Protecting Our Children

The left has been wanting to ban firearms, all of them, ever since I can remember. Their motives have been covered up by cheesy statements, like “We aren’t coming for your guns”, while Beto says “Hell yes, we’re going to take your guns”. Then, there is that intellectually vacuous, and completely emotional outburst from the New York congressman, don’t know his name, don’t care who he is and only hope he wins the Cory Booker Award of Excellence in Emotional Outbursts, because his stunt in a committee hearing didn’t change anything. It was almost comical. He said if it gets filibustered, kill the filibuster, and if it gets declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, pack the court. It reminds me of a line in Atlas Shrugged, where one of the leftists goes after the people by saying ‘You guys were pikers, we mean business.'(paraphrased) No wonder people are buying so many firearms.

What the left will never understand is that, after Barack Obama made some idiotic statements, started, or re-booted an ATF program to track illegal and stolen firearms from the US into Mexico, and then sent Eric Holder out to calm the masses, all he really did was become the NRA Firearm Salesman of the Year, for his entire eight year term as president. People, all across the country saw his actions as a threat to their freedoms. They saw right through it, and started a silent rebellion of purchasing record numbers of firearms that has never let up. The only downtick in firearm purchases came when Trump was elected, in 2016.

What that reveals, to me, is that the left has made their initial move towards tyrannical rule, around 2009, and as they shower us with all their love, the response has been a movement that revealed itself by consumerism, whether they be left, right or those bloody idiots, the moderate voters. That tells me a lot, but mostly that some issues, no matter how they are covered by the media, and projected on to we willing participants in our republic, there are some issues that will remain in the hearts and minds of most everyone, even going across racial, ethnic and gender lines: Freedom. Individualism.

The ones making the loudest noise for gun confiscation are the ones who are at the heart and soul of the left base. I hate to use the word soul, when referring to the left because the radical left seems to have no soul, but plenty of energy to follow their tyrant leaders down that rabbit hole. What you might not be aware of is that they are in a minority, a small minority for now, and there is no real trend which way they are going, from what I see.  Gun sales tend to go against that narrative the media keeps trying to prop up. It is the response to the threat of future tyranny. The Democrat response is double down, and do whatever it takes to pass gun control legislation.

The Protecting Our Children Act might as well be called the Killing More Children Act because, as usual, it does nothing to prevent a criminal from finding his firearm and performing his crime, which leads to more crime, when you and I, as legal firearms owners are left with no way to defend ourselves, family and bystanders. It does nothing to prevent school shootings, which is more a product of the gradual, and continuous destruction of our culture and society. Actually, it has nothing to do with children. Just another bill named for something it doesn’t represent.

The bill currently in the House of Representatives goes more after the so-called “Ghost Gun”, which is a perfectly legal item, not used in any known crimes until some fool in the media put the idea in the head of some lefty to make sure one got found in an arrest. I believe that was in California, not to be confused with that cartel in Colombia, although their business models appear to be similar. The bill also goes after the legal gun owner locking up their firearms in government approved safes. I feel safer, already, don’t you?

To my knowledge, nothing in the bill goes after any root cause problem stemming from decades of a slide in our country’s societal norms. That is the problem. Decades of intent on destroying the family, marriage, abortion, social media, pitting one “Group” against another, while claiming to be unifying society, when the opposite is the actual result, causing “electricity prices to necessarily skyrocket”. It all ties together, along with the brainwashing those kids left in the classroom about the climate. And all largely gone unnoticed.

It is just another bill with a bunch of retread gimmicks from previous gun grabbing attempts, all bundled in one big package, because I guess if they couldn’t pass it last year, why not give it the old college try, this year. The only new thing added is the Ghost Gun garbage, because it was only recently minted by the left. Red flags are in there, too.

The left won’t give up in their quest to take every gun from you and I, so they can have that monopoly. Mao succeeded.

Do you want to live in a totalitarian state?

I have some advise for anyone who answers “Yes”.


I read about a recent survey that indicates that 53% of those polled are concerned that we are heading towards another Civil War. I never understood why the first one was called “Civil” and I don’t expect the next to be any different. If the left is that desperate to start a “Civil War”, all I can say is pray for them, and us. Someone needs to. When the battle lines are so inextricably drawn, something is about to happen. Just be prepared when it happens.


One last thing, if the left claims to want to protect our children, why do they insist on abortion?


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2 thoughts on “Protecting Our Children”

  1. The last question is the best one. If a mass murderer chose to poke holes in the skulls of school children and suck out their brains with a shop vac, he could posit that he was merely performing abortions in the fourth trimester and beyond, and receive Planned Parenthood funding.

    • Now, they don’t even want to do that. The left has skipped that step and gone directly to sex change hormones. Slower, and just as effective.
      Dress little boys up as girls, change their bodies through hormones once used to chemically castrate Alan Turing, and voila! Irreversible damage.


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