Celestial Mechanics and Morality – A Total Eclipse


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We are indeed in dark times. Our government seems feckless and focused on supporting criminals, both foreign and domestic, over the concerns and rights of you and me, the average American citizen. Government printing presses whirl endlessly, printing Benjamins with reckless abandon. Inflation? What, me worry?

Our revered military appears to be led by self-interested generals more about upping their current income and increasing their retirement packages than in securing our domestic safety. Educators preach hate and racial division to our kids in the schools we support. Everyone on the progressive left wants to be a victim because victims are not responsible for what happens to them.

Some of us are considered evil because of our skin color and we are also considered too stupid to even realize it. Many of us are considered evil because of who we voted for in the last election. Even more of us are ignorant and unsophisticated because we don’t trust big pharma or the government toadies that suckle at its dollar-dripping breast.

We don’t see clearly in the darkness because we are experiencing a total eclipse of the Son. Many conservatives’ days have grown dark because we have allowed the world to blot out our source of Light. We have slowly, surely and perhaps grudgingly acquiesced with each and every inch taken from our moral stance; an acquiescence that has completely covered up our source of Truth and Hope.

The evil of the progressive left has chipped away at our values in the proffering of the WOKE ideology, their apostles preaching hate under the guise of tolerance. Pretty good trick, but then the devil is full of them, isn’t he? While most of my conservative tribe don’t hold the new commandments of the woke in our hearts as gospel or as anything closely resembling truth, we often fail to push back against the new religion of identity politics; not calling out depravity, sin and moral decay when we see it. It’s easier to turn our head, ignore the evil, especially if it only affects ‘someone else’.

It’s a difficult task to ‘hate the sin and love the sinner’ because it is so much easier to just accept both and move on. How many times have I simply acquiesced to living with what I see around me instead of speaking out/pointing out/voicing my displeasure at what I see? Am I guilty of a lazy faith, a laissez-faire approach to my own stated, moral standards? Have I really suffered for His names’ sake? Have I ever endured the ridicule of those whom I purport to be evil? Have I been even slightly uncomfortable in my little bubble of middle-class prosperity? I am not a ‘limousine liberal’, but am I that much different than they in my spirit, a ‘couch conservative’?

Time for a change. In his last days, an imprisoned Paul urged Timothy to come before winter – a plea to his friend for a bit of fellowship before his impending death. In Paul’s time, winter travel in the Mediterranean was dangerous and uncertain.

Is the current environment in America our ‘come before winter’ moment? Will it be too late for us, for our beautiful America, if we wait any longer to humble ourselves, return to speaking truth in love and fighting against evil where we see it, when and as we see it?

It’s been decades since I wore the uniform, but I now realize that it’s never too late to again take up the fight. I am going to renew myself by calling out evil where and when I see it.

Mock me for my beliefs. Laugh at me. Call me a science-denier. Call me racist. Call me homophobic. Call me transphobic. Call me an angry, white male. Call me fragile.

Most of all, call me HONEST. Now is the time to become vocal in my defense of the traditional values of my church, my homeland and my tribe. Once again, it’s time for the Son to shine.

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