Some People Just Can’t Tell the Difference Between Comic Books and Reality

I devoured the Conan the Barbarian books when I was a teenager, starting out with the Lancer Books twelve volume edition. Robert E Howard wrote his original books between 1930 and 1936, and L Sprague deCamp, Lin Carter and Bjorn Nyberg added to it. Published in the 1960s and 70s, the men were strong and brave, while the Cimmerian warrior bedded an assortment of nubile, slender but nevertheless voluptuous — how does that work? — ladies after slaying countless foes.

Conan was a character which simply could not be left alone, and many authors used Conan as a character, through several publishers, during the 1980s and 90s. The difference? While there were plenty of helpless ladies to be bedded, there were also warrior women, women who could kick ass just as well as any man.

I also read plenty of comic books. In the 1960s, the female superheroines tended to have what I’d call ‘distance powers,’ able to beat the bad guys, but from a distance, not from fisticuffs. Supergirl and Wonder Woman were obvious examples of the latter, while the Invisible Woman might have been able to trip someone unseen — especially before Stan Lee had her discover that she could also create invisible force fields — and the Wasp and Scarlett Witch and Jean Grey worked their wonders from range.

Gradually, the superheroines gained the ability to match, and beat, male villains hand-to-hand. And in the CW Supergirl series, Supergirl beat her cousin Superman in a fair fight.

Well, I have come to the conclusion that today’s American left grew up reading the same things I did, but they did more than read them; they swallowed them whole, and came out believing that women were the physical equal or men in strength, speed, quickness, size, and endurance. Every girl is Supergirl; every woman is Wonder Woman! So, heck, it’s perfectly normal and reasonable to have males and females competing against each other, and it’s always fair, right?

As we have previously noted, if someone were trying deliberately to sabotage the societal acceptance of transgenderism, he wouldn’t do much differently from what the biological males claiming to be women have been doing in sports. From The Federalist:

‘This Is Not Inclusion, This Is Misogyny’: Left And Right Unite To Oppose Transgender Destruction Of Women’s Sports

The day of the rally, the Department of Education announced proposed changes to Title IX regulations to force colleges to treat men as women.

By: Olivia Hajicek | Tuesday, June 28, 2022

On the 50th anniversary of the Title IX law intended to give preferences to female sports in college, Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. featured a rally to keep female sports female. Radical feminists, conservative activists, and Democratic political figures shared the stage with athletes, parents, coaches, and attorneys. The speakers agreed on one simple message: women and men are biologically different, and female athletes should not have to compete against males. Speakers at the “Our Bodies, Our Sports” rally included former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, the original sponsor of the Protect Women’s Sports Act, and 12-time All-American swimmer Riley Gaines Barker, who tied with male transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in a meet but was forced to let him have the trophy for pictures.

Riley Gaines Barker, from her UK Swim Team biography page.

We have mentioned Riley Gaines Barker previously, noting that she had the freedom to speak out against Will Thomas’ participation¹ in women’s collegiate swimming because she had completed her senior season, so she couldn’t get kicked off the team for doing something radical like telling the truth.

Mrs Barker noted that, in her tie for fifth in the 200-yard race, the organizers had only one fifth-place award, which she understood. The organizers decided, however, that they’d give the award to Mr Thomas, and send Mrs Barker’ her award in the mail. The organizers could have brought Mrs Barker and Mr Thomas out together, holding aloft the single fifth-place trophy together, but putting 6’3″ Will Thomas and 5’5″ Riley Gaines Barker side-by-side would have resulted in a photograph which just further pointed out the differences between him and real female athletes.

I have also noted my belief that Mr Thomas deliberately threw his last couple of races, after he had won the women’s 500-yard freestyle championship, but there’s no way I could prove that.

“This is not a partisan issue,” said New York Democrat congressional candidate Maud Maron. “There are Democrats and Republicans and Independents all across the political spectrum that agree with all of us here on the common-sense definitions of sex and understand that our kids have the right to a non-politicized joy of playing sports.”

The day of the rally, the Department of Education announced proposed changes to Title IX regulations to “strengthen protections for LGBTQI+ students.” According to a fact sheet accompanying the announcement, “The proposed regulations would clarify that Title IX’s prohibition on discrimination based on sex applies to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity…. The Department plans to issue a separate notice of proposed rulemaking to address whether and how the Department should amend the Title IX regulations to address students’ eligibility to participate on a particular male or female athletics team.”

Many of the speakers argued this proposed rule would lead to women and girls being denied the very opportunities Title IX was designed to protect.

“This is not inclusion, this is misogyny,” said Amanda Houdeschell, a member of the feminist nonprofit Women’s Liberation Front. “Women fought hard for the protections of Title IX, the promise of equal opportunity.”

Can we tell the truth here? Males and females are different, and when it comes to athletic competition, different in ways that make a difference. While there are ranges, ranges which overlap at the extremes, men are generally taller, more massive, stronger, faster, quicker, and have more physical endurance than women. In most athletic competition, these factors make a real difference. I suppose that in something like curling, those factors might not, but even in something like golf, there are differences between the men’s and women’s tees, because men can normally drive the ball further.

One thing jumps out at me: it seems that the feminists who believe that males and females are physically equal must never have competed in any actual sports!

There is, of course, another factor. When it comes to sex, with anything to do with sex, the American left, and especially the feminist left, appear to take the position that they must cleave to the furthest left position possible, the position furthest away from anything resembling normality, or they will somehow be allying themselves with we evil reich wing conservatives, they will somehow be giving conservatives legitimacy or something. And that has led them to veer off into the weeds of utter stupidity. Women are able to compete equally with men in areas primarily involving brain power: women make fine doctors and lawyers, they are very capable in scientific research and writing and all sorts of things.

But when it comes to some areas, areas in which the physical differences between males and females are important, there really is no competition. Sexual dimorphism is a real thing, observed throughout the animal kingdom, and it doesn’t matter how much the left complain about evil conservatives, their argument in this sphere is with God, or evolution, or Mother Nature, however they wish to express it. Even the most liberal government, even the most feminist leaders, cannot make women as tall as men or as strong or swift or quick as men.

The women in athletics, the real women in athletics, know and understand this, and they understand that the transgender agenda is sacrificing the rights of real women on the altar of political correctness.
¹ – As per my website’s Stylebook, while I do not change the direct quotation of others, I always refer to the ‘transgendered’ by their birth name, not their faked identity, and use the pronouns and honorifics appropriate to their real, and not imaginary, sex.
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