala even refused to appear in a video with the Prez.  Joe gets no respect.


      Rather than changing course, the hapless President continues to create obstacles and then trip over them.  Mercifully, Jen Psaki left her propaganda post for the more bipartisan waters [insert snicker here] of MSNBC.  Instead of taking this opportunity to moderate his message, Joe doubles down on wokeism by hiring the most radically rabid mouthpiece this side of Saul Alinsky, the black lesbian Karine Jean-Pierre.  She’s sees everything in black and white, literally.  If she doesn’t agree with it, it must be racist.  From the New York Post:

“If it walks like a racist, talks like a racist, acts like a racist, it is a racist and we have a racist president in the White House who really pushes his racism like a peacock,” she told a smirking panel on the MSNBC show “AM Joy” in 2018. “Donald Trump is a RACIST!” she railed in a tweet from Jan 2018, echoing what became a common refrain from her during his presidency.


      Her first week behind the WH lectern was as bad as Joe’s first year in his fake Oval Office set.  Like Joe, she reads from cue cards nondescript answers to nondescript questions in no particular order, all without actually answering the questions put to her.  I don’t think she’ll be long for the job.  And of course, it will be racism that forces her to leave.


      Speaking of race, in his race to the bottom, Biden stumbles from one self-inflicted wound to the next.  He then lies to cover up for his obvious failings.  The current baby formula crisis could have been avoided but Brandon can’t help but surround himself with similar incompetents like the FDA chair Obama retread, Robert Califf.  His re-appointment came with lots of known baggage.  The previous temporary acting head of the agency didn’t act when confronted with possible problems at the Abbott baby formula manufacturing plant back in October 2021.  Califf has been slow to act since this issue became a crisis.  And Joe passed the buck claiming he needed to be a better mind reader to have anticipated the baby formula problem he was warned about months ago.  He forgot to mention that mind readers actually need minds to do their work.


      Remember Psaki telling us the reason Joe’s poll numbers were so low was that he wasn’t able to get out and speak to the people?  She claimed he was planning to get out of the beltway and mingle more with everyday Americans.  The problem is that his own people don’t want to mingle with him.  From the embarrassing and disgraceful Obamacare celebration at the White House, where Joe was utterly disrespected by Barack Hussein,

to the Dem primary campaign trail, no one in the Democrat party wants to be seen in public with him. 

The lead lemming no longer has followers willing to go over the cliff with him.  Rodney Dangerfield got more respect than Lunchbox Joe.  With friends like these…


      The President is even losing the support of his most trusted constituencies.  No, not the media.  I’m talking about Hispanics and Blacks.  In an effort to shore up the black vote, he’s taking every opportunity to attack phantom white nationalists and supremacists.  Sen. Robert “KKK” Byrd wouldn’t recognize his old friend nowadays.  He’s so worried about losing his base support that he quickly trotted himself out to Buffalo, NY to blame the murderous actions of a mentally ill 18-year-old shooter on white supremacy and by association, lay it at the feet of the Republican Party and Donald Trump, just in time for the midterms.  Speaking out against violent racial hatred is great, but where was Biden when black nationalist and Louis Farrakhan acolyte, Darrell Brooks, mowed down nearly 70 people, including children, in Waukesha, WI at Christmastime, killing 6 of them just because they were white?  I heard what you heard, crickets.  Have you heard the media mention Brooks and his Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre lately?  More crickets.


      Even the supposed killing of Roe v. Wade isn’t killing Biden’s downward trajectory.  Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion was supposed to rattle the Dem base just when Joe needed them most.  The political life preserver of Roe (no pun intended) thrown to him was still too distant for him to reach as he continues to drown in the murky waters of bitter failure.  The voter turnout in the primaries thus far is showing many more Republicans than Democrats enthusiastic for the upcoming election.  The Dems are running out of luck and phony props to keep Brandon afloat.  If he sinks, they sink with him.  They can’t count on voter fraud to bail them out this time.  Or can they?


      It’s just one miserable flop and dirty mess after another – Putin gas hike, open border, Bidenflation, Ministry of Truth.  Nothing works.  Clean up on aisle Pennsylvania Avenue!  The stock market is also under water since inauguration day 2021.  It’s crashing faster than his poll numbers, which are getting awfully close to his record inflation rate.  No one in their right mind trusts Joe with anything.  Biden is desperate.  He knows he doesn’t have the tools to fix his own mishaps nor the support.  He’s no leader.  Even he knows he couldn’t lead flies to a latrine. 


      We are leaderless as a nation.  An amorphous, shape shifting, mob like conglomeration of nihilist millennial misfits running rampant in the Oval Office is no substitute for leadership, as we can plainly see from the disastrous nightmare, we are all painfully suffering through.  In his lucid moments, Biden knows this.  However, he is powerless to change anything.  He can’t.  It must be like a surreal out of body experience for him as he joins with us in watching his own incredible shrinking presidency.            




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4 thoughts on “The Incredible Shrinking President Part II”

  1. I think my interpretation of the Senile in Chief’s response, as him being intentionally regarding all of his actions as successful was wrong, and you hit it right. The one’s who are in control of this buffoon’s action(Obama, or?) are the ones intentionally wrecking our country, and Faux Joe is just along for the ride. That does make more sense. Obama brushing faux Joe off in the White House was a slap at Joe, and at all those of us who voted against him, by the left’s usual arrogance, just when they think they pulled another one off against us.

    As for Karine Jean-Pierre, I particularly like Andrew Klavan’s take.

  2. “The problem is that his own people don’t want to mingle with him. From the embarrassing and disgraceful Obamacare celebration at the White House, where Joe was utterly disrespected by Barack Hussein, to the Dem primary campaign trail, no one in the Democrat party wants to be seen in public with him. ”

    I’ll give Barry this, it’s payback to his former VP, who referred to the then POTUS (Pardon me as I puke) as “Barrack” countless times in public. You don’t do that, but I’m wording if Barrack never corrected Dirty Joe in private, or just decided to take it.

    I can’t recall the name of then man, but he was a close friend of the Kennedy’s, “I knew him from the day he was born, for the first 43 years of his life, he was ‘Jack,’ and for the last 1000 days of his life he was ‘Mr. President.'”

    But I’m recall the Jimmy Carter years (Man, I’m really loosing it today), and there was a school of thought that the presidency had grown too big for one man to handle, and some people thought we needed a prime minister of some sort. No, the presidency had no become too large. The man in the office was too small.

    • Neither Barack Hussein or Slow Joe get my respect. Both are despicable. All politics, all the time with those two. They disgust me. Jimmy Carter must be happy being replaced by Brandon as the worst ever.

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