Healing from PTSD in a 5th Generation War

LTC Michael Aquino is named in Cathy O'Brien's book as someone involved in her torture, rape, and mind-control programing as a victim of Project Monarch. (Public domain photo / Wikimedia Commons).
LTC Michael Aquino (1946-2019) was a U.S. Army officer specializing in psychological warfare. He served in Vietnam and became a lieutenant colonel while in military intelligence. He was an ordained satanic priest, but author Cathy O’Brien states in her book “TRANCE Formation of America” that he didn’t believe in satanism or any other religion. He did believe that his participation in the occult lent fear and believability to his torturing of Project Monarch mind-control victims. (Public domain photo / Wikimedia Commons)

Wars are not won or lost by military might. They are won or lost on perception. More than half of adult Americans know that the mainstream media is lying to them and has been lying to them for a very long time—60 years minimum. The other half does it’s best to discredit anyone who presents information that bucks the mainstream lie. Those few braves souls who stand up and say, “Wait a minute. That’s wrong,” lose everything: their fortunes, sometimes their lives, and most certainly their sacred honor. Everything they say or write is instantly labeled as a “conspiracy theory,” so that normal everyday Americans will dismiss what they’re trying to tell us as unreliable, unsubstantiated, and delusional. Whenever the C-word is used or implied—and by that, I mean “crazy”—human beings naturally distance themselves for fear that, by association, they too will be deemed insane. This is why one of the commandments—its number varies by denomination—is to not “bear false witness” against our neighbors. We cannot lie about each other: in court, in print or visual media, or in our speech. As Patriots, we constantly need to be researching our sources, and when we find information that makes us leery, we need to determine who is being truthful. Sometimes is boils down to doing your homework and going with your gut.

Project MKUltra happened. That is a fact. Our government, mainly under the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), conducted mind-control experiments on often unwitting victims, officially from 1953 to 1973. One thing that is crucial to understand is that these research projects were more likely to receive funding if there was both a national defense and civilian application to the proposed experiment. The happy-sounding medical advancement for society provided cover for the more nefarious military goals. The aim of MKUltra was to develop a Manchurian candidate, someone who could be controlled from afar to do something against their conscience and often without memory of what they’d done. Most reporting on the subject emphasizes the program’s focus on chemically altering the subject through drugs such as LSD. When the program was officially shut down, all records except the financial ones that were misfiled were destroyed and the principals “admitted” that it was all a waste of time. LSD produced too unpredictable a reaction in most subjects. Pay close attention when “confessions” like this come up. People who would slip people LSD mickeys, display no compunction about lying. Not only did the experiments never end and continue to this day, but one project in particular, Monarch, remains classified for reasons of national security. The victims of Project Monarch who were brave enough to testify during the Church Committee hearings in 1975 survived nightmares that we only now are truly beginning to understand.

Men, women, and children, but mostly women and children, were subjected to systematic ritualized trauma-based mind-control programming under Monarch. It is perhaps fitting that the veteran community has not only seen and experienced enough terror to begin to understand, but it can also benefit from the scientific findings to heal and deprogram ourselves and our fellow man—afterall, the military is the master of trauma-based mind control. Stick with me, here. What is basic training, if not a mental and physical shock-and-awe system designed to break down the individual and build them back up. The difference is the military is first and foremost, all-volunteer. You sign up; you agree; you don’t know everything coming at you, but you have a pretty good idea. You know it will be hard, but you will be a better man or woman at the end of it. If you face combat, you will experience “blood trauma” similar to what is used to program women and children as sex slaves, diplomatic couriers, and drug runners for black ops funding. Whereas the veteran is able to be in the physical presence of men he trusts downrange and eventually back to his family, the Monarch victim has nobody in their lives who is not manipulating them. The human mind is more easily led after trauma. For the veteran, that means the slow and controlled reintegration with people who love us and a community that desperately needs and wants our contributions is crucial to our healing. The Monarch victim faces only more rape, more torture, more ritualized murder before their eyes, and eventually, when they reach their 30s: death. Apparently, the brain changes as we age, and the dependability of mind control begins to wane. In the minds of psychopaths, women pushing 30 are too old to satisfy the proclivities of the perverse, and what if they talk? It’s too risky, so the vast majority are killed. And, by the way, they groom the next generation in the womb through the use of harmonics.

Enter the fairytale story of Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien. You know, the one where the mind sciences spook with half a conscience, says to himself, What on earth is happening here? He thought Cathy was dumb when he first met her, but he decided he would try to help her and her daughter escape. They’re lives were threatened, his savings of over a million was confiscated, and despite what turned into over 25 years of constantly speaking out, their story never reached the consciousness of the greater American public. People have tried to discredit them. They say that the powers behind Project Monarch allowed them to escape for purposes of discrediting their story, or that Mark was just another handler for Cathy. They say he lies. I’ve watched him speak and give interviews and it seems to me like he’s constantly running calculations in his head about what he can and cannot say in order to avoid jail since he’s under a non-disclosure agreement and the Monarch program remains classified and cannot be discussed due to “reasons of national security.” Men, if we’re allowing national security to be used as a means of hiding crimes against humanity, we’re in trouble. You want to hide a holographic naval fleet for reasons of national security, have at it. You want to hide rape, torture, and mind control for reasons of national security because you like shooting people in front of children or carving on their private parts, then you’ve got another thing coming.

The Phillips-O’Brien marriage produced three books. “The TRANCE Formation of America” was compiled from the couple’s testimony for the U.S. Congressional Permanent Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight. In accordance with the authors’ guidelines on healing from PTSD, this is not the book a Monarch survivor should start with because it could easily retraumatize the reader due to its horrific detail. (Similarly, veterans might want to lay off the war books and podcasts until they regain their footing.) The couple’s second book is “Access Denied for Reasons of National Security” and tells the story of how Mark’s expertise and steadfastness and Cathy’s spirit and determination brought love and healing to their lives as they continued to speak out as U.S. government whistleblowers. The techniques revealed in “Access Denied” differ significantly from what the majority of unaware psychiatric and psychological professionals promote. These keys to the mind were so pivotal that Mark and Cathy republished them by themselves in a slim book that is quick and easy to read called “PTSD: Time to Heal.” If you think these two spun a web to sell books and make millions, you’d be mistaken. Selling books doesn’t make you money until you reach celebrity level, and this story is always being squelched and ridiculed as fantasy. If you are interested, purchase directly from the TRANCE Formation of America website.

When Mark realized he was in over his head, he made a few calls to friends who could only help by secreting to him the protocols for deprogramming Cathy. Here are few to get you started.

  1. That thing on your wrist is not there to make you look like a badass. It’s not there to sell when you need a quick few grand to escape some third-world hellhole. OK, maybe it is those things, but your watch is for telling time. Trauma causes time gaps. You know, the gunfight that lasts an hour…or was it six? If someone is locked in a dark room, deprived of sleep and meals, they have no idea what time of day it is. This is done on purpose to make compliance easier. Wear a watch and look at it. Your phone is not a substitute. The brain science here is to reconnect to your consciousness. Monarch victims have been programmed in their subconscious where there are no conscious defenses. This is an important exercise in reconnecting with your conscious awareness of time and place.
  2. Write—do not speak—about everything you remember. This may seem contrary to what the psychiatric industry is telling you, but even from the layman’s perspective, it makes perfect sense. Speaking the trauma retraumatizes the survivor. Telling and listening to too many war stories before you’re ready can prolong the PTSD recovery. Write down by hand—not by typing—everything you can remember about the incident(s). A therapist can help here by asking non-leading questions. “How did that make you feel?” is not only an insulting, it’s leading and unhelpful. The whole point of the exercise is to divorce your feelings from the facts of what happened; writing forces rationality in the midst of remembering highly emotional events. Detail everything you can remember about who, what, when, where and why, about the five senses, about time, season, year. It’s all about getting the story out of your brain. Then put it away for three weeks and reread it. Is there anything that doesn’t ring true? Anything that could be part of your buddy’s story, but not part of your own? What happens is that anything that may be inaccurate to your truth will reveal itself as being somewhat off. That way you pare away anything that you didn’t directly experience. For Monarch survivors this is pivotal since so often movies, music, and fake settings are used in their abusive programming. Then and only then should you share it with someone else you trust and only if they ask and you grant permission.
  3. Obviously, healing can’t commence for the Monarch survivor if they still have any contact with their abuse base, which could be incest-based family members, handlers, owners, rapists or programmers. For the veteran, it could be that the brain is beautifully made and it’s trying to protect you by craving peace, quiet, and alone time. Total isolation is unhealthy but allowing yourself a season of solitude or away from your buddies, who may also be healing, is not something we need to be ashamed of. This doesn’t mean we don’t check on each other but each person is different and most of us don’t need or want to be in crowds, and that’s OK. That’s not permission to watch TV mindlessly, but time to do something you always wanted to do, like a hobby or craft, or like spending one-on-one time with family members or friends.
  4. Always carry a notebook and pen. When triggers come up or there are flashes of memory, stop and immediately write down the basics. You can tug on the thread later; just get enough down on paper so that you remember where to start writing when you have time and space to do so. Turn off the cell phone. Some tones are used as triggers for mind-controlled people. Your brain will be busy remembering and writing it all down; it doesn’t need interruptions, music, or aromatherapy. (Fragrances are strong triggers and, on a health aside, they’re also endocrine system disruptors. So lay off the Cordite and Cigar Smoke candle.)
  5. Good food, mindfully eaten instead of inhaled in a daze, proper hydration, good sleep practices, are all essential. Whether you opt for vitamins, supplements, and/or cannabis, is your choice, but do stay away from aspartame because of the negative affects it has on the brain. (The chemicals in processed foods, health and beauty products, and cleaning supplies are meant to dumb you down and damage your brain, leaving it more susceptible to control.)

There is more in “PTSD: Time to Heal” that is specifically related to deprogramming the program that controls the Monarch survivor’s brain, but is also used within the Special Forces community, such as for controlling involuntary bodily system to slow bleeding. Be aware that neural linguistic programming was used in Monarch, therefore, every possible word, song lyric, or movie line could be loaded with double meaning. For instance, a sign that reads Service Entrance will be enunciated as Serve-us En-trance in order to subliminally threaten or trigger the human slave into obeying. Remember the mind-controlled person has no conscious defenses; they operate on their subconscious due to the incessant trauma. The extremes of daily physical stress, torture, rape, electric shock, and the shock of being forced to watch murder, rape, and maiming of others, causes the brain to seek to protect by fragmenting off certain characteristics of the person so they can function however normally when not being used by their abusers. This used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder but is now referred to as Disassociated Identity Disorder. Envision a pie. The numerous pie wedges of brain come together in the middle and the survivor uses writing to pull the thread of a memory and thereby tear down one wall between two sections of the pie. Repeating this process with each memory flash that occurs—jotting a quick note and writing about it in full in peace and quiet later—will eventually unite all walled off sections of the brain and reunite the parts of the person’s brain.

Cathy was motivated to work hard by a second chance at a life and a life with someone who loved her. Mark wisely held off on intimate relations until Cathy not only regained her memory but had time and space to develop her own personality. That woman was hardly dumb, but smart, poised, and brave, determined to awaken the American public to what was and continues to go on in the upper reaches of our once most-respected institutions: the military, the government, the church. Mark fell in love and the rest is history.

If you want all three of the Phillips-O’Brien books, purchase off the TRANCE Formation of America website so that you can get the discount. Cathy will sign the books for you. Mark passed away in 2021. He was a smoker, but I can only imagine what kinds of directed energy weapons they may have been using on him. You can also see their story portrayed in “Trance: Mind Control, Human Slavery and Healing the Nation” (filmed after Mark’s death) at trance.movie for $4.99 and in “Mind Control: American Trance” (2018) for $3.99 through Amazon.

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