Woke Companies Respond to Roe Overturn with Pledge to Employees

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Although they’ve had nearly two months to absorb the blow of the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade, we knew the left would take the final ruling hard. And they did not disappoint.

Progressives immediately took to the streets to protest this violation of their “rights.” Politicians, from President Joe Biden on down, distorted the truth in angry rants about the end of safe and legal abortions in America, which only exposed the Democratic Party’s lies and hypocrisy even further.

But liberals really needn’t worry. Corporate America has their back.

Woke companies reacted to the bombshell ruling by vowing to their employees that, regardless of where they live, they will be reimbursed for the cost of travel to the nearest state that allows the consequence-free killing of the unborn on demand.

Following the decision, social media feeds filled up with statements from corporations seeking first to establish their progressive bona fides and then to reassure their panicked employees that every woman who wants an abortion will have access to one.

Determined to safeguard this “sacred right” for their employees, all of these companies willfully ignore the sanctity of life.

DICK’s Sporting Goods President and CEO Lauren Hobart’s message to employees was especially contemptible. It began as follows: “At DICK’S, our teammates are the heart of our business, and we are committed to protecting their health and well-being.”

It’s hard to reconcile a company’s concern for their employees’ “health and well-being” with the brutality of the procedure they’re facilitating.

Hobart writes that teammates are the heart of their business, yet she is promoting a process that will literally snuff out a heartbeat.

Bank of America announced they were expanding “coverage for healthcare-related travel.”

Disney Company, whose glaring wokeness has already resulted in a nearly 50 percent haircut in the price of their stock over the past year, hopped on the bandwagon.

PayPal, Expedia and others quickly followed.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson addressed this issue on the Friday night edition of his show. “Notice that it’s abortion that is the red line for them. Abortion? Of all the issues, why is that so important to them?” Carlson asked.

“It’s obvious why it’s so important to America’s corporations, almost all of whom immediately weighed in to say, ‘We’ll fly you to get an abortion at the state of your choice,'” Carlson told viewers.

“Well, of course—employees without families are loyal to the company and, of course, it’s much cheaper to pay for an abortion than it is to pay for maternity leave, or an extra name on the insurance policy,” he added. “So, it’s all about the money for corporate America. It always is. Families are bad for big corporations, therefore they’re against families.”

He returned to this topic later in the show. Mocking the perspective of corporations, he said, “We’ll make certain you don’t have a family because we don’t want that to distract you from devoting your life to us.” 

He then asked, “What are people going to feel like at the age of 60? Was it worth it? No kids? Citibank paid for my abortion. But I’m glad I made it to assistant VP for lending! Wonder how they’re gonna feel about that.”

While I don’t see this as the only reason why big business supports abortion, it’s hard to argue that companies don’t benefit financially from their employees’ abortions.

Although most Democratic politicians are pro-abortion anyway, there are tremendous financial incentives for their support. In the same way, pro-life candidates stand to gain financially for their opposition.

While a discussion of the money trail on both sides of the abortion debate is beyond the scope of this post, the financial interest of every individual and organization involved should be scrutinized to gain a better understanding of their motives.

Money is power and unfortunately, for many, that trumps the lives of the unborn.



A previous version of this article was published on The Western Journal.
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4 thoughts on “Woke Companies Respond to Roe Overturn with Pledge to Employees”

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  2. Unfortunately, overturning Roe vs Wade does little for those unborn children residing inside the wombs of mothers who live in the many states which allow abortions through the ninth month of pregnancy until birth. Formally legalizing infanticide.

    • True… my worry is that between this and Bruen, the Roberts Court is gonna say “okay, we stroked the rubes enough for another decade” rather than take follow-up cases to keep the momentum.

  3. ““At DICK’S, our teammates are the heart of our business, and we are committed to protecting their health and well-being.”

    There’s just too much to play with, with that statement. I wonder if the lady CEO has a clue about that?

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