The Military and Child Molestation: Holding Our Own Accountable in This 5 Gen War

LTC Michael Aquino and his wife Lilith. Aquino was a practicing satanist, but whether he actually believed in it or used it for his role as mind-control and rape of women and children only he knows. (Public domain photo / Wikimedia Commons)

Ever hear the saying that all executives or people in positions of leadership are psychopaths? I’ve known plenty of people in positions of authority who are not social deviants, not even close. Apparently, I don’t know any who are high enough up the ladder. What the majority of us know is that drive, creativity, business acumen, and leadership is in no way psychopathic. Accomplishing the mission is not a psychiatric disorder! However, I finally heard the study of human systems described in a way that makes sense. Dr. Katherine Horton, a particle physicist and wife of Bill Binney, NSA whistleblower, explains in a series of YouTube videos how the longer an organization is in existence, the more likely, just in accordance with probability, that a psychopath will enter its ranks. Due to their ability to mimic what is successful to the outer world, they are likely to attain positions of authority. Over time, many years, decades even, these people surround themselves with new hires that are just like themselves. As normal people are exposed to budding corruption or immorality, one of three things happens. They quit because they don’t want to be associated with unethical behavior, they hold the line but are blocked from advancement, or they stay and succumb to the corruption.

That sounds like our present-day institutions, most notably our officer corps. How many lieutenant colonels spoke out against the travesty of the Afghanistan pullout, exposed the rise of perfectly healthy service members developing heart conditions post-vaccination, or resisted the forced vaccine mandates? Plenty, because they knew they either couldn’t live with themselves if they didn’t or that they’d never advance beyond colonel. They were brave enough to put their careers and their livelihoods on the line, and they paid the price. I salute them. But what happens if situations like that occur over and over again, decade after decade? Good men are drummed out of the services instead of the ones who deserve it. Inept general officers who face zero consequence for their inactions is one thing, but a corrupted system whereby child molesters are promoting and covering for each other is something entirely different. The question is, can we of the current and former enlisted and lower-grade officer ranks, push hard enough to pressure the change that needs to happen to reboot our military and the country? More than a few good men are needed to push back on this abomination that is rotting the greatest armed force on earth.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take the example of LTC Michael A. Aquino. He’s an easy mark because if the interwebs are correct, he died Sept. 19, 2018 or ′19 at 72 or 73 years of age. Aquino began his military career in 1967 or 1968, fittingly, with a two-year stint under the Central Intelligence Agency’s Phoenix Program (1967-1972). The goal of the operation was to neutralize the civilian support structure of the Viet Cong. The means used included terror, torture, and assassination. Close to 82,000 Viet Cong sympathizers were taken out of the fight, with over 26,000 being killed and close to 3,500 of those being assassinated. As a 21-year-old psychological warfare “specialist”—I’m assuming reporters covering this subject are referring to the specialty and not the rank, but it is conceivable that Aquino may have entered the army as a specialist because he received his B.A. from University of California Santa Barbara at approximately the same time as he enlisted. The one-time Eagle Scout and perpetual badge hunter was undoubtedly marked by the trauma he inflicted through the Phoenix Program. In fact, it was during this time that he struck up a correspondence with Anton LeVay, founder of the Church of Satan.

Like others, I question whether Aquino was truly a satanist or whether he was looking for pointers from LeVay to apply to the job of terrorize Viet Cong sympathizers. LeVay, afterall, was the consummate showman. The thing about psychological warfare is that the whole point is to ravage the mind of the victim by maligning their perception of everything they think and know. The goal is to confuse, shame, and ridicule, and the freaks—yes, I said it—who practice it are just getting warmed up with those entry-level tactics. Even if the self-assumed badass ghosts wear white hats and want to save the world for our Lord and Savior, psywar is inherently evil because it uses deceit and manipulation and works its way through abuse, torture, and death—all tools of the devil. There is nothing benign or righteous about it. It’s inherently evil. Into this “profession” is the fact that Aquino camped it up to the extreme. Eddie Munster would envy his widow’s peak, and he waxed the hairs of his mid eyebrows upward into horn-like projections. This was old-school, before the days when you could genetically alter yourself with horns. Although looking the part of an incel (involuntary celibate), he married a woman named…wait for it…Lilith. (Come on!) Lilith is the female demon of the night, a voracious and unceasing huntress of prey. Oh, and they had lots of cats. Their lives seem more like an overacted play. But the best place to hide is in plain sight, right? I’m not saying Aquino didn’t acquire a taste for the evils he perpetrated in while in countr, but I’m also willing to bet that some of his schtick played to a very specific audience: vulnerable and trusting women and children whom he frightened into doing what he wanted.

Let’s scan his “I love me” wall from his Amazon author page. He has written numerous books on satanic worship and psychological operations—wait, I repeat myself.

Military Education:

  • Graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University
  • Defense Intelligence College, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
  • Foreign Service Institute, Department of State
  • S. Army Special Warfare Center (Special Forces (“Green Beret”)/Psychological Operations/Civil Affairs/Foreign Area Officer)
  • S. Army Command & General Staff College
  • S. Army Intelligence School
  • S. Army Space Institute


  • Bronze Star
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Air Medal
  • Army Commendation Medal (3 awards)
  • Special Forces Tab
  • Parachutist Badge
  • USAF Space & Missile Badge
  • Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross
  • Psychological Warfare Medal (First Class)
  • Air Service Medal (Honor Grade)

Academic credentials:

  • A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration from George Washington University
  • Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Golden Gate University

Nothing on how he was commissioned? I did stumble upon him being in charge of reserve training, so maybe that tells us something.

According to Wikispooks, David McGowan was an “investigative journalist, author, and Internet activist.” He is perhaps best known as being the first—within a day—to deliver a thorough and skeptical treatise bucking the official 9/11 narrative. He wrote on the occult, MKUltra, programmed killers, and coined the term pedophocracy in reference to the elite’s penchant for ritually and sexually abusing children for their own gratification and to control each other through blackmail. Regardless of what you may think of his body of work, he wrote an detailed and well-referenced six-part series of articles called “The Pedophocracy.” I bring your attention to Part III, entitled “Uncle Sam Wants Your Children.”

It’s extremely challenging for the majority of veterans to believe that widespread, systemic ritualized child abuse is going on in and around military bases. We never saw it. Our minds can’t process that depth of evil in our midst. Our experiences consisted of the horrors of combat intermingled with the love and laughter of intensely forged human connectedness. Or, if we didn’t serve in wartime, we lived from one physical challenge to the next at the peak of our strength, strove to do our best, respected the best from our ranks, and made lifelong friends. Good people do not look for evil, especially not evil that permeates something we love so deeply. Oh, we may wrestle with our own demons, but we tell ourselves, “At least I’m not a child molester.” But the hardest pill for a Christian to swallow is that God loves all his children, even the most vile among them. Even the law has seemingly abandoned any pretense at prosecuting criminals, never mind convicting them. It can be an paralyzing distraction to focus on the big ugly picture. We can only effect change in our immediate AOs by clean up our own homes and contributing to the betterment of our own communities. But the fact is, we must face the abyss if we are to save humanity. We have to look at the Army’s history of covering up systematic human trafficking and child abuse.

Think back to the 1980s. Do you remember the rash of child molestation cases—often satanically based—that came to public attention in the decade of big hair and parachute pants? Three come to mind, the Franklin coverup, and the Presidio and West Point scandals, though there were plenty of others. In each instance, any and all witnesses were killed, terrified, bought off, threatened, or incited to commit perjury. The lengths to which the perpetrators maligned the victims was evil, and the media joined in on further destroying their lives. It may be that the Franklin case alone, is when the media dropped all pretenses of holding power accountable to the people. It is up to citizen journalists now to continually expose the truth to the best of research abilities.

In 1988 the public began to learn of a nationwide pedophile ring centered in the country’s heartland: Nebraska. The ring leader was a Republican African-American and one-day presidential hopeful Lawrence E. King, Jr., who ran the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union. In conjunction with Boys Town, which was both a Catholic-operated charity as well as a township, King both sexually abuse boys and trafficked them to Omaha’s elite and around the country. He repeatedly incorporated individual boy’s names as businesses as a means of embezzling over $40 million from the bank. Drug running, child molestation, prostitution, and blackmail of politicians and others in position of power were exposed by lawyer and Vietnam veteran infantryman, John W. DeCamp. This good guy doggedly pursued the case because he actually believed the accounts of the children, some of whom recanted their testimonies when threatened. DeCamp’s book, “The Franklin Cover Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska” details the complicated case, which reaches to the the savings and loan scandal as well as to Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North’s involvement in guns-for-money schemes to cover expenses for CIA black operations. DeCamp, a Republican/Libertarian was branded “controversial” when none of the prominent citizens involved in the child molestation were brought up on charges, despite evidence to the contrary. Aquino’s connection? He was seen accepting a briefcase full of money and stocks. He’s hard to misidentify.

Here’s how Aquino looked in the 1980s when he appeared on “The Geraldo Rivero Show” for an episode on satanic worship.

As horrific as the Franklin coverup story was, Aquino was hardly scathed, perhaps because he learned from an earlier experience. The Presidio Child Development Center scandal was reported on beginning in 1986 in San Francisco. As in the Franklin case, there is no question children had been sexually abused. Literally dozens of children were medically examined and showed signs of genital and anal trauma, and 5 to 6, depending on reports, contracted chlamydia, a sexually contracted disease. The game became what could be prosecuted in a court of law. Many of the children repeatedly identified Aquino as being present when they were transported from the base to area homes for ritualized abuse. Aquino lived in the area and eventually his home was raided based on descriptions provided by the children of not only a satanic décor, but a soundproof room with photography and video recording equipment inside. Photographs of naked children were carried out of the Aquino home in clear trash bags, along with video tapes and other evidence. Of course, Aquino was never brought up on charges, most likely because of the level of prominence of the people depicted in those photographs and movies raping children. The Army took over a year to close the daycare. About the only thing it did even half right was ensure Aquino would never get promoted. End of career. Bye.

Presidio was hardly the beginning or the end of Aquino’s crimes against humanity. He was not just a pedophile. He trafficked children for prostitution, yes, but also for purposes of blackmail to control people in positions of power. Cathy O’Brien mentions him repeatedly in her book “TRANCE Formation of America,” which details her experiences as a victim of MKUltra trauma-based mind-control. The book is the combined 1995 testimony of her and her husband Mark Phillips on the government’s secret programs to master total control of another human being by compartmentalizing their victimization so they can never testify on their own behalf. We know this most commonly as multiple personality disorder, but it acctually involves only one personality that has been shattered into a million compartments due to highly traumatic events, usually involving blood and the witnessing of murder, and followed by high levels of electroshock treatment. The condition is now known as dissociative identity disorder and can be greatly healed by the person writing down their memories as flashes come to them. The rational part of the brain doing the handwriting is able to knock down the walled-off section of identity through the process of remembering and writing. After three weeks the patient reviews what he or she wrote for anything they may have absorbed as their own story through other people’s stories, movies or songs. Speaking only retraumatizes the survivor and should be avoided, but trusted people in the person’s life can then read the experiences if permission is granted.

O’Brien details not only how Aquino used the most brutish and the most advanced means to program her, from satanic ritualized rape to NASA-level technologies such as harmonics and directed energy weapons. She names names; she lists Army bases; she details what she underwent where. Her books are  must-reads for those who want to face what is really going on within our government and especially our beloved military. Buy them directly from her website, TRANCE Formation of America, but be aware that her book of the same title is not for anyone who has been traumatized. It is for those of us who can bear to hear the truth and maybe find some small way to help.

In 1987, the U.S. Army was on the receiving end of a rash of child molestation reports from 15 daycare centers and elementary schools. The Air Force received reports of two more cases, and the U.S. Navy received only one—ironically. (That’s a joke. Get it. If we don’t laugh, we will buckle under the soul-crushing weight of this topic.) An investigative team was sent to Panama to determine if children at a Department of Defense elementary school had not only been raped but infected with AIDS. U.S.-run facilities in West Germany came under scrutiny for child sexual molestation. Cases popped up at Dix, Leavenworth, Jackson, and, indeed, West Point. Children described satanic acts, animal sacrifices and cult-like behavior by the abusers. It only took the Army two years to look into the allegations at the Point. U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani didn’t find anything to prosecute.

Here’s how the bad guys won. No. 1, they immediate went into defense mode. The began an organization called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, started by parents who accused the father of sexual molestation when she was a child. The group strove to prove that through false suggestions and leading questions from those in the psychiatric field, older children were conjuring up memories of events that never happened. We know from Mark Phillips work with Cathy O’Brien that flashes of memories do occur and if written out rather than spoken, the walls between segmented off sections of the brain due to traumatic abuse can be reconciled with the functioning person. Do people make false accusations? Of course, but were all these children under mass hysteria? Sure. Let’s go with that. That’s what the press wants you to believe. In fact, Wikipedia even refers to this era as the satanic panic, when child abuse cases were presenting all over the country, but few if any were prosecuted in court. What actually happened is that people in high places circled the wagons, wiped their brow with a “phew” and determined that such a close risk of exposure would never happen again. They made up their minds to be more careful in the future, or else risk setting free the rath of every loving parent on the planet.

Watch how Aquino shreds a troubled victim of a satanic cult.

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  1. Ethan-I still have some troubles with this article title-but that’s not to say I did not experience dealing with this issue over ~38 months of command time that included one of our NCOs who liked to dress as a woman at home on off-duty hours whose wife was getting him mental health treatment via the chain of command for fear he was influencing their son in ways she was not happy with: command is its own reward…..

    But in case you haven’t seen it, I thought of you and this article when I read this American Thinker piece:
    Alex Jones response-in the video-keyed to the reaction of Rogan and crew-is epic (and this is not support in any way, shape or form of the dumbschtick comments he made about the tragedy.)

    • Hi Max: I agree that the title might be over-the-top, but I’m standing by the fact that Aquino seems to have escaped justice. I now know why, but my boss here is going to hold me to higher standards if I report on it. You can bet that the government and military is in the thick of it, despite how compartmentalized they try to make it, sort of like the compartmentalized minds of their victims. I’m working on it, indirectly. I saw that clip of Alex Jones. He is not wrong. Sandy Hook, indeed, happened, but hour by hour I’m more convinced than ever that the shooter, along with every other mass shooter since MKUltra and the present redux, was manufactured. If the only way to get rid of the 2nd Amendment is to go after kids, then you do it by creating false flags with MKUltra’d teens. Sandy Hook did not happen the way those parents think it happened; it happened because our government made it happen. Have you read “Chaos” by Tom O’Neill yet? If you have a very strong constitution, you might try “TRANCE Formation of America.” I better put a lid on it before Ford gets after me, but our country is full of average everyday American slaves who are being tortured daily remotely and electronically. If only I were a scientist. De Oppresso Liber! Have a great day, sir, and thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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