Who was John Wayne? by Citizen Writer, Joe Heaton

Who was John Wayne. Marion Robert Morrison. John Wayne. He was an idea. In most of his movies, he portrayed a gruff and tough hero. The Searchers. The Sands of Iwo Jima. The original True Grit. Great movies, all. He was a man of honor who had his struggles. He was tough as nails, but he had a heart. He used his toughness and his heart to take care of others, even sometimes when they thought he was just being mean. I grew up watching John Wayne movies.

In the mid-2000s was the first time I became aware of an anti-John Wayne campaign. I was in Monterey, California, enrolled in grad school. Some of the other graduate students either didn’t know that I had infiltrated their world, or they thought they could convert me. I do not know which. I do know that they were blasting the John Wayne mentality by name. They called it “toxic masculinity.” It was a new term to me at the time. They were telling me that the cultural standard-bearer at the time for how to be a man, with grace and honor and as the title says, true grit, is “toxic?” That is the standard – the ideal – the goal. That is not toxic. The problem is that they were timid people, and they didn’t know how to process and understand the protectors. 

There was a book that I once read. I do not remember the name of the book or the author in this case. I just remember the preface. The preface was about the warrior class not being tolerated or respected in society. Exiled from society. And then when the day comes when the society is under threat, those who exiled them beg for their protection. Out of honor or strength or compassion or merely relishing in the new adventure, the warrior class responds. And when the fight is over, the timid ones place them back into exile. And while the warriors do not like it, they accept it, because they love the people who hate them.

Those graduate students went on to careers, and some of them became teachers. Professors. They have made careers of not teaching, but of spreading their ideas. There is a difference. When you teach, you are working with facts. When you spread your ideas, you are working with opinions. 

Opinions are important. The problem is that some teachers tend to treat their opinions as facts. It is the height of arrogance. They say that they have a “discovery” when they only have an idea. Then, from their position of authority with a PhD or whatever, they indoctrinate other people’s kids to be their disciples. It is not about questioning everything, which is the primary thought that I have always held as the key to education. It is about coming to the “right” conclusion, as judged by the professor. “John Wayne is bad, and that is toxic masculinity. Get used to it.” I make a distinction between “schooling” and “education.” They don’t. 

Schooling is when they teach you what to think. Education is when they teach you how to think. There are professors and teachers of both types. But those who are trying to school, not educate, their students have no business standing behind that podium. 

I make a clear and obvious distinction for the schooling of our elementary school teachers when they teach facts. Math. Basic science. Grammar. That is schooling. Dealing in facts. The problem is that more and more, teachers are teaching opinions as facts. They are trying to replace the parents.

I will 100% teach my kids that skin color doesn’t matter, you’re not a victim, murdering babies is wrong, and yes, you actually are a girl or a boy. A teacher who tries to “school” my children into the lies of their opinions, including CRT ideas or gender studies bullshit, will receive — let’s just say serious pushback. I am the parent. They are not your kids. Hillary Clinton was full of shit when she said that “it takes a village.” It takes a Family.

And some families live to protect the families of those trying to corrupt our kids. When they need us, they call us and beg us to save them. Then they put us into exile and try to corrupt our kids to make them the same honorless herbivores that they are.

Some. Not all, by any means. There are many great teachers and professors. I have had quite a few. This is for those teachers and professors who would turn my kids against the truth, reality, and use their platform to indoctrinate kids.

Thrones and clones. It is a risk. Some of those on a throne (in this case teachers) do it specifically for the purpose of producing clones. Not your job, asshole. You will exile my kids. And then they will still come save your ass when you are in a time of need.

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