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“We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.





Greetings my fellow Americans!

As time continues to edge closer to the next national election, it hopefully comes as little surprise to our regular readers that both the political rhetoric and shenanigans are again ramping up, no doubt to ensure the throes of emotion are sufficiently inflamed in the general voting (and generally ignorant) public to compel and/or manufacture the desired results, often to the later regret of the governed (which is why pure democracies have always ultimately failed). In particular, and though a bit more subtle and less protracted than 2020, the specter of another reason to not require people to be physically present, on the actual day of the election, with a verified form of ID in hand, is emerging.

I have generally tuned out of nearly all of the so-called “mainstream media” news, entertainment and social outlets, but do occasionally hear second-, third-, etc. hand feeds highlighting the latest health, safety and/or security threat designed to instill fear and submission into the populace. I’ve also been witnessing a gradual rise in the numbers of others again donning masks in grocery stores, restaurants, walking outdoors, and even driving alone in their cars. And, again, while it is—at least so far—nowhere near the levels of 2020, I can’t help but presume that the timing is no less coincidental as consequential elections draw near.

That this well is being dipped into again is also not surprising, given that nobody involved in the last electoral debacle (short of those who dared to exercise their explicit First Amendment right “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” on 1/6/21) have been called to account for any of the obvious irregularities therein, nor those responsible for the abominable and harmful mandates, policies, chemicals, and the like in response to the purported health crisis which served as the backdrop for the aforementioned debacle. And while it is mildly encouraging to see fewer people falling immediate prey to this latest round of fearmongering, I also can’t help but wonder how much of a push toward the cliff of abject fear, panic, anger, etc., it will take to return us to similar, if not deeper, levels of submission should something as-yet unknown be pulled out of the bag of crises to seriously disrupt, and corrupt, this year’s elections.

It’s become increasingly obvious, for at least the last two years, that we are the subjects of a coordinated psyop to induce the “house divided” of which President Lincoln once bemoaned as well as prompting ever-increasing reliance on government and media for guidance on “what to think.” While I think the case could easily be made that this propaganda-based cold war began much longer ago, the consequences of it have been most strikingly evidenced in the last two calendar cycles, and that the inciting of negative emotions upon which those waging it generally rely seems most heavily concentrated around elections.

While I hope and pray that recent revelations of (supposedly) quadruple-jabbed Anthony Fauci still contracting COVID-19 and of the subversive tyrannical agenda of never-before-in-charge-of-anything-in-the-real-world Deborah Birx vis-à-vis her own book may organically wake more people up to the fact that they need to stop blindly trusting their government, we (and those in government who have not yet been corrupted) need to sound the clarion call to what’s going on here. I think we may still have an opportunity to beat this back peaceably if enough of us are willing to simply say “no” to new mandates, and confront those who seek the destruction of our republic through anti-American propaganda and radical ideas which serve no other purpose than the eventual dissolution of our society and civilization. There needs to be action taken at the local levels to ensure that our elections reflect the true will of the people, and that that will is not unduly clouded by misinformation and emotion. Those whom we elect (or re-elect) need to know that they will be held accountable, and that there are enough of us still around to impose negative consequences upon them if choose not to properly represent us in the offices they seek. And we need to shut off “the news.”


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3 thoughts on “Seriously?”

  1. “Those whom we elect (or re-elect) need to know that they will be held accountable, and that there are enough of us still around to impose negative consequences upon them if choose not to properly represent us in the offices they seek.”

    Unfortunately, some of those need a 5 inch barrel of a ,45 ACP stuck up their nose, as a reminder who they are supposed to work for. Even those on our side, on too many occasions.


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