Feminism Destroys The Black Family And Prevents Reunification

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When people gravitate towards an ideology, they do so because it satisfies what is missing inside themselves. What we tend to believe is all about what we find useful to move forward in life. The problem comes when we believe in the unbelievable or when we extend our personal beliefs into ideologies that only cares about the singular. Feminism as an ideology is exclusionary to who benefits from it and alters what the term “benefit” actually entails. Feminism uses terms like “strength” in order to get women to embark on behavior that is detrimental to their existence. They confuse women by having them believe that male nature is inherently bad but in order to succeed you must act like a man.

Feminism is an ideology that wants all the power but none of the criticisms, much like how they want women to be sexually promiscuous without the shame. Feminism claims to identify things that make women resent men but all it does is manufacture what is not there. It is an ideology that supports female paranoia as long as it embarks on the hatred of men.

The major lie that feminists tell their new members is that they are inherently victims and will always be victims. Most cults target people of a certain demographic to join their ranks as they are easier to manipulate. They purposely seek out people who have traumatic backgrounds like a broken home or being a survivor of abuse. These people don’t need convincing that they are victims, they just need to know who the perpetrator is. Feminism allows for victims to find their perpetrator and gives them the tool of ideological hatred to feed their victimhood.

The American black woman is the decision maker within the black community, as majority of black Americans grow up in their matriarchal world where the woman dictates our existence and the male counter balance has little to no voice. While holding all the power in our community, black women are simultaneously told that they are victims of a variety of -isms, so once a victim, always a victim. Many of the same black women grew up in broken homes, meaning, no father was around to show them what masculine love looks like or to demonstrate a healthy man-to-woman relationship. Without this early male presence, they will utilize any male attention as positive attention even if it’s from negative men. Once they create the life of attracting undesirable black men, feminism will help guide them down the victim-path of casting aspersions on all black men, including her own missing father.

For years there has been a major push for feminists to embrace black women in particular because of the power they have been holding within the black household for decades. On the other hand, black women have been looking for an ideological platform that excuses the negativity that they’ve grown up with and participate in. When a black woman is sexually promiscuous, it’s for empowerment. When a black woman aborts her black child, it’s her right. When she decides to birth the child of an undesirable man without promise of a relationship, it’s his fault. When she holds the burden of becoming the primary caregiver, it will be viewed as something that was inflicted upon her. At no point is the black woman at fault when feminism is the religion of choice; words like “responsibility” will not be in her vocabulary.

Feminism serves black women no favors nor does it actually empower them. Feminism harnesses their victimhood to another level, creating a dependency to having everyone else become responsible for their individual faults. Feminism victimizes the black female by telling her that she will never get better from her circumstance, so she must constantly embrace victimhood whenever she finds it useful. Feminism encourages black women to exert false masculine energy and reject true femininity so that they will continue to compete with any black man that she attempts to have a relationship with and increasing the likeliness of family separation. The black father is a threat to the matriarchal dominant power structure of the modern black family and feminists cannot have this power imbalance readjusted. The feminist view of the black father is that of a man that wants his power back but the reality is that we want our family back.

We are always quick to use terms like “victim blaming” when all we are doing is attempting to empower someone because not every person that claims to be a victim is one. Feminism requires victimhood in order to give its ideology legitimacy and black women are the perfect specimen. Feminism is blocking black women from understanding their power to individually change the state of black America rather than pointing their finger at someone else. Black women are being used for a greater political purpose, whether it be for votes or to help sway the opinions of a population of people since black women are the ones that are in charge.

The disappearance of fathers is not solely on the father for not being there. Women are the gatekeepers to reproduction, so they have the responsibility to decide who they have sex with and who will father their offspring. It is the responsibility of black women to choose black men that are desirable for a family instead of just their vaginal pleasure. Far too often black women are playing Russian roulette with their body all so they can have minutes of pleasure that hides their internal void.

Our behavior as a community is contributing to our own downfall and all we are doing is revictimizing ourselves. The black women that are allowing for broken black men to impregnate them are broken themselves. Many of these black women grew up in households without fathers and are confusing sexual attention with personal acceptance, and broken black men will give them momentary attention alongside permanent frustration. The black woman that grows up without her father tend to see men as optional and male opinion as a nuisance. Since a man did not serve any valid purpose during her childhood, she will decide that this is meant to be normal and have little to no desire to break this cycle.

These scenarios are common and can be seen by any black woman that doesn’t have feminism blocking her view. When you repeat that black men are trash, you are doing the bidding of feminism. When you talk negatively of the type of men that you are currently sexually involved with, you will likely befriend feminism to help you manufacture a scapegoat for your poor decisions. When you deflect all criticisms of your individual actions towards men, you are acting as a feminist. When you downplay the importance of the black father, you create more men like myself that struggled to become emotionally secure throughout their lives.

The anger many black women harness stems from the disappointment they have of their fathers who should have done more. I also understand what it is like for you to miss out on the most important male influence in your life, but the problem is that many of the black mothers bear zero fault by their daughters when in many situations the mothers played a pivotal role in his absence. Whether it is by bad mouthing their father, refusing to allow their father access, manufacturing lies about their father or creating a narrative within the family that paints the mother as a savior figure and the father as a devilish character. Feminists understand this complicated dynamic and so they are ready to manipulate any black woman that is willing to listen. The end result will be at minimum a passive disgust of black men and an expectation to be constantly disappointed by them.

The black woman has endured a lot throughout American history but she did not do it alone. The black woman’s pain has been felt by black men as well. The pain of not having fatherly love is a pain that black men are suffering from too but we are affected in a different way. Black women have allowed for an ideology to keep us apart when we need each other the most. Black men are not the enemy of black women, yet we are allowing for a Marxist ideology to create a frontline offense within our own homes. Black male criticism of black women comes from a place of love, respect and concern but we cannot keep pretending to not see the destruction of our families and discouragement of male voices within our own community from speaking up.

Feminist criticism of male behavior is for the purpose of hatred, male criticism of female behavior is for the purpose of peace. Fatherhood and Feminism does not blend and the quicker we realize this, the quicker our families will return to the mindset of victors instead of victims. If black women continue with the anti-male rhetoric, we will continue to sink with victimhood that anchors us to the bottom of American prosperity. Hatred only brings more hatred and the black man you hate today will be the black boy that you are raising tomorrow

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1 thought on “Feminism Destroys The Black Family And Prevents Reunification”

  1. In 1950, men had to be paid enough to support a family, or their employers couldn’t keep them; they had to look for something better, or the family would starve.

    By 1970, the feminists were telling women that they Could Have It All, and the workforce was a wonderful, wonderful thing, so women started entering the labor force in ever-larger numbers. All of a sudden, men did not have to be paid enough to support a family; men and women together had to be paid enough to support a family. We went from an economy in which a few women could work, if they wanted, to one in which women had to work outside the home for the family to survive.

    By 1990, women and blacks — who had also been excluded from good jobs — had flooded the labor force, and now employers had a much larger labor pool from which to recruit. And, as mechanization increased, fewer workers were needed. The supply vis a vis demand for workers had completely reversed.

    Of course, societal changes went with that. All of a sudden, men were not just working with other men, but with other men and women: the opportunities for adultery exploded. Now we had men and women in the workforce, with the men shelling out parts of their paychecks to child support, further adding to their need to find a second wife — or female roommate — to maintain a survivable lifestyle.

    The feminists? While some of them were now able to move into real careers, most women in the workforce just had jobs. Did feminism really help most women?

    As a friend of mine once put it, the sexual revolution is over, and the men won.


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