What happens when those tasked with enforcing the law are the biggest thugs of all?

“Unprecedented,” “banana republic,” and “third world bullsh**” were among the words uttered by outraged supporters of former President Donald Trump to describe the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach, Florida, estate.

As details begin to trickle out, it’s becoming clear that Monday’s action was a political hit job ordered by officials at the highest levels of the Biden administration. It’s impossible to believe the raid would have occurred without the consent of Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray and even President Joe Biden himself.

Based on interviews with eyewitnesses and those with familiar with the situation, The New York Post reported that FBI agents asked Trump’s lawyers, who arrived an hour after it had begun, to turn off surveillance cameras at the residence, which they refused to do, and to remain outside, which they did.

The search warrant for the raid, which began at 9:00 a.m. and ended at 6:30 p.m., “focused solely on presidential records and evidence of classified information being stored there,” the Post reported.

And yet, witnesses told the Post that agents “scoured Melania Trump’s wardrobe and spent several hours combing through Donald Trump’s private office, breaking open his safe and rifling through drawers.”

Among the officials present for the search were three attorneys from the Department of Justice, who, according to one witness, repeatedly said, “We have full access to everything. We can go everywhere.”

The FBI removed 15 boxes of documents which had been kept in a locked basement storage room. A legal source informed the Post that, “[T]he boxes had been packed up by the General Services Administration and shipped to Mar-a-Lago when Trump left office in January 2020.”

This raid occurred even though Trump’s lawyers had been fully cooperating with attorneys for the National Archives and Records Administration on the return of the documents.

Interestingly, lawyer Alan Dershowitz told podcast host Megyn Kelly, “I’ve never seen, in my 60 years, a search warrant used in a situation like this. … The crime that has apparently been alleged is normally punished by an administrative fine, not by criminal prosecution.”

While politics has always been a scrappy arena, the reality of a President Donald Trump radicalized Democrats and brought them to a level of derangement few could have predicted. Consumed by an obsession to derail his candidacy and, failing that, to destroy his presidency, Democrats resorted to levels of depravity rarely seen in America. The full-court press to ruin Trump began with officials in the top ranks of the Obama administration and has continued to this day.

With it came the loss of Americans’ faith and respect for the country’s once most-revered institutions. Speaking with Fox News’ Will Cain on Tuesday night, conservative historian Victor Davis Hanson said, “The FBI is beyond redemption.”

The unbelievable lengths to which Democrats were willing to go have combined to upend the rule of law in America. The same folks who brought us the Trump-Russian collusion hoax, two needless impeachments and countless other frauds are destroying our country, and no one has ever been held accountable because their cronies control the levers of power. Seven years later, we’re living in a country we barely recognize.

Equal application of the law is the single most essential feature of a democratic republic. Without it, a nation cannot call itself a democracy.

What can we do about it? In a Monday night appearance on Fox News’ show Jesse Watters Primetime, colleague Dan Bongino called the raid “some third world bulls**” and offered some wise advice to those worried about America’s future.

In order to save our democratic republic, he said Republicans must get out and vote for GOP candidates in November regardless of how they feel about them personally.

This means voting for Republican candidates some conservatives might consider “squishy,” like Trump-endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz, running for Senate in Pennsylvania, because every race matters.

Bongino said, “[H]ere’s the solution. … We have now got to win in 2022. You have no choice now, folks. ‘Oh, we don’t like the swampy Republicans.’ I don’t like them either. Republicans may not be the solution to your problems, but Democrats are certainly the cause of all your problems right now. If there was ever a clarion call to remove your a** from the seat and go vote in 2022, this is it.”

Republicans will likely win back the House, but control of the Senate is far less certain.

Please vote.


A previous version of this article appeared on The Washington Examiner.
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9 thoughts on “What happens when those tasked with enforcing the law are the biggest thugs of all?”

  1. I was familiar with a democrat mayor of a crime-ridden city* who marched against his own police department. When a capias issued for the arrest of said mayor for failing to respond to a state citation for fish and game violations (he failed to release undersized bass), many members of his department were clamoring to be the one to arrest him, take him into custody and book him for same.

    There is ample evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop that Joe Biden has conspired and engaged in criminal activities. Ashley’s diaries are alleged to contain evidence of sexual misconduct that may also still be within the statute of limitations extended for those crimes against children when they are recalled. Likewise, the homes of the FBI executives and officials and agents who conspired to violate Donald Trump’s civil rights when they executed this search warrant are likely to contain evidence of this conspiracy,

    I wonder how they will feel when this is turned back on them.

  2. Some street level agent did not dream up a raid on Trump’s home. This HAD to be approved at the highest level of the DOJ, with the sure knowledge of the white house. It’s plausible that FJB did not know about it because he has no idea what’s going on. But, I’ll bet Susan Rice knew, because she was taking her instructions from the anointed one, BHO, and passing them to the corrupt DOJ.

    • I agree that some street level agent didn’t dream this up, but how many street level agents have we seen go against their bosses, or resigned?
      I realize that only works in dreams and fantasies because the real world people have to get up and do a job to earn their paycheck, just like the rest of us.
      But a point is reached where all those street level agents, even having a conscious, although somewhat tainted through time and experience, will just do what the boss says.
      Which means that the corruption, politics and complacency that is in those agencies has to be dealt with, if it means taking down institutions. The FBI has been an embarrassment for probably half of my life because of the way it has been weaponized. The Department of Justice, which sits above the FBI on a flowchart, is a political agency, due to it having an appointed Attorney General, which means that the same thing should apply, or at least the AG should be able to be removed easier than other agency heads. Well, that should apply to all executive branch agencies.
      But we shouldn’t go to bat for those who are stuck in the position of having to follow orders without taking down the institution and re-evaluating all those who were in that rotten position. Same goes with our intelligence agencies.
      For an example of that, look at the article by Maura Moynihan concerning a certain intelligence head who is obviously a partisan. She is describing a part of this problem to a tee, without making any recommendation about the agency involved.
      The one you named is likely to have undue influence in every agency, so that is another problem to be addressed.
      The FBI should be bent, spindled and mutilated beyond repair. I don’t believe anyone could fix something as broken as the FBI. The game is rigged against those who actually care about what their agency stands for, but that can’t stand in the way of fixing serious problems. Someone will get harmed in the process. Been there, experienced that, just not in the government.

    • The FBI lied on all of the FISA applications that allowed illegal surveillance on Trump. What leads you to believe they would not do it again for the raid on Mar-A-Lago?

  3. Bongino said, “[H]ere’s the solution. … We have now got to win in 2022. You have no choice now, folks. ‘Oh, we don’t like the swampy Republicans.’ I don’t like them either. Republicans may not be the solution to your problems, but Democrats are certainly the cause of all your problems right now. If there was ever a clarion call to remove your a** from the seat and go vote in 2022, this is it.”

    Thinking a little about what to do if we win might be helpful here!

    Biden will still be President and few of the GOP’s initiatives or laws will be signed by Biden and they likely won’t have a large enough majority to override the vetoes and, even if they won every one of the Senate seats up for election this round, they definitely won’t have the votes to impeach any of them. The deep state will still hold all of the positions that they hold now. There some small chance that since Congress controls the purse strings they might be able to starve the most problematic departments but that’d require a level of unanimity, confront, and gamesmanship that we haven’t seen… well, not in my 5+ decades of political awareness.

    Anyway… I sure would like to think that if we win something will change in the GOP’s MO but I wouldn’t put any portion of my wealth on that bet.

    • I agree people need to vote, but something else needs to happen that is equally important. Ronna Romney McDaniel needs to replaced as the head of the RNC. She was the one that allowed the lawfare waged by Mark Elias and the communist democrats to fester for the 2020 election AND DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. She needs to go.

  4. “FBI agents asked Trump’s lawyers … to turn off surveillance cameras at the residence” Betsy Vaughn – AFNN

    In a time where we are REQUIRING LEOs to wear body cameras, WTF would they want those cameras turned off?

    Time for a Project Veritas style Video Dump on to social media.

    • They wanted the cameras off so there was no video evidence of them planting listening devices in Trump’s residence. Trump needs to hire a firm specializing in electronic sweeps. I think it would be hilarious if they **magically** discovered no less than 13 bugs planted throughout the residence. Try and get the FBI to deny wrongdoing…Go on the offense I say.


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