Congress Needs to (Not) Do Something! UPDATED

When this post was first written, reports said a teacher had propped open the door that allowed the shooter to enter the school. Authorities now claim that the teacher did prop open the door, then closed it when she heard there was a shooter on campus, but the door did not lock.

It’s been a bit over a week since the tragic events in Uvalde, Texas, where a deranged 18-year-old murdered nineteen 4th-graders and two of their teachers, while wounding several others, some quite severely. This was an act of cold-blooded mayhem upon our children…our CHILDREN! Of course, the usual suspects are racing to turn this outrage upon civil society into political hay.

On one side, we have the Democrat party, whose demonstrated intent is to disarm most private citizens, leaving the vast majority of firearms in the hands of government. Don’t let their soothing words of “reasonable regulation to protect our children,” fool you. When they stop actively promoting the wanton, slaughter of over 500,000 helpless babies in the womb each year, then I might believe they actually care. When they finally get around to doing something effective about the 9.5 Mass Shooting equivalents in Chicago every week, then we can talk about how much they care.

Then there are the Republicans, the RINOs. Mitch McConnell and his point man, John Cornyn are stumbling all over themselves in an effort to surrender the battlefield to the left. They want to appear to be “reasonable.” They want to find “common ground.” They want to negotiate an enumerated Constitutional tonight into impotence.

We need to put a stop to this and right now. The first step in that effort is to rethink our starting assumptions. And it will be difficult. I have two daughters. If they had been hurt or killed in an incident like this, I would have great difficulty in rationally discussing solutions. Like most folks, my gut says, “Do something…anything to stop this!” Given that, I fully understand why some folks might have visceral regarding what I’m about to say next; This is not the Federal Government’s issue to solve…at least in the manner we’ve slowly become accustomed to over the past several decades.

When crises arise or horrific incidents happen, notification of victims’ families isn’t yet complete before the cries of, “We must make sure this never happens again!” and “We must do something!” Given the strong emotions, such sentiments are understandable among those impacted. But they do little to effectively address the issue.

Securing facilities is an extremely resource intensive and operationally restrictive evolution, especially where large numbers of people are present. Put another way, it costs a lot of money and always impacts the prime function of the facility. There are very few places that can afford to get to a zero-defect level when it comes to security; think Presidential security or Nuclear Weapons sites. Even when adequate resources are applied as in the case of Robb elementary school in Uvalde, irresponsible conduct by a trusted agent, in this case a teacher who propped a security door open, can undermine the entire single point of entry protocol and hundreds of thousands of dollars in security upgrades, with a single thoughtless act.

Does that mean we shouldn’t try? Of course not. When not undermined/circumvented, these measures can be quite effective. However, we need to recognize that they are not perfect. We can never get to, “never happens again.” The law of diminishing returns prohibits such. Point of documented fact, there have only been 13 mass shootings at U.S. Schools since 1966 (hat tip: David Webb Show). That’s 13 instances over the course of 56 years.

Could we do better? Of course. However, the outcry for Congress to, “Do Something!” is misdirected. We need to recognize that such measures are the purview of the states and localities severally, to determine and fund, not the Federal government.

So just what is the proper role of the Federal Government in this discussion? In short, it is to do…nothing. Actually, it needs to undo much of what it has done, such as statutes prohibiting guns near K-12 schools, thus legally preventing armed citizens from defending children while doing absolutely nothing to prevent shootings of any sort on campus.

Aside from undoing Federal legislative and administrative burdens on schools, the only other role of the Federal Government is to ensure that measures adopted by states and school districts do not abrogate the civil rights of American citizens, especially the one enumerated in the Second Amendment. That is the primary role of the Federal Government, not legislating some ineffective program and taxing us to pay for it.

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7 thoughts on “Congress Needs to (Not) Do Something! UPDATED”

  1. Is anyone seriously buying the story that the teacher closed the door when she heard shooting?

    1. Why was it opened in the first place and,
    2. Why didn’t the teacher check to see that it actually locked?

    Also, if it didn’t lock automatically it’s a pretty good indicator that it needed maintenance that wasn’t done.

    Man, it reall appears the Schhol, the District and the City government of Uvalde are scrambling like mad to cover their posteriors for shoddy training and maintenance.

    I hate to say this to the grief striken residents of Uvalde Texas but you elected and hired these people, didn’t monitor them and are victims of your own making. I know it’s harsh but as I see my nation crumbling before my eyes I can say the same thing about all our citizens who essentially have brought all of this negativite situation down on all of us.

    Yes, the government is at fault. The problem is that We The People are the government and We The People are not doing our jobs.

    • It could have been deliberately sabotaged too… I have a number of LE buddies who’ve worked SRO gigs that report a number of teachers think the two seconds to punch four digits into a cipherlock is “too much work” so they prop doors open and to hell with the risks because “that can’t happen here.”

  2. When you hear someone utter “Do Something!”
    Slap him. This is a state issue, nothing to do with the federal government, which means all those fools, both Democrats and Republicans who are talking about anything to do with gun control all need to shut up, or even be shut up, and deal with the economy and illegal immigration.
    The reporting I hear, and most of it I wish I never heard, all seems to be passing the buck, when those who screwed up know exactly who they are.
    You don’t put kids in a gun free zone, and leave them to be shot by a criminal. We appear to have a perverted view of good and evil, nowadays, and those who are hiding behind the Supreme Court rulings that say that cops are not required to protect and serve, will face God for their inaction, whichever version of the reporting bears me out.

  3. … thus legally preventing armed citizens from defending children while doing absolutely nothing to prevent shootings of any sort on campus.

    Sort of reminds you of what Joey and the Ds are doing with oil or with illegal immigration, doesn’t it? Refuse to take positive action and follow the laws that are already in place and then, when the situation goes south insist that the only solution is the one that is most problematic, from the country’s or personal liberty is concerned.

    All my life I’ve watched as second and third rate or compromised intellects are put into positions of authority and, without fail, they put more effort into either doing the job right in the first place or stopping other, more capable, people from implementing any short and long-term solutions to the problems.

    We, as a society as a whole and as conservatives, have an unhealthy attachment to the idea of the ‘chief’ or ‘tribal leader’ having the ultimate decision making power. It was a pro-survival approach when tribes were small and the leadership tests were simple because, without fail, either chief was the wisest of them and the tribe survived or the tribe was defeated and the leader killed.

    Today, I’m not convinced that the top-down leadership style is serving society like we need it to.


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