There is a Perpetual and Global War on Freedom

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.” – Plato

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Greetings my fellow Americans!

This being the mid-term election year that it is (and closing in on two years until the next presidential election), most of the prevailing narratives from both sides of the political aisle are going to be centered around re-electing and/or voting in the “right” people nationally to “take this country in the right direction.”  We will be led to believe—as we have so many times before—that we can simply vote our way out of the systematic dismantling of virtually all of which America has ever stood, in human civilization and history, if we just put the right people in the positions of national power from which they can accomplish this.

And those people for whom we vote may actually win, and many of us will believe (as we did in 1994) that we’ve done our part as voters to defeat or seriously hamper those who have banded together (consciously or otherwise) in the aforementioned dismantling.  And we will breathe a collective sigh of relief, then go about our business, trusting that those who promised to act on our behalf and consistent with our goals and objectives for living in a free society, and confident that we can finish the job in two years by re-electing Donald Trump to the presidency.  We just need to be patient, and vote the right way nationally every time.

Little attention will be paid to the local elections (at least by the media).  Who gets elected to the board of school district X in county Y of State Z will matter much less to the pundits than U.S. Representatives and Senators up for re-election.  After all, D.C. is where the real power is today (according to them).  And as consumers of 24x7x365 news programming, that is where the attention of many potential voters will be.

If you haven’t already noticed, this version of lightweight patriotism is how we’ve gotten to the brink of peaceful annihilation.  We mistook our relative post-WWII peace as absolution from individual and local community vigilance and responsibility toward preserving it.  Our enemies continue to see opportunity in our relatively passive and pacific modern approach to liberty, and have managed to brainwash many of our citizens (in both the public and private sectors) into forsaking their God-given rights to it.  We are being subdued without fighting.

The privilege to vote in America was a high distinction for generations, and a precedent adopted by many other countries, especially in the western world.  And in the U.S., we’ve had the ability to vote at multiple levels, from our local communities to those with national purview.  Through ambivalence, indifference, malaise, corruption, etc., it has lost much of its impact and luster in terms of the people’s ability to effect immediate and significant change, at least at the national level.  U.S. elections are gradually becoming as meaningless as in countries where voting happens yet the incumbents are consistently awarded sweeping victories.

But what about the four years of President Donald Trump?  Yes, there were some temporary inroads made into the reversal of the degeneration of America as a nation, but these were temporary, and quite handily and swiftly undone—somewhat by those in “elected” office, but even more so by those in unelected positions of power and authority, and not just in the public sector.

Big Governments, Big Media, and—YES—Big Business, have all set their sights on the eradication of America, in favor of soft tyranny under one-world governance.  The United States effectively remains (in their eyes) the lone national holdout from the globalist visions and fortunes of the “Bigs.”  They are not using the traditional weapons of war against us, but the effects are the same.  Nor, as was proven in 2020, will their efforts to conquer us be swayed by elections, nor their power diminished over those unable or unwilling to recognize what they are doing.  Regardless of the outcome of future elections, WE WILL STILL BE AT WAR.

Despite their moves to centralize and consolidate their power and control, our strength still lies in the republican (small r) design of our nation, and its federated system of governance.  Our best hope lies in renewal at the proverbial grass-roots levels, where immediate and true governmental reform is possible, and may percolate up to the state and national levels over time.  It is also where We the People may get more directly involved in community civics, and do more than just vote.

As the late Rush Limbaugh reminded us many times, “Elections matter.”  I agree.  But these alone are not enough, and we need to stop pretending that these are

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2 thoughts on “There is a Perpetual and Global War on Freedom”

  1. Elections matter, but along with elections that are in the nation’s favor and grace, it has to involve all of us, as you say, to be involved, even if it involves the pitchforks, occasionally, to keep those we elect doing what they were elected(instructed) to do.
    An election will produce a percentage of the class that tends to stray off the reservation, in search of lobbyists’ money, and other favors, and they forget who they represent very quickly, in some cases. They also learn the Potomac Two-Step, very early in their terms. We see this happen too often. Our complacence always allows this to happen.

    When we keep their feet to the fire, we do much better, and our country improves.
    As to the corporations wanting to join a one world government, this is something that needs to be fought tooth and nail because it allows evil to rule, and that is directly addressed in the Book of Revelation, for those who haven’t read it. Since it is prophesy, it might mean that we can’t do anything about it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try with all our might.

  2. An active population – Citizens – will keep the system running as designed.

    Worthy ones of words are few it seems
    Such loneliness in expressive thought thrives
    More must join to lend weight
    I am here
    Where are others ?


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