Caring About Black Lives Means Advocating For School Choice

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How are the people who claim to care about the wellbeing of black people perfectly fine with them not having the option to leave a failing government-run school system?

This is something I’ve thought a lot about and why I switched my position on the topic of school choice. How is it fair to keep children in an obviously failing government run school system by refusing to have another possible option?

Even progressives like Bernie Sanders, who I don’t think is a bad person, is on the bandwagon of restricting choice for children’s education. In the next breath, they’ll claim that they listen to black people’s concerns.

Recently, I got into a back & forth with someone and their most dire concern was how it would “decimate” school districts & had the audacity to call me a snob for wanting children to have the option to leave a situation that is deplorable

I think it’s snobbish to tell children in poorer areas “Sorry, I care more about the idea of public school working than it actually working”. It’s also the great lie to link everything to money in regards to a child’s education. It’s a factor but it’s not everything.

What these people don’t tell you is how some of the worst performing school districts are swimming in money. Their per pupil spending dwarfs affluent areas in many cases. They don’t tell you this because they don’t want you to focus on government corruption.

They for damn sure don’t want you to notice how some of these districts are bloated in the number of administrators they employ. If money were the great determinator, Baltimore & Detroit would be bastions of education; they clearly aren’t.

There are children in Baltimore high schools who can barely read yet these same progressives think that keeping the status quo government wheel cycling children through is perfectly fine.

Obviously, not every black child lives in an urban area or experiences these issues but a lot are and for being the most compassionate, they surely have zero problem with children being pushed along into an unforgiving world educationally ill-equipped.

This goes back into why I cannot stand when progressives line themselves up as saviors of black people because they rarely come close to advocating for realistic policies that could actually help many black people. They like the idea of it but not the process of it.

There are no guarantees in life, neither are there with charter schools. However, if something clearly isn’t working, why tell parents there shouldn’t be another option? Why pump more money into a corrupt system to wish for a different outcome?

Progressives see the govt as the end-all-be-all solution for problems rather than a potential solution for some problems. They have no problem with children, especially black children, being casualties of a failing system in pursuit of their greater objective for govt. dominance.

They also have no problem overlooking the poor (of all races) who want a way out by focusing on how school choice could help the 1%. I could give a damn about the 1% when the 99% are affected by your governmental obsession.

When a charter school fails, it can potentially disappear. When a public school fails, it gets more money to fail again. When a school system fails, so do our children. There is a reason why parents cry at charter school lotteries. They know what’s at stake.

When there are black children in high school who can only read at a 4th grade level, this is not a district we should support and this is not an outcome we should be normalizing.

Progressives, if you truly cared about black lives, you would support giving black people in urban or poor areas the choice instead of making failure an inevitability.


This article originally appeared on Wrong Speak Publishing. Reprinted here with permission.

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