Fifth Generation War: You Can’t Fight It If You Don’t Know What It Is

The Military Industrial Complex in action.
In 2017, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson reviewed new technologies being developed and tested at the High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility (HELSTF) and USS Desert Ship, a land-based launch facility designed to simulate a ship at sea. Both facilities are located on White Sands Missile Range, N.M. HELSTF operates the nation´s most powerful laser in support of DoD laser research, development, test, and evaluation. (Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Elliott Fabrizio/Released)

Imagine a war in which anything can be weaponized, including your thoughts, your emotions, and your beliefs. Imagine a war in which not only do you not know who, exactly, the bad guys are, but you have no way of knowing if your allies are really your allies. Imagine a war in which time and place are inconsequential; the war rages everywhere, all the time. This war is undeclared. Some recruits may know they’ve been recruited. Some never enjoy the luxury—or nightmare—of knowing they’ve been recruited. It’s a seeming free-for-all, but the endgame of the enemy is the global enslavement of humanity, if not its outright eradication. Or, is globalism just one more boogeyman that we need exorbitant amounts of money—and data collection—to combat, thus feeding the insatiable government-corporate military industrial complex? Or, are the globalist elites just one of many players on the battlefield of perception. Who knows. Welcome to 5th gen warfare.

It’s good to review 1st through 4th generation warfare because they can nest, overlap, and reappear from time to time. None of these categories is cast in stone and even military experts cannot fully agree on the degrees of separation. For a well-sourced and detailed overview on the topic, check out S2 Underground’s You Tube video “5th Generation Warfare: History, Modern Context, and (Some) Solutions.”

You may need to watch/listen a couple of times to absorb it all, but for now, here’s a quick summary:

1st Generation: Think spears and shields and phalanx-style maneuvering. In other words, not very maneuverable. Men in tight formation being sent across open fields to poleaxe each other while commanders look on from nearby hilltops. This was the normal mode of warfare from Ancient Greece up to and including the American Civil War when technological advances forced a belated change in tactics.

2nd Generation warfare: Think siege and trench warfare. This could include everything from the Siege of Vicksburg during the Civil War to the Battle of the Somme during World War I. A war of attrition, broken by periodic surges out of the trenches, over the walls, and into the teeth of faster-cycling and more accurate fully automatic weaponry. If your goal is to slaughter vast numbers of the best and most virile men, then this is your method. Good luck recruiting anyone for round two.

3rd Generation warfare: Think maneuverability—finally—and hitting one’s enemy hard and fast. World War II offers the best examples of this type of warfare, from air, sea, and land. Think mechanized infantry, overwhelming force, and surprise attacks. Every engagement post-war up to and including Vietnam included elements of 3rd generation warfare. It was the Vietnam War, however, that bridged the 3rd and 4th generations of warfare.

4th Generation warfare: Insurgency. Vietnam was a 3rd generation war against the conventional North Vietnamese Army and a 4th generation war against the Viet Cong insurgency. After 20 years of the GWOT, the current configuration of our Army is trained to fight insurgencies. As S2 Underground points out, you go to war with the army you have. If the military industrial complex grinds on unceasingly, then the American patriot is now the insurgency.

So, what exactly is 5th generation warfare?

As far as putting it into words, it’s a War College essay assignment. As far as civilians wrapping their conventional-warfare mindsets around the concept, it’s nearly impossible to absorb the breath and incongruity of such a war. But let’s try.

Who are the combatants?

Good question, and it’s impossible to know fully. We can safely say that Americans who love the Constitution and our country’s foundation of liberty would be one force in the fight. We’re at various stages of awareness with varying levels of ability to withstand the insanity of 5th generation warfare. We’re not just up against liberals. In fact, some liberals could be our allies on certain issues, such as cyber security. We’re not just up against Russia and China. In fact, Russia and China could be on the side of We The People, if we share the same enemies, such as Western central bankers. Are intelligence agencies and private corporations that have access to the data and the technology to conduct their own social engineering programs our enemies? Yup. Are those entities using the technology for good or ill? Bosnia was the testing ground. How do you get Muslims and Christians to keep from killing each other? How do you get conservatives and liberals to keep from killing each other? Same answer. You social engineer them … to death, if necessary.

What is social engineering?

People most often assume social engineering is a scammer gaining access to a company’s digital assets by tricking an employee to give them login credentials. However, that is not the full potential of “social engineering,” one of the most sophisticated weapons of 5th generation warfare. In 2013, then-President Barack Obama launched the Brain Activity Map (BAM) project. This map of the brain—which areas of the brain are responsible for which aspects of your physical, mental, and spiritual being—is now not only in the hands of government agencies, the military, and subcontractors, but also rogue corporations filled with former agency personnel with top security clearances. “They can watch the whole brain in action using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and other techniques,” write Stephanie Pappaps in a Live Science article from April 2, 2013. Note the “And other techniques.”

What are the weapons of 5th gen war?

One thing we can say about 5th generation warfare weaponry: Redundancies are covered in abundance. Everything is a weapon: billionaires buying social media platforms, central bankers pushing the perception that Bitcoin is bad only to have you use their cryptocurrency, food shortages, supply chain issues, pandemics, information warfare that devolves into perception warfare, surveillance, segments of society being whipped into violence. But above all these weaponized practices, are the weapons of surveillance and psychotronic experiments and targeting, because they have the ability to torture and enslave humanity on a scale not seen since the Holocaust. They are also so advanced that most people, even those people working within the fields but without direct “need to know” cannot understand the concepts or accept the existence of such weapons.

Here is how you will see some weapons of 5th generation warfare presented, in no particular order: psychotronic weapons, nano-technological weapons, genetic weapons, thermobaric weapons, directed energy weapons, lasers, particle beams, pulsed modulated microwave energy, “scalar wave” technology, remote neural monitoring, ultrasonic waves converted to acoustic waves, radar, bio-cybernetic communication, extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation, hive mind, brain cloning, and on and on. Is it any wonder the American public thinks this is all unobtainable science fiction? We need to educate ourselves about these highly complex weapons systems.

Havana Syndrome is only one example of what a directed energy weapons system can do. I actually heard a victim of Havana Syndrome—former CIA agent Marc Polymeropoulos—say in a Team House interview (see below) that it took concerted effort to get the CIA to acknowledge his very real brain injury from the directed energy attacks on U.S. agency personnel. However, he also said that we can’t put any credence in anything civilians say about being targets of directed energy weapons, because, you know, it’s just mass psychosis. Where does he think the test subjects came from that made those weapons? Yes, all those nobodies from all levels of social and economic strata both in America and abroad were and continue to be the guinea pigs of “mind-control” experiments starting before MKUltra and continuing up to today.

However, everyday citizens are not the only ones being targeted. Agency insiders and scientists are often targeted, and because of their technological, biological, and psychiatric expertise, are fast-tracked for torture and death so they cannot speak out or back up victims in court. For instance, NSA whistleblower William Binney and his wife, former particle physicist Dr. Katherine Horton, are victims of directed energy torture.

How do these weapons work?

We will explore different categories of energy weapons in future articles, but for now, what is most disconcerting is to understand that we as human beings are simply biological masses that can be manipulated with the sci-fi versions of cattle prods. It is scary to think that just by targeting certain areas of the brain, we can be made to do things we would not normally do. The theory goes that we would never do anything against our conscience, even under the influence of hypnosis, but the truth is, scientists have been working to override such roadblocks since right after World War II when approximately 1,600 Nazi scientists were absorbed into U.S. government research projects. Annie Jacobson writes about this topic in depth in her book, “Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientist to America.”

Here are just a few examples of what happens when certain areas of the brain are targeted. You can be made to lose weight because weight loss weakens you—or saves you from dying from COVID. The modern equivalent of so-called “psychic driving” can set you on a course to constantly learn new things, say through You Tube videos, so your brain can be repatterned—for better or worse. Or the trauma of being tortured creates openings for you to be reprogrammed—always for the worse. (Yes, your own house is the modern equivalent of the concentration camp.) The programs can push leftists toward the right and conservatives toward the left. They can interrupt sleep patterns or lower or raise libido levels, including forcing orgasms—which is rape. These programs can manipulate dreams and moral convictions or lack thereof. They can be used for good, but even if used for so-called moral or health-conscious purposes, the methods are still “inherently evil,” as one operator told me, because they are done without the informed consent of the patient.

At their worst, the programs can prompt you to make mistakes at work and lose your job, or fall in love with someone you wouldn’t want to fall in love with, or commit suicide from the depression, isolation, or torture—or shoot up a school. We now know through Tom O’Neill’s book “Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties” that the quest for a Manchurian candidate was successful long ago. Now a shooter can be whipped up whenever the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits is on the horizon. Vendors will pull out and attendees will skip the event and the NRA will lose more money and become less influential in the 2nd Amendment arena. And make no mistake, disarming the population is the No. 1 goal of tyrants. These weapons can also mimic heart attacks … or they can cook you from the inside out. On the “slow kill” program you could be tortured daily until you lose your ability to function.

It does not matter if you’re being “mobilized” by “friendlies” or taken out of the fight by the enemy, the people utilizing these weapons systems against Americans, or citizen anywhere in the world for that matter, are committing crimes against humanity and need to be stopped. It doesn’t matter if the torturer is a member of an alphabet agency, a government subcontractor, or someone nursing a grudge in their makeshift basement laboratory, it must stop. If you want to know why the NSA prefers to drown in data rather than actually stopping terrorists before they commit an attack, it’s so they can have the data to control people before they get too big, or eliminate people who know too much, or “influence” and “social engineer” people so they start a civil war or not start a civil war, depending on the goal of the handlers. Imagine being socially engineered by two conflicting AI machines! The intelligence community is indeed out of control. Meanwhile, your guilt can be weaponized, your anger can be weaponized, your skill set can be weaponized.

5th generation warfare is distinct from information war because trotting out Fact A and countering it with Fact B does not rile passions. “The news” is simply left leaning media outlets presenting propaganda, and right-leaning media outlets countering with different propaganda in an endless battle to irreparably separate the American people from each other—even on issues upon which they agree. Alternative sites that present truth, backed up by reputable sources, are the new media. 5th gen warfare is a battle for the perception of the mind because only in that way can people be impassioned enough to force changes in the institutions they love. People must have the truth in order to make wise choices. And if you and I love the military and the intelligence community, we need to have the strength of character to drum out of our ranks the people who think war crimes are acceptable. It doesn’t matter to the power structure which political side is in office because they control both sides and believe “the people” can never be mobilized enough to enact lasting change. If the masses do rise up, the elite crush their little Tea Party or Occupy Wallstreet. This may be a tolerable situation for those on the left, but for us on the right, it marks the end of everything we believe in: the Constitution, fair elections, a nation with secure borders, that nothing can come between us and our God.

Most tragically, the power elite can keep you focused on survival—food shortages, the high cost of gas, agricultural and pharmaceutical practices that make and keep you sick—so that you are too distracted and too tired to participate in a republic, a form of government that requires the constant vigilance of an ethically minded public. For all its non-kineticism, 5th generation warfare requires you be prepared for all types of warfare: biological, psychological, spiritual, and yes, kinetic. You cannot shoot a microwave, a sonic weapon, or an ionizing electromagnetic radiation frequency. If you know what all that means, you’re already in the fight. If you don’t, let’s start learning new things. It’s time to lead the way to free the oppressed.

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