The Good Samaritan aka: Good Guy With A Gun

If you heard about the recent shooting in a suburb of Indianapolis, maybe you didn’t, a young man with his constitutional carry firearm, which is something that just passed in the state of Indiana, was faced with an active shooter who was armed to the teeth, killed four people, so far, and was shot by the good guy with the gun. They call him a Good Samaritan.

Interestingly, the national media put up their cone of silence. Well, you should know why. The resolve and actions of the constitutional carrying individual saved many lives, and in the process, blew up all of the narrative and agenda of the gun grabbing crowd.

Indiana has a “Red Flag” law. No one saw this killer coming, so red flags were not cast for anyone to notice. Waiting limits on purchasing firearms were not an issue because the criminal purchased them one month and one year prior to his act. Indiana also has a similar law, like my state, that, unless you are asked to leave a premises, you can carry right past the “No guns allowed” sign, except in certain places, like government buildings. And the firearms were all legally purchased.

The media, in their usual way of spinning things, made hay about the policy of the mall owners, from their website, by saying their policy is no firearms allowed, making it appear that it was the good guy with the gun who broke laws, when the criminal is barely mentioned as someone who saved lives. The mayor and the police chief of the community said praise about the individual and how he conducted himself, in the face of potential deadly harm. Yeh, the media, not so much. The problem is in the media. The local media was having trouble saying anything good about the good guy with the gun, even while the mayor and police chief were.

The media, Reuters, AP and others, bent over backwards, did back flips and somersaults to diminish the importance of what this good guy with a gun did. At least one writer I saw flat out lied, using statistics about gun violence, stating incorrect statistics about gun use, and used no examples to back their BS up. Since I don’t watch network news, someone else will have to tell me how much the big three and the little two(MSNBC and CNN) covered this, but I’ll bet it was kept well in the dark.

I think they didn’t cover it, to the extent and accuracy it should be covered, because in the face of dark things happening, some people do rise to the occasion and display courage and resolve.

Only cowards would want this story to be covered up. Those same cowards who wish to take guns out of our hands. Cowards, like the media, didn’t have a camera on a young man who acted bravely. Can you imagine how the media would spin this story if their cameras were on? It would be ugly.

Wat this incident reveals is that not a single gun law would have prevented this from happening. But a good guy with a gun did. That should tell you a lot about gun control, and what it is really about. You don’t have to read it from Mao’s Little Red Book to know

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