Do Conservatives Know Who Their Enemy Is?

Tucker Carlson is one of the most popular talk show hosts on television. Much as the left-wing media hates to admit it, that fact is undeniable. Not only is Carlson the most popular host in primetime out of ALL channels, but he has also remained atop the ratings list for years. If Rachel Madcow on MSNBC, or Don Lemonhead of CNN, were to pull that off by some diabolical miracle, the left-wing press would canonize them. By contrast, the left-wing media assiduously attempt to ignore Carlson, and when they are forced to acknowledge his existence, they routinely do so only while hurling insults of the basest sort; “racist”, “liar”, “homophobe”, “misogynist”!

Given that Tucker is a dedicated Constitutional conservative, one would think that main street conservatives and conservative political leaders would rally around him, but they do not. As with Trump, though admittedly to a much smaller degree, many conservative Republicans avoid Carlson because they feel he is too combative. Sound familiar? It should, because that is the charge that democrats and the media routinely hurl at any Republican who dares to fight for conservative principles.

As a conservative, one gets used to having epithets spewed at oneself and other conservatives by slobbering, hate-filled, barely articulate moonbats. In almost all cases the screamers are liberals, typically with a BLM yard sign on prominent display and a rainbow flag hanging on their house. As liberals blow spittle while ranting about the need for tolerance on the part of white supremacist, Republican scum, conservatives generally back away shaking their heads at the irrational berserker confronting them. That is because conservatives long assumed that the ranting fools were an outlier and were screaming beliefs and opinions much at odds with the views of mainstream Democrats and liberals.

That is not the case. National Democrat leaders are saying the same kinds of things that the screamers are. Maxine Watters told rioters to stay in the streets during the 2020 riots, and encouraged demonstrators protesting the shooting of Dante Wright to ignore curfews and continue to demonstrate. Chuck Schumer openly threatened sitting Supreme Court Justices.

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Roe v Wade decision, Democrats took to calling the SCOTUS “illegitimate”, and a crazed left-wing zealot attempted to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh. You may not have heard of that attempt, but it happened. Now, imagine if a right-wing fanatic tried to assassinate one of the liberal females on the court. The media would go crazy on the story for years, and the Congress would start a January 6th style show trial and that would run 24/7 forever. Clearly, the left wing of the electorate and the leadership of Democrat party are more than happy to be combative, including engaging in criminal violence with the encouragement of Democrat leaders. Moreover, that violence is ignored, excused, or complimented by the left-wing media and the GOP leadership.

So, why are Republicans willing to attack conservative leaders, voters, and media figures for criticizing the Democrats when Democrats do far worse things to advance their agenda? Almost unbelievably, the argument that is most popular with RINOs and sunshine conservatives, and is used by the media as well, is that for conservatives to assertively defend their principles is divisive. Oh MY!!! What can we do about these divisive conservatives saying they want to keep the rights guaranteed them by the Constitution?

Now we hear conservatives saying they want to keep their earnings and not pay reparations?!?! Plainly, they are racists!! Conservatives do not want to send $1 trillion to Ukraine? Obviously, they are xenophobic!!!They want to stop pregnant women from killing the own babies? Undeniably, they are misogynistic! Is the game getting clearer? No matter what a conservative Republican says in opposition to a Democrat policy or platform item, they will be labelled as divisive, hateful, and racist. What that means is the Republicans and conservatives are going to have to fight fire with fire and be just as forceful as Democrats in pushing for conservative policies and laws.

Mitt Romney proved when he lost to Barack Obama that being a bipartisan sellout does not work. Not only did Romney fail to spur conservative voters, but he also turned away moderates and looked like a spineless wimp when Obama called him a liar during a national TV debate. Romney just smiled pleasantly and did not even deny the allegation. Not a single mainstream media outlet criticized Obama for being divisive or failing to be bipartisan.

Those requirements only exist for conservative Republicans. Conservatives cannot afford to be cowed or cajoled into being polite when Democrats are attacking them. They must fight back fearlessly, and if necessary, angrily and insultingly. The Democrats have been doing it for years without being provoked by unseemly behavior or attacks on the part of Republicans.

Many Republicans who are spineless in political battles with Democrats are also TDS infected Republicans. They hate Trump for being combative and partisan, and they fear more than anything else that they will be labelled as being like Trump by RINOs and enemies of Trump. Orange man BAD!! They fancy themselves as Mitt Romney types who can have muck piled on them by Democrat slanders and have voters love them anyway.

In their minds, they are polite and wonderful to the point that no one will notice the muck thrown on them by liberals, therefore they do not need to explain it or wash it off. That is NOT how life works! If one looks dirty, people will assume one is a dirty person. If you do not acknowledge it or attempt to clean it off, they will assume you like being dirty. The old saying was. “Them’s fightin’ words!” Republicans need to decide what that list of words is and start acting as if they will fight for them.

Bipartisanship with the current crop of Democrat leaders is a fool’s game. They have no desire for compromise. They believe only in brute political force, including mobilizing the federal bureaucracy and the courts against their political opponents. The January 6th committee is a perfect example. Joe Stalin never ran a more perfect kangaroo court show trial. If conservatives think that reasoned debate and an appeal to common values and morals will persuade corrupt zealots like Adam Schiff, Sandy Cortez, Jerry Nadler, Liz Cheney, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi, they are naïve to the point of stupidity. Liberals hate the Constitution, white, Christian, heterosexual, middle class, unborn, and married Americans, and the American Republic.

They have made no bones about it and prominent liberal Americans love to bash this nation. From Al Sharpton, to Rosie O’Donnell, to that obese millionaire named Michael who makes propaganda films for Cuba, to the ultimate symbol of bigoted ignorance, Lebron James, liberals can be counted to spew hatred of America.

Why should conservatives care about getting along with them? The Democrats are waging a scorched earth campaign in pursuit of what they want, and spinless Republicans keep trying to invite them to political picnics for kumbaya moments. The only thing Democrats will do at a political picnic is eat the Republicans’ lunches.

All Republicans must admit that they are in a political war that will determine the fate of this nation. Rather than attacking other conservatives who are effectively taking the fight to the Democrats, they need to support those political warriors and wade into the fray themselves in every venue where America and the Constitution are under attack. Clucking the tongues over how rude Tucker is, or mean Trump is, or divisive DeSantis is, is utter nonsense and a recipe for defeat and the end of our Republic. The history of the country is not currently being taught well in our educational system, but it is a rich and admirable story, one of which every American of any background can be proud.

At this time in our history, conservatives would do well to hearken to these words and draw strength and guidance from them:

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated” – Thomas Paine, The Crisis

The political arena is fraught with hardship and difficulties, but if conservatives refuse to step up to the fight with a fierceness and determination equal to those who oppose everything they hold dear, conservatives will lose everything they hold dear. The victory is worth the fight.

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10 thoughts on “Do Conservatives Know Who Their Enemy Is?”

    • Sadly, I have seen sissies in dresses with more fight in them than Willard M. Romney, Addison Mitchell McConnell and the rest of the Conservative Inc. Establishment COMBINED.

      Seriously, if they put even TEN PERCENT as much effort into opposing the D’s as they do opposing us, we’d already have a secure Border, Nationwide Carry, commonsense suppressor reform if not a full-on repeal of NFA, school choice everywhere…

  1. “As a conservative, one gets used to having epithets spewed at oneself and other conservatives by slobbering, hate-filled, barely articulate moonbats.”
    We need to consider ourselves blessed that the other side can’t use anything, other than that. as their argument. What’s that saying? When you’re getting that kind of response it means you’re over the target.
    It’s also why the left has decided it is easier to poll their resources to cheating in elections, because they know their views are not even close to what Americans want, or expect.

    We’ve always been our own worst enemy. There are two or three countering sets of viewpoints under our tent, and all claim the same thing, that they are conservatives. That’s a real problem. Does anyone really believe that Mitch McConnell is a real conservative? Another point is that conservatism is practiced in a very bastardized form among the crowd of Republicans. The controlling word that harms us is the word “compromise”.
    Another old saying, When you compromise between good and evil, evil always wins.

    I like Tucker, also. He shines light on a lot of our problems. We should take more heed and deal with it.

    • The fact that Tucker Carlson has to try ratings tells me there’s lots of Americans who think like we do. We just have to harness that political power and focus it on a few key issues that can turn this tied. We certainly can’t count on the Republican party leader ship to do it. They are corrupt and sold out.


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