Book Review: I Am David, by Guest Columnist: Alan Hand

God has a plan. We often ask God to speak to us. I am not a big reader, but several weeks ago, before my father passed away, a special person told me about a book they were using for a Church group. The Book is titled “I am David” by Jimmy Evans. I thought, “Sounds interesting, maybe I can get something out of it.” Turns out, God was speaking to me through this person to prepare me for what was coming. I have always known I don’t deal with loss well. I can face with a smile on my face any harm that might fall on me, not so much with those I love.
This book has been a blessing I can not begin to articulate. The last few weeks, dealing with no longer having any parents, trying to get their affairs in order, their belongings, and not really able to truly accept it, I have, as David’s family, not dealt with the pain. The part of the book I am on deals with 3 wrong substitutes for healing. You can medicate it, motivate it, or meditate on it.
I am trying to motivate it. When we medicate it, that is obvious. The use of alcohol or drugs, or other stimulation to avoid facing the pain. The meditate is to obsessively brood over what you think was a being “wronged.” David’s son Absalom did this for 2 years over what his brother Amnon did to their sister before acting on this unhealthy meditation and killing him. The motivation is that of Solomon. To avoid the pain, he stayed busy working and building to avoid facing the pain.

We all face pain and must come to grip with it. Look it in the eye and deal with it directly. We are truly all David. We have to be the David of the battle field. We are too often the David of the rooftop though. I would love to speak with any one who does not know the story or the difference between the one man being two different people. Prayers requested for me and my family as we deal with our loss that we might heal. I encourage everyone to read the book.If you enjoyed this article, then please REPOST or SHARE with others; encourage them to follow AFNN

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