Our Pandemic of Hypochondria

Hypochondria–1. The conviction that one is or is likely to become ill, often involving symptoms when illness is neither present nor likely, and persisting despite reassurance and medical evidence to the contrary.

2. A morbid condition characterized by exaggerated uneasiness and anxiety as to one’s health, and also by extreme general depression; low spirits: in this sense often abbreviated hypo, or formerly hyp, hip. See hypo. hip.

Greetings my fellow humans!

Before I dive more deeply into this topic, permit me to refute any charges of insensitivity to the pain of loss which has been suffered by those who have died over the past 2-plus years, ostensibly from COVID-19, any of its variants, and/or complications therefrom.  My intent here is not to belittle the emotional suffering endured from the loss of a loved one, but rather to expose the nefarious psychological exploitation of such negative emotions for power and dominion.  It is also not to change minds, as it seems most have settled into one camp or another regarding the expertise and authority of government and its medical minions to decide when people should or should not be free to do what they believe is best for themselves and those for whom they truly care; it is to provide a plausible explanation for how those who control both the money and the flow of information can do so to foment unnecessary fear, anxiety, and senses of utter helplessness and dependence.

Let’s begin with a fundamental premise:  people die.  Death is, and has always been, an unavoidable consequence of life, no matter how much time, energy, and money are spent trying to avoid it.  The narratives we use to talk about the causes of it to each other, and the amount of attention we pay to that of others’ of whom we would otherwise be indifferent, can certainly be changed through language, but the real individual consequences remain the same.  Likewise, the way we live, and the authority we grant others to tell us how to do so, can be greatly influenced by our perceptions of the imminence of threats against our lives; i.e., with scant exceptions, nobody wants to die

That said, and accepted, we ought to recognize that our perceptions of reality, and emotions, can be heavily influenced, especially by those whom we trust and authorize to do so.  When someone declares a “pandemic” such as that induced by the likes of a virus like COVID-19 (also declared by humans), it will likely be via an individual or body of people who have been granted some implicit or explicit authority to make such declarations for others, usually via something we commonly call “expertise.”  In places like the United States in particular, we have generally believed that anyone who has risen through the ranks of our time-honored and widely trusted institutions of education, government, science, media, religion, et. al., has earned the implicit trust of the community at-large by virtue of being recognized for his/her accomplishments by direct members of those institutions.  In other words, we’ve relied on those institutions to uphold and enforce standards of performance and ethics which preserve our lives and livelihoods, so we don’t have to.

This is all well and good as long as those granted the authoritative, financial, and/or political power over those institutions maintains personal standards and ethics which are consistent with those of their charges.  But what happens if and when the former do not do so, and that power becomes so centralized, and in the hands of so few, that they are able to effect wholesale corruption on those institutions by either enticing those in the ranks to become corrupt themselves, or by threatening the livelihoods and careers of those who may otherwise resist such corruption?

Enter the COVID-19 pandemic, and the incessant focus and hysteria surrounding its (and its variants’) severity as an existential threat to human life.  People have died during the period in which this virus was declared to be in widespread contagion status.  We’ve been being told that many were infected with this particular intruder at the time of their deaths; what is less well known is how much additional money doctors and hospitals have been receiving for merely including COVID-19 on the death certificate, regardless of whether it was the actual cause.  We’re also being told that the mRNA vaccines are the only salvation from the worst of this parasite, despite mounting evidence from those outside the aforementioned “trusted institutions” that there are several very effective (and much less financially lucrative for the vaccine manufacturers) early treatment alternatives which greatly reduce the severity of symptoms and the risk of death directly from COVID-19 and its variants.

Recent stories from the media (purportedly sourced to heads of hospitals and medical facilities) abound with reports of full beds of patients suffering from some form of COVID (no mention of the additional money to those facilities for each COVID diagnosis).  How many of those running to hospitals with symptoms would not be doing so were they not being told of the deadliness of COVID, or were being told of the early treatment alternatives?

The impact of COVID-19 and its variants has also been being assessed in terms of cases rather than deaths for nearly a year now.  Why?

We have traditionally characterized hypochondria (or, more succinctly, hypochondriasis) as a purely self-induced psychological state, and typically running counter to the advice or diagnosis of the prevailing medical community; with COVID, we appear to be witnessing a similar paranoia, but induced in reverse by the prevailing “trusted institutions” of government and healthcare, with ample help from the media.  These so-called leaders are inciting fear, panic, and animus among the citizenry, with the universal fear of death as the underlying impetus.

As we embark on the Year of Our Lord 2022, let us all resolve to take control of our lives back, and resist the temptation to abdicate our freedom and liberty for the sake of safety and security.  Civilization has grown out of the willingness and ability of humans to resist the temptations of their baser instincts for survival, and to take risks that could (and sometimes did) result in death for the greater benefit of living life to the fullest.  It is long past time for us to stop relying on “experts” who stand to benefit from our inability to step out of our comfort zones and remain dependent on them for survival.  Let’s craft our own narratives for living that bravely accept the reality that we will all die from this earthly life someday, and live life to the fullest in the meantime.

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