Securing Our Elections

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The coming election of November 8 may well determine if we remain the land of the free and the home of the brave, or if we will become in fact another losing socialist country.

There is no serious question but that the last election on November 3, 2020 was stolen. We have been told repeatedly that that election was the most secure in history. However the facts are otherwise. Even by November 4 there were many reports of irregularities, and later many sworn statements of evident fraud in how the election was conducted.

The Democrats do not seem to care about their message. It is almost as though they know that no matter how the election may go they will be counting the vote, and it is the counting that really is important.

We need to be careful that patriotic, constitutional, pro-America Americans run for every office this year. This is what has kept us free, and this is what most Americans want, not just a carbon copy of what the Democrat leaders represent.

It is imperative that we take serious measures to be sure the next election is secure. Here are just a few things to consider.

  1. In person voter ID for every voter.
  2. Voter signatures checked in all cases.
  3. Clean voter lists. No dead voters, and none that have moved away.
  4. No vote drop boxes
  5. No general mail out ballots, and Absentee Ballots only for those who are truly unable to get to a poll location.
  6. Printed ballots: No machine voting.
  7. Votes counted in each precinct before forwarding totals to the clerk’s office.
  8. Poll watchers to insist on being close enough to be able to see what the poll workers also see. Poll workers may need body guards to insure that they are able to function as authorized by law.
  9. No pause allowed in counting of ballots, and all counting be finished by midnight.
  10. No ballots allowed to exist without supervision. If vote counting has to stop for any reason, two people, a Republican and a Democrat to stay with the ballots the entire time to insure they are secure.

It is important that all ballots are secure, that every eligible voter is able to vote, illegals do not vote, nor others who are not qualified to vote, and that the ballots are protected at every point in the election.

It is also just as important that we insure that those running for office truly want America to remain free. There are some who are determined to destroy America and make us into a socialist country, or even a democracy. We are a republic where the rights of the minorities are always protected.

America is free today because we have been vigilant. This next election may be the most important in our long history. We must protect our election and those who work to keep us free.

It is imperative that every American does what he can to insure the security of the next election. We are a free country today because of secure elections. We need to insure that the next election is really the most secure in history. Those within our country who seek to destroy us need to be removed from positions of influence, no matter what that may be. Our future will be determined by what happens over the next few months as we prepare for this momentous election.

Jim Hollingsworth has a masters in Biblical Studies from Pensacola Christian College. He has written four books: Climate Change: A Convenient Truth, Cortez: A Biography, The Ancient Culture of the Aztec Empire, and Abortion Compassion (A Pro-life book).

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1 thought on “Securing Our Elections”

  1. Very few laws have been added by the states that will insure that voter fraud is stopped, in time for the midterm elections. The problem the left will have for the midterms is complexity, but rest assured that they are working on that.

    If states don’t do all those things you suggest, well, and make sure those precinct workers are honest and not union school teachers and SEIU “volunteers”, and the counters will count honestly, it just won’t matter, anymore.

    Without honest, trustworthy people counting the votes, something more drastic may end up being required, and then, it is still in God’s hands.

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